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Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space 3

Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space

  1. brother leader of world Green Charter movement
    Putin man
    in memory of our special martyr Moutassem al-Billah al-Qathafi:
  2. memories of Moutassem:
    memories of Moutassem
    Martyr Moutassen al Bilah
    Mout in Heaven
  3. Aisha Qaddafi: Target For Arrest or Assassination
    Posted: 2011/12/04
    From: Mathaba
    Mathaba can confirm that the statements in media attributed to Aisha al-Qaddafi (file photo) are part of a plot to have her expelled from Algeria, captured, or assassinated.
    After declaring the “success” of the US-European NATO military operation, giving victory to the TNC occupational regime in cutting off the Libyan people’s democracy (Jamahiriya) and preparing for an invasion of Syria, the target of global media
    is to hide the NATO role in demolishing Libya.
    It should be remembered that the war on Libya was made possible in large part due to fake news media coverage, in an “information laundering” exercise which had the U.S. intelligence and Libyan opposition in exile spread false reports via Twitter and anonymous phone calls, which would then be reported by Qaddafi-hostile Arab Gulf media, which in turn would be reported by the “credible” western media houses such as the BBC, CNN and Reuters who would quote the Arab media, and not the original source (anonymous or fake Twitter accounts or phone calls). In this way outright lies became laundered as facts, to pave the way for UN Security Council and other political and military decisions to give NATO the green light to destroy one of the most advanced
    social-economic systems in the world and its achievements,
    which had become a threat for western bankers’ hegemony over Africa.
    The coverage and distortion of the Libyan army and “green” resistance volunteers and actions for the liberation of Libya from the invaders, is designed to consolidate the situation by attempting to confuse and demoralize the resistance. The presence of NATO squads in Libya is also restricted from receiving any media mention, along with the horrific crimes committed by NATO and their mercenaries on the ground who film these atrocities on their mobiles and upload them to YouTube. They thus continue to terrorize civilians with impunity and create camps of death for those not supporting the imposed “TNC” regime, the vast majority of the Libyan population who no longer have a voice. Another one of these targets is the Qaddafi family, and in these days, those residing in refuge in Algeria (more on that below).
    Besides, one of the main targets of the global MSM media
    is to create an atmosphere of confusion and lies around the Libyan resistance from both the Libyan side and the side of all people of goodwill who try to struggle against the occupiers and their propaganda. To reach this goal the media
    make gratuitous use of fake videos, photos and reports about the capturing of famous Libyans either in Libya or around the world. A prime example of this is the alleged murder of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, who we can confirm yet again as of December 4th, is safe and in good health, and also reports of the capture of Sayf-al-Islam Al-Qaddafi and various statements being attributed to the Qaddafi family and resistance. The purpose is to ensure that the resistance is weak and cannot protect its leaders, to create an impression that each person to be declared resistance leader will be instantly betrayed and captured by NATO or its TNC puppets.
    A further aim of the many fake news reports (since communications were largely cut off between the Libyan Jamahiriya as well as the Qaddafi family and the Libyan green movement, since the betrayal and invasion of Tripoli August 21st, and the destruction of Libyan cities and towns which had refused to accept the foreign-imposed dictatorship regime), is to initiate the discussion amongst the world community, toward merely opposing NATO aggression instead of addressing media
    and NATO crimes against humanity and pushing forward for a trial of all those who committed these well-documented crimes.
    Additionally, global media can propagate lies via the compliant media of small Arab states, which they easily control or where they have devoted editors in charge of disinformation. After that all “news” are uncritically echoed via all world media. It is unfortunately common that people start to trust these huge lies coming from each media source, which the consumers of news do not realize emanate from one single source, not dozens as it appears to them, as the networks almost never attribute the correct original source.
    Many people are naive to think that something written in different media is therefore true. They do not realise that this “scheme” was implemented during the “cold war” with great propaganda success in selling western capitalist media as “free” and “democratic”, in spite of its concentrated and compromised ownership with its own agenda as part of the drive for global capitalism and a “new world order” to solidify the control of the globalist corporations. Nor do they realize that
    the Jamahiriya movement worldwide still has one independent source
    for news and information, which has thus far resisted censorship by pure technical skill and uncompromising determination.
    New plot against Aisha Gaddafi
    Having plotted an illusion that the main part of the Gaddafi family and Libyan legitimate Government (Jamahiriya system of direct democracy) are either dead or captured, global media
    together with NATO plan an imminent strike on those who continue to resist, with one plot being to spread videos and photos of Aisha Gaddafi allegedly being expelled from Algeria and captured. To reach this target fake videos and reports from Aisha stating that Gaddafi family members are dead, and that Sayf-al-Islam is captured, were spread through the global net by NATO and swallowed wholesale by foreign news media networks,
    including those who claim to be on the side of the resistance. This plot is a blatant attempt to capture Aisha Gaddafi, who is seen by many as the true heir to Muammar Qaddafi’s revolutionary leadership, by having her expelled from Algeria.
    The fact is, that very reliable sources at Mathaba reveal that Aisha did not make any speeches nor communiques to any media. Moreover, she had been silenced by the Algerian authorities who, as a condition of stay in Algeria, had apparently banned her from talking to the media soon after her arrival with two of her brothers, her mother, and other family friends. She is thus unable to defend herself against the fake messages attributed to her, which claim the death of her father and two of her brothers and the capture of a third.
    Mathaba confirms that she did not make any such statement as broadcast via Al-Rai TV, not only because we would have been informed of it as per usual but also because its contents are manifestly false. Therefore Algerian authorities, if they wish for help from all good people in the world when their turn comes to be the targets of NATO, as well as out of respect for basic humanitarian and legal principles, must not expel Aisha nor allow her to “claim” such fake media statements as hers.
    Messages attributed to the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are now circulating stating that Aisha breached her conditions of staying in Algeria, thus preparing the way for her deportation. Given the history of international and human rights organizations throughout the bloody destruction of Libya and the murder of an estimated more than one hundred thousand Libyans, anyone putting Aisha anywhere near Libya would be an accessory to murder and in violation of all human rights and justice norms.
    Other reliable sources indicated that during the next couple of days and probably as early as today, Sunday, December 4th, in the morning (New York time) or evening (European/African time) there will appear a plot regarding Aisha Gaddafi to arrest her close to Libya’s border with Algeria. Photos and videos are already completed to show Aisha under arrest, and have been prepared in advance, according to those sources. Releasing of these fake videos and images, easily forged in the digital world of today and done on a daily basis at Hollywood film industry for entertainment purposes but which many do not realize is now also the case for much of the Libya news reports over the past 10 months, will force many people to conclude that the resistance doesn’t exist because it couldn’t protect Gaddafi’s daughter and perhaps also in order to compromise Algeria, as well as to make Libyans in general and their many supporters around the world feel desperate and disappointed.
    Muammar Gaddafi had already called upon his supporters to be prepared for those lies and not to stop the struggle against NATO. Guerilla and information war against NATO, which controls Libyan skies, media and communications networks, must be spread on the net without declared headquarters because the headquarters can be eliminated by military forces. Many of those who support Libya do not realize that each action must be well prepared and that it takes time, under the information siege especially since late August many people think that the resistance in Libya doesn’t exist. They cannot assess the reports that tribes which had previously supported TNC turned their arms against it.
    To blow up the faith in the resistance among Libyans and their supporters who fight together with Libyans against the NATO and global media in the next couple of days, the plot about Aisha’s arrest may be released through the usual media channels
    and rebroadcast by unsuspecting bloggers and social media activists. Do not trust all those who lied to us from the very beginning and continue to do so, the media war against the people of the world, and the people of Libya, is ongoing. #
    After declaring success of NATO military operation, victory of occupational regime and preparing of invasion to Syria the target of global media is to hide NATO role in demolishing Libya, coverage and distortion of Libyan army and volunteers actions on liberation of Libya from invaders. Presence of NATO squads in Libya is restricted to mention, they still continue to terrorize civilians and create camps of death for those not supporting the regime. Besides, one of the main targets of global media is to create an atmosphere of untruth and lies around Libyan Resistance from both Libyans side and side of all good will people who try to struggle against occupants and their propaganda. To reach this goal media makes fake videos, photos, reports about capturing Libyans famous either in Libya or all over the world. The purpose is to ensure that the Resistance is weak and cannot protect it’s leaders, to plot an impression that each person to be declared Resistance leader will be instantly betrayed and captured by NATO or it’s NTC puppets. Moreover the aim of that fakes is to initiate the discussion amongst the world community, opposing NATO aggression instead of consolidation against NATO crimes against humanity and pushing forward a trial on it. Global media usually move forward it’s lies via media of small Arab countries, which they can easily control or they have a devoted person directly in Arab medias who is in charge of disinformation. After that all “news” are multipled via all world media. It is common that people start to trust this huge lies coming from each media source. Many people are so naive to think that something written in different media is true. They do not realise that this “scheme” was implemented during the “cold war”.
    The most important thing is that having plotted an illusion that main part of Gaddafi family and Libyan legitimate Government is dead or captured, global media together with NATO plan an imminent strike on those who continue to resist, to spread videos and photos of Aisha Gaddafi allegedly expelled from Algeria capture. To stretch to this target fake videos and reports from Aisha stating that Gaddafi family members are dead, Saif is captured were spread through global net by NATO. Today a fake message from Algeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs was born stating that Aisha breached conditions of staying in Algeria. Aisha Gaddafi has Algerian citizenship and simply can not breach any conditions of stay. During next couple of days probably on Sunday, December 4th, in the morning (New York time) or evening (Moscow time) there will appear another plot regarding Aisha Gaddafi arrest in Libya close to Algeria boundary. Why all those reports are lies? Because in some reports claimed to be her’s it’s mentioned that some family members are dead but they are not. After reports from global media liars that Algeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs expelled Aisha it makes 100% sense to report that Aisha was arrested after escaping Algeria. Photos and videos are already completed and now it’s time to release it. Such a fake will force many people to decide that the Resistance doesn’t exist because it couldn’t protect Gaddafi’s daughter and to compromise Algeria, make Libyans and their supporters feel desperate and disappointed. Be prepared for that lies and do not stop your struggle against NATO. Guerilla war against NATO, which controls Libyan skies must be net spread without declared headquarters because the headquarters can be eliminated by military forces. Many of those who support Libya do not realise this, they do not understand that each action must be well prepared and it takes time, under information siege many people think that The Resistance in Libya doesn’t exist. They cannot assess the reports that tribes which supported NTC turned their arms against it. To blow up the faith in Resistance in Libyans and their supporters who fight together with Libyans against NATO and global media in the next couple of days the plot about Aisha’s arrest will be released. Do not trust those who lied to us from the very beginning and continues to do so, the media war against us is ongoing.

     from Mea Lux Veritas
    Via Stephen Gule:
    1) that Aicha bought <em>al-rai-TV
    2) Information has been circulating on the news bulletins about Saif Al Gadhaffi being smuggled
    into Ukraine 
    by the Ukranian medical doctor team that visited him!
    Niakoi Niakakav
    Hevco Aldzaaaaaúr Nachrin beautiful
    All this Abrro in their position before the retaliatory Almnschw
    God and the people of Algeria Clalalalab Hachae
    Here’s the news in the arrest of Aisha Gaddafi
    شفتو الجزااااائــــــــــر نــــــــاكرين الجميل
    وهذا كله يبررو في موقفهم قدام المنشف الإنتقامي
    والله كلالالالاب حشاء شعب الجزائر
    إليكم هذا الخبر في اعتقال عائشة القذافي
    اقدمت الحكومة الجزائرية على خطوة لافتة للنظر حين اعتقلت عائشة القذافي اللاجئة السياسية في الجزائر بعد تحريضها الليبيين على الانقلاب على
    المجلس الوطني وتم وضعها قيد الاقامة الجبرية وقطع جميع وسائل الاتصال المتوفرة لها لمنعها من التواصل مع وسائل الاعلام
    وكانت عائشة قد دعت الليبيين إلى الإطاحة بحكامهم الجدد وفى رسالة صوتية بثتها الثلاثاء، قناة الراي التى تبث إرسالها من سوريا بمناسبة مرور أربعين
    يوما على ومقتل والدها، دعت عائشة القذافى إلى ثورة ضد النظام الذي “وصل بطائرات الناتو”.وبسقوط طرابلس في أيدى قوات الثوار، لجأت عائشة
    واثنان من أشقائها وأمها إلى الجزائر المجاورة.ومن شأن دعوة عائشة أن تضعها فى نزاع مع المسئولين الجزائريين، الذين حصلوا على وعود من أفراد
    عائلة القذافي بعدم الإدلاء ببيانات علنية ومن ثم المجازفة بفقدان وضعهم كلاجئين.وبعد بيانات مشابهة في سبتمبر، حذرها المسؤولون من إمكان طردها
    “Algerian government took the step of striking while the arrested Aisha Gaddafi political refugee in Algeria after inciting the overthrow of the Libyan
    National Council and was placed under house arrest, cut off all means of communication available to them to prevent them from communicating with the media
    ” (HAHAH, unbelievable,but people do believe this!!)
  4. Qathafi we hear you Khamis
    al-Qathafi, brother-Leader, we hear You! ______________________________________________Khamis
  5. A shocking report written by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the meetings held between President Medvedev and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates this past week says that America’s war on Libya was “forced” onto it after French President Nicolas Sarkozy [photo top right with Libyan leader Gaddafi] threatened President Barack Obama with “total exposure” if the US didn’t attack.
    Upon hearing Gates shocking admission of why the US began its war on Libya, this report says, Medvedev issued a warning that should too many civilians be killed America could expect Russian forces to move into the region to protect them, a warning that fell on deaf ears as Gates walked out of the meeting saying that he found Russia’s arguments “difficult to comprehend.”
    Especially upsetting to Gates, this report continues, was Prime Minister Putin stating that United Nations resolution authorizing military action in Libya resembled the“medieval calls for crusades,”, a statement quickly rebutted by Medvedev as “unacceptable,” and who further warned that comments such as Putin’s could“lead to a clash of civilizations.”
    The “total exposure” threatened by Sarkozy unless the US attacked Libya regards the American President’s most senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who, according to this report, is the Iranian born “handler” of Obama for the “Moon Cult” factions of the Islamic World seeking to bring about the return of the prophesied redeemer of Islam known as the Mehdi.
    Important to note about Sarkozy’s threatening to expose Jarrett for her extensive ties to the Persian Nation was her stunning revelation a fortnight ago before the Jewish Council for Public Affairs in Washington that she is of Jewish heritage herself, and not a Muslim as those in the US elite power structure had believed.
    Though Jarrett’s Jewish background may have taken Washington by surprise, this report says it was long known to Sarkozy, who, according to the French daily Le Figaro, has long been a spy for Israel’s MOSSAD intelligence agency, and as we can, in part, read:
    “A report reveals that French President Nicolas Sarkozy worked for Israeli intelligence for a long time before he was elected president. French daily Le Figaro has revealed the French leader once worked for the Zionist regime as a sayan, Hebrew for ‘collaborator’.
    Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky says sayans, who perform many roles, are Jewish citizens of other nationalities assisting Mossad. Le Figaro claimed that French police officials managed to keep secret a letter, which exposed Sarkozy’s past participation in espionage activities for Mossad.
    The letter fixed Sarkozy’s alleged spying activities as far back as 1983.”
    The reason for Sarkozy wanting the complete and total destruction of Libya lies in the threats made against him last week by the Libyan leader’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who threatened to reveal a “grave secret” that would bring down the embattled French President.
    The “grave secret” feared by Sarkozy we can further read about as reported London’s Guardian News Service, and which, in part, says:
    “Muammar Gaddafi’s son has claimed that Libya helped finance Nicolas Sarkozy’s successful election campaign in 2007, and demanded that the French president return the money to “the Libyan people”.
    In an interview with the Euronews TV channel, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi said Libya had details of bank transfers and was ready to make them public in a move designed to punish Sarkozy for throwing his weight behind opposition forces.”
    Important to note about France’s relationship with Libya is that should it win this war it will have secured its energy security for the rest of this century as this North African Nation holds the largest oil reserves on the continent estimated at over 41 Billion barrels. Even more critical to note about Libya’s oil is that is the lightest, sweetest and easiest-to-extract black gold left on Earth and costs just $1.00 to extract.
    Equally critical to note about France’s relationship with Libya was its having signed over $27 Billion in agreements with this North African country this past January, all of which is endangering the collapse of the French economy should they be cancelled.
    As we had, also, noted in our March 8th report Global Resource War Warned Has Begun Between East-West, the vast water reserves of Libya (the largest ever discovered on the African continent) make this country a “prize” the West must have, and its military might will seek to ensure it gets.
    Most appalling of the West’s war upon Libya is that it is coming at the expense of the African Nation of Ivory Coast where the UN estimates today over 1 million have fled their homes as civil war fears grow.
    Most unfortunate for the hundreds of thousands of innocents set to die in the Ivory Coast is that their Nation has no massive oil or water resources for the West to attack them for, and leaving one to wonder if these Westerners have, indeed, lost what little moral conscious they had left.
    To the outcome of the battle between the United States and France over the fate of Libya it is not in our knowing, other than to note the obvious that with each passing day this World of ours grows more dangerous by the hour.
    © March 25, 2011 EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.
    Related articles:
    Libya: Russia, China join France in opposing military action against Gaddafi
    Gadhafi’s Son Says Libya Funded Sarkozy Campaign – Wants Money Back
  6. beautiful leader of the al-Fatah ’69 Revolution and the Green Resistance:
    beautiful leader
  7. NOTE: (The content of this Video Does not Necessarily Reflect The Views of LibyanFreePress group of work Regarding the physical status of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi)
    What is happening in Libya has nothing to do with what happened in Egypt and Tunisia.
    If you want to know what happens, review what happened in Venezuela in 2002. A coup through the mass media.
    If I told you that Gaddafi has recently started to trade with Hugo Chavez as Fidel Castro has done for several years, do you begin to understand? You understand that now is the oil that is not bought with dollars.
    Well you have to understand what is happening in Libya. And now the American criminal military aggression to regain control of oil reserves is disguised as humanitarian intervention. Worst country in the industrialized world are joining the stronger. It is worthy of a Hollywood movie, except that our directors, whose brain was washed by our famous education system, do not have enough imagination to create scenarios as far-fetched!
    Libya is the African country at the forefront in terms of human development index and the one that the life expectancy of the highest in the continent. Education and health are given special attention of the state. The cultural level of its population is without a doubt, the highest. The people no lack of food or essential social services, nothing to do with Egypt and Tunisia. The country had an important use of foreign labor for its ambitious plans for production and social development. He had huge revenues and reserves of convertible currency deposited in banks in rich countries with which it was acquiring consumer goods and even sophisticated weapons. The repartition of wealth among them is highly more human than we in Canada, France and the US Highly more. It is us who let our people suffer in poverty with poor health care. Hours waiting in emergency rooms is just the tip of the iceberg. Our health system is in decline. Our old are totally neglected. We have no lesson given to Gaddafi! But the United States has gone to get the oil!
    Public opinion is now completely confused in the ocean of misinformation distributed by our mainstream media. Should believe that the Libyans are filming the entire civil war with their cell phones being very careful never to film the bombing!! Wake up!
    No to imperialist wars that steal oil from the nations by the blood of innocent people.
    Jeanne P. is spreading all over the lies. MATHABA said not to publish the false words of Aicha. Aicha never uttered them This was a ploy to get Aicha extradited from Algeria. The whole speech is 100% fake, so says MATHABA…and yet Jeanne is spreading it all over. Also they said DO NOT speculate about Saif [as Saif is FINE] and she is sending her petition for the ICC all over too…and Sensussi was never captured. She is an intrument of DISINFORMATION… Does she not know that she is working right into RAT hands as they wanted?
    MATHABA is the voice of our Brother leader—and The Green Charter is his universal movement.
    Jeanne and a young man who calls himself “Khamis” on FB are spreading the evil lies–on purpose!!!
    This is really a war—even if it is CYBER–They are seeking to undermine our brother leader and the Jamahiriya
    Here is what the false “Khamis wrote to me in hate for the true Jamahiriya & our brother leader:
    “Khamis a écrit : « Do you know the truth ? Jamahiriya’s messenger ? A member of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica ? Or Jesus Christ personally ? Do you have some paranormal abilities ? Funnily enough, you are fighting a war against me here on my own wall. Mathaba went definitely astray ! My friends & I followed Mathaba a long time ago. New Mathaba is not old Mathaba, and Crowley’s OTO is not Mather’s Golden Dawn, and Ratzinger’s church is not Peter’s & Paul’s “church”….. You know, things simply evolve and dissolve. OK, I will repeat: I accept only Alexandra Valiente as a reliable source of information and I have at least four very personal reasons to do so. They are my own property and I am hiding it jealously. So mote it be ! Khamis »
    & although they claim to love SAIF and our brother-leader and his Green Charter/MATHABA movement, they betray him and his son and want to turn Saif over to The ICC when Saif has told us he does NOT want that to happen and that HE IS FINE and SAFE where he is.
    Saif is fine. He DOES NOT want to go to the ICC–HE HAS TOLD US SO and he is fine and safe where he is.
    Please believe that there is a ton of misinformation out there on FB and in the MASS MEDIA. PLEASE!!!
  8. SomaliaSupport2 Report Libya :
    Shoot outs at Night in benghazi over Abd Fatah younis Case. Random accusations creates tensions among Militia’s
    Green resistance destroyed Enemy convoy between AJdabiyah and Brega. also there were clashes at Ras lanuf.
    Militia’s Fought each other at Northern region and International airport of Tripoli..Rival militia’s fought over turf and cash
    : Salabi Brigade mob lynched 2 Libyan Youth in benghazi… after they Searched for their lost family members. very brutally
    2 Libyan youth had their Bones broken and Were raped and one of them lynched by Mob for searching for their family in benghazi
    heavy Fighting in Tripoli in several areas of the city. many Bel haj fighters were reported dead. fighting continued all night
    NATO is bombing and continues its Operations in South of Libya Sending Chadian Mercenaries into Libya to Capture Oil fields
    The Yanks are bombing now the Sahara non-stop—They are so anxious to kill our brother-leader—
  9. the Black evil flag of Obama’s al-Qaeda !!!
    The Blessings of The Third Universal Theory will change the world
    God Bless Muammar al-Qathafi, Mujjadid and IMAM. The Third Universal Theory will change this whole corrupt world.
    OBAMAnation and the BLACK al-Qaeda flag fly over the court of Bengazi and Misrata; IT will be brought down—and there will be a total war of Obama’s brewing…..
    Make no mistake,OBAMA is EVIL.
    People think for something to be good, that it must be complicated and hard to understand. They do not understand the beauty IN THE SIMPLICITY of the Green BookGadhafi reading from his Green Book
    People just cannot conceive it is Muammar al Qathafi because they all think he is dead!
    and they will not read the Green Book. It answers everything!
    and it is presented so simply!
  10. Collage of our brother-leader:
    let him speak
    signing register it's cold
  11. They envied him and Libya in 1972; and falsely smeared him!
    The MI6 and CIA blammed him for every act of terror and destruction…though he was
    truly an innocent black-sheep-boy—
  12. NATO in Tunesia:
    The Nato-’rebels’ threaten to invade Tunisia – I Nato-’ribelli’ minacciano di invadere la Tunisia (Eng-Ita)
    Posted on 05 December 2011
    4 December 2011 – The rebels threaten to invade Tunisia
    NATO enters Tunisia
    - According to the News Agency Akhbar Libya Arab Elmokawama, pickup trucks outfitted with various heavy weapons teams would be moving towards the Tunisian border.
    These are the “rebels” by Zenten, Nalout, Zowara and others from western Libya. They met before the border with Tunisia and threaten to invade and destroy Tunisia as already made with Libya, and in response, the Tunisian government has closed the border with Libya.
    Please note that the majority of the weapons in the hands of the ‘rebels’ were smuggled across the Tunisian border at the beginning of the Libyan crisis.
    Libyan/NATO RATS are entering into Tunesia–
    Trouble in Tunesia:
    Sentiments against the Libyan bandits in Tunisia is growing after the murder of the girl. People in the crowd shouted slogans protesting the revolutionary wing against TNC Libya.
    Hundreds of men and women gathered outside the hotel on Al Hanna Avenue Habib Bourguiba almost immediately after the death of Tunis girl in one of the floors of the hotel. People accused of a gang of Libya in the cause of her death. They argue that this girl has entered into a strong war of words with the bandits, criticizing their behavior before they threw her out the window of the 4th floor.
    The whole street Cheng (Cheng Street) rally against the new breed of Libyans and demand that Tunisia has closed or as complicated entry into their country of the barbarians.
    Libya today has a low level of health care and other services. Overlapping borders with Tunisia will increase problems for the new government.
    This situation increases the tension with the prime minister of Libya Baghdadi and makes it nearly impossible for his extradition to the Libyan authorities.
    December 1 Tunisian authorities closed the port of Ras Igdir (Ras Igdir) as a result of the arrival of the rebels from Libya. These bandits were severely intoxicated and taken their weapons with them. In response to their behavior Tunisian youth set fire to vehicles belonging to the rebels.
    This was last January 2011:
    News from the Libyan Liberation Front:
    1.) The Ras Lanuf Oil Refinery in Libya is still engulf in flames as of yesterday after coming under attacked from the Libyan People’s Popular Resistance.
    2.) A throng of Tunisians flocked the Libyan-Tunisian border waving Green flags expressing their hatred towards the NTC rebels.( Tunisia becomes the transport point of NTC rebels from Libya to Syria)
    3.) Rebels continue to act like the lords of Africa by shooting and killing the people in the neighboring Libya. And also exporting their influence of drugs thru drug sales.
    4.) The Egyptians are experiencing high oil prices due to the current crisis in Libya and most likely the rest of Africa may soon be affected too
  13. Libya – The green flags to Janzour (04 December 2011)
    Posted on 04/12/2011 at 13:22
    ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, buildings in the neighborhood Janzour behind the Faculty of Architecture, the Annex to the El Fateh University raised their green flags of resistance.
    PRAVDINFORM ≈ News ≈ Libya now. December 3-4
    04.12.2011 15:10
    Libya now. December 3-4
    In Tripoli, in the Dzhansur house located at the Engineering College in the famous area Banzour, under green flags.
    Gangs of bandits from Misraty arrange assaults and robberies of people. In the area of ​​their actions provoked the refinery patriotic people to answer them by force. In the scuffle ensued with small arms by both sides. Results skirmishes are still unknown. Similar clashes occurred in misratovtsami with other patriotic area Alharshh.
    In addition to clashes with the civilian patriots of the bandits Misraty clashes with armed groups who consider themselves to so-called “national army”. Last misratovtsev accused of looting the population and require them to cease such behavior.
    Last night the rats from Misraty faced with the rats of Zentai. There was a firefight. In one of the cars was thrown incendiary bottle. Another source said that all the rumors and was firing into the air, although the friction took place. Here’s a video after the clash misratovtsev:
    Today, helicopters are controlled coastal road and the market is near the bridge. Were reinforced gearbox on the way to refineries. Rats strengthen the road to the western gate and refinery itself, which entered a lot of cars with pulementami on board 14.5 “, and machine guns 23″ shall be established around the plant.
    In the past two days in a military college, rebels killed five students at the rally point, and wounded several more, because they are reluctant to listen to and singing their war songs.
    4 rats were killed in this blessed night of heroic resistance fighters. The last of these rebels was shot in the head and died recently in the area of ​​Ain-Zar.
  14. Clouds formed in the image of a “martyr” of the nation leader Muammar Gaddafi, I swear the video was filmed by the boys on the Libyan border they are on a fishing trip by 5 days–
    BUT DO NOT BELEIVE that our brother leader is dead. Yes, the cloud formation did look like Gadhafi.
  15. grandpa:
    Speaks 1
    speaks 2
  16. leader one
    leader two
    American, French and Israeli fighting in Libya against Jamahiriya:
    young Saif-al Islam al-Gadhafi
    Mathaba is publishing this open letter from a reader, in view that would Saif-al-Islam be captured, its advice and premises are worthy of serious consideration, not as any endorsement of the alleged status of Saif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi:*
    By Eugene Shannon
    A prudent option must be put forward, one that protects the rights of Saif al-Islam, continues to uphold Zintan tribal responsibilities and its Code of Honor, and which, at the same time, attempts to bring forward both truth and justice for Saif and the Libyan people.
    Reports surfaced that Saif al-Islam was apprehended through British tracking of phone messages, but fortunately, at the time he was in the area of the Zintan tribe, and between the Khadafi and Zintan tribes there is a 200 year old Tribal Code of Honor not to harm each others Prisoners of War – something the British were not aware of.
    Two things are both obvious and significant here:
    1) Saif is being treated in a humane manner by the Zintans, a fact noticeable from the videos released of Saif openly and freely talking with his captors. He told them that the time will soon come when they will regret their betrayal of the Jamahiriya, and the political consequences were openly discussed. We can assume that he is presently in good hands.
    2) The decadent Anglo-American, French and their decrepit Middle East monarchs, along with their Zionist bedfellows, all would prefer him dead, which they had expected if not the Zintans to do, then Saif’s handover to the barbarous, NATO sponsored rulers now overseeing the once thriving, sovereign and developing nation of Libya, would most certainly then result in a Saddam Hussein style, “legal” lynching, at best.
    So a prudent option must be put forward, one that protects the rights of Saif al-Islam, continues to uphold Zintan tribal responsibilities and its Code of Honor, and which at the same time attempts to bring forward both truth and justice for Saif and the Libyan people. At the same time, it should all the while demand full and complete adherence to International Law. The following recommendations are not put forward lightly. The ICC have shown themselves to be part of the New World Order nexus, and part of the conspiracy against the sovereignty of nations, and also an institution that acts contrary to the liberties of free people everywhere – especially Africa, but we still know it is certain that the UN, NATO, the Western powers and their allies would prefer the options outlined above; that Saif would be assassinated like his Martyred father Muammar and brave brother Mutassim, or “legally” lynched by the present Libyan peons installed through imperial perfidy.
    Thus I propose, that under the terms and conditions of The Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (The Convention) the Zintan Elders themselves have the option of declaring who to hand him to for safety and protection, and eventually a trial, because he is their legally designated “Prisoner of War” under The Convention. The Zintan Tribe, if they choose to abide by The Convention, while at the same time upholding their Tribal Code of Honor, have the option under The Convention to hand him to a third party – a “neutral Power” who should be a signatorial member to The Convention – such as Russia, Malaysia or Venezuela, for instance. This transfer is expressly allowed under multiple circumstances and Articles of The Convention, including but not limited to :
    Article 6:
    In addition to the agreements expressly provided for in Articles 10, 23, 28, 33, 60, 65, 66, 67, 72, 73, 75, 109, 110, 118, 119, 122 and 132, the High Contracting Parties may conclude other special agreements for all matters concerning which they may deem it suitable to make separate provision. No special agreement shall adversely affect the situation of prisoners of war, as defined by the present Convention, nor restrict the rights which it confers upon them.
    Prisoners of war shall continue to have the benefit of such agreements as long as the Convention is applicable to them, except where express provisions to the contrary are contained in the aforesaid or in subsequent agreements, or where more favourable measures have been taken with regard to them by one or other of the Parties to the conflict.
    And Article 10:
    “The High Contracting Parties may at any time agree to entrust to an organization which offers all guarantees of impartiality and efficacy the duties incumbent on the Protecting Powers by virtue of the present Convention.
    When prisoners of war do not benefit or cease to benefit, no matter for what reason, by the activities of a Protecting Power or of an organization provided for in the first paragraph above, the Detaining Power shall request a neutral State, or such an organization, to undertake the functions performed under the present Convention by a Protecting Power designated by the Parties to a conflict.
    If protection cannot be arranged accordingly, the Detaining Power shall request or shall accept, subject to the provisions of this Article, the offer of the services of a humanitarian organization, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross to assume the humanitarian functions performed by Protecting Powers under the present Convention.
    Any neutral Power or any organization invited by the Power concerned or offering itself for these purposes, shall be required to act with a sense of responsibility towards the Party to the conflict on which persons protected by the present Convention depend, and shall be required to furnish sufficient assurances that it is in a position to undertake the appropriate functions and to discharge them impartially.
    No derogation from the preceding provisions shall be made by special agreements between Powers one of which is restricted, even temporarily, in its freedom to negotiate with the other Power or its allies by reason of military events, more particularly where the whole, or a substantial part, of the territory of the said Power is occupied.
    Whenever in the present Convention mention is made of a Protecting Power, such mention applies to substitute organizations in the sense of the present Article.”
    Therefore, handover of a declared POW for purposes of his health, safety and potentially a trial, would be executed under the conditions that a “neutral Power” assures his health, safety, and also guarantees Saif a fair trial before the ICC, if Saif mutually agrees with the Zintan to have the case against him heard before them or other such Judicial Body. Under Article 10 of The Convention, the “neutral Power” has the authority to thenceforth act under the same mandates as a “Protective Power”, with all the rights and responsibilities inherent therein.
    Saif’s transfer to a “neutral Power” bestows tremendous authority to them, but should never supersede the Zintans rights and responsibilities. Nor would such a transfer relieve the Zintan of their continuing responsibilities under The Convention”.
    As per Article 12:
    “Prisoners of war are in the hands of the enemy Power, but not of the individuals or military units who have captured them. Irrespective of the individual responsibilities that may exist, the Detaining Power is responsible for the treatment given them.
    Prisoners of war may only be transferred by the Detaining Power to a Power which is a party to the Convention and after the Detaining Power has satisfied itself of the willingness and ability of such transferee Power to apply the Convention. When prisoners of war are transferred under such circumstances, responsibility for the application of the Convention rests on the Power accepting them while they are in its custody.
    Nevertheless, if that Power fails to carry out the provisions of the Convention in any important respect, the Power by whom the prisoners of war were transferred shall, upon being notified by the Protecting Power, take effective measures to correct the situation or shall request the return of the prisoners of war. Such requests must be complied with.”
    Therefore, if at anytime subsequent to the transfer of Saif, the trial is determined to be unfair, both the “neutral Power” under The Convention, and the Zintan, by virtue of both their Tribal Code and The Convention, maintain the right to declare whether or not the trial is fair and impartial under internationally accepted norms of jurisprudence. For if at anytime they determine it is not, they possess the right – indeed, the responsibility – to demand custody and jurisdiction over Saif. Under Article 12 of The Convention “such demands must be complied with”. That’s International Law under The Convention. It is critical however that the “neutral Power” to whom Saif is transferred as a POW, who thenceforth acts under the provisions of a “Protective Power,” as well as the Zintan Tribe, the original “Detaining Power”, should unequivocally demand adherence to all conditions set forth in The Convention, especially maintaining the right for his return as plainly enunciated in Article 12.
    Although the Red Cross often act as a “Protective Power”, there is no mandate that this be the case, and in Saif’s instance, certainly not recommended due to its funding from, and alliance with, Western governments. The same would hold for the Red Crescent. With that in mind, and operating under the belief, that if the trial were to be executed in a fair and just manner under principles and standards once accepted and understood as upholding International Law, Saif would be found innocent and the cultist miscreants who unleashed this unjust crusade against the Libyan and African people would themselves be exposed for their guilt involving Crimes Against the Peace, and Crimes against Humanity as International Law is codified under the Nuremburg Standard. But that is another matter that must be allowed to be raised as a defense during trial, for these are the charges effectively brought against Saif and the leadership of the Free Arab Jamahiriya. The purpose here is Saif’s immediate health and safety, then a process leading to an open and fair hearing before the ICC so that the world may be informed of the multitude of lies carried out by various institutions and forces of these now wholly corrupted world bodies, specifically the ICC, the UN, NATO and the Arab League.
    Further, there is absolutely no requirement Saif, a POW under International Law, must be held in confinement or internment by agents of the ICC, NATO, or the UN, for during the entire process that duty can and must be undertaken by the “neutral Power”. So effectively, Saif would be held under the care and custody of the “neutral Power” during the entire process. This protection would thereby mitigate against the potential of a sudden illness befalling Saif if he were to be placed under the care of the above named, antagonistic institutions and political forces. This could avoid a repeat of what can be referred to as the “Milosevic malady”. The only requirement in this regards would be for Saif to agree to adhere to any reasonable conditions set forth by the Zintan, as well as those mandated under The Convention for a POW so transferred. For example, Saif would be denied discussions with Libyans or others who may still be involved with the conflict in any matters not directly pertaining to his defense.
    The Zintan already refuse to hand Saif over to the monsters of Tripoli knowing their lack of constitutional authority, their lack of protections afforded POW’s throughout the conflict, and especially the treatment afforded both Muammar and Mutassim Khadafi, which combined stands as prima facie evidence of their inability to safeguard Saif’s rights under The Convention – never mind hold a fair and impartial trial. Therefore, during negotiations for Saif’s transfer to a willing and capable “neutral Power”, it is a simple matter for the Zintan, if this is their intent, to state their demand that the ICC be the forum for any potential trial. If the ICC refuses, then their lies and perfidy will be exposed.
    Please keep in mind however that there is no requirement under The Convention that the Zintan or “neutral Power” must hand Saif over for a trial to the ICC. He can be transferred to a “neutral Power” for purposes of health and safety only, or, “No matter for what reason”, and the process is complete without a trial. This would especially be the case if they were to hand him to a “neutral Power” that does not recognize the authority of the ICC.
    Indeed, if the Zintan Elders so desire, they could merely declare that their Sacred Tribal Bonds and Code of Honor supersedes any pronouncement of jurisdiction by the Western Powers and their imperial agents within the ICC, or any other International Body whose authority they would thereby simply refuse to recognize as holding pre-eminent, Juridical Title above the Zintan regarding the fate of Saif al-Islam Khadafi – the Tribal Bond thus holds supreme.
    Not surprisingly, the ICC has already stated their most recent imperial proclamation that Saif be tried by their newly installed, appointed, and properly indoctrinated authorities in Libya. However, as per Protocol ll of The Convention, which enunciates the protections of POW’s held under conditions of a Civil, or, Internecine War, the Zintan, who were and are “a party to the conflict“, (leaving aside the issue and reality of illegal, foreign instigation and intervention) would be in violation of The Convention if they were to hand him over to the new civil authorities of Libya under the belief that his life and rights could not be guaranteed. Under that condition, any international authority who demanded such a handover of Saif to the new Libyan authorities would themselves also be in violation of The Convention. And for the Zintan Elders, a situation that could also violate its Sacred Tribal Honor.
    Not that the Western elite or their despotic dark age, Middle Eastern despots respect any aspects of International Law anyways – unless certain items suit their purpose at the moment. International Law, as developed since the Treaty of Westphalia, and expanded into the later years of the 20th Century, is now, for all intents and purposes, dead. The honor of the Zintan in upholding their Tribal Bond is a noteworthy exception these days to the depravity of today’s Western elite, along with their Middle Eastern monarchist and Zionist allies.
    Perhaps it will be this ancient tribal bond, and the Code of Honor displayed by the Zintan – arising from the continent of Africa, from whence civilization first sprung – that may again show humanity a true and wise path into a civilized future. This is the only available path to truth for the Libyan people, a path and process of truth that we may hope also leads to Libyan tribal and national reconciliation.
    This proposal and path would also serve as the means and methods by which Saif and the true patriots of Libya can achieve justice – by upholding the highest principles enunciated during the past thousands of years of mankind’s longing for brotherhood between all men and woman of good will. Indeed, it may be mankind’s last chance to avoid the worldwide conflagration the Anglo-American empire has in store for us all, because war and pillage is the only means at their disposal for saving their hopelessly bankrupt financial institutions and governments. It now appears that they are even willing to gamble with WWIII if that is what it takes to maintain their pre-eminent position of world power. If people of good will wish to stop them, then Saif’s transfer and trial, conducted in the broad light of day, under fully recognized and enunciated principles of International Law, is a means of doing so.
    – *:Opinion articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Mathaba News Agency
    3 Sons
  17. Libya should be vindicated…
    Libyan army commander to protect the Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi
    Algeria are free whereas making Dchri Muammar Gaddafi on the walls of the streets of Algeria graphite drawings …. And God will not forget you, O Muammar Hatzl and in the hearts of millions no matter what Jerdan …… Please publish the image in Gerobac Jerdan
    أحرار الجزائر يخلدون دكري معمر القدافي علي جدران الشوارع الجزائرية برسوم الجرافيتي …. واللة يا معمر لن ننساك وهاتظل في قلوب الملايين مهما فعل الجردان …… برجاء نشر الصورة في جروبات الجردان
    Par : الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi
    in Algeria, pro-Gadhafi
    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and his baby:
    Dr Mussa & baby
  18. Excerpts of interview with Gaddafi, to “History is us” (John Minoli).
    we are with our leader
    NATO Crimes Shown as Rebels Enter Tripoli
    Posted by Maoist Rebel News on 2011 08 27
    Now that the so-called rebels have made their way into the Libyan capital of Tripoli, the crimes against humanity made by NATO have begun to be laid bare for the world to see. The crimes of Western imperialism have been exposed to the world. As the fighting continues to take place, more knowledge of them will be impossible to cover up.
    The siege of the city, which is thought by many to be end game for Gaddafi, is placing 2 million Libyan civilians at risk for death. Indiscriminate killings by the phoney rebels have already caused countless deaths among innocent people. There have been incidents of tribal rebels lynching black Libyans because of their tribal prejudices. US Predator drones have fired without concern into innocents.
    Bombings by NATO and attacks by rebels have left the population of Libya in shambles. This has been a campaign of terrorism against them to try and force them to give up their support for Gaddafi. Even as they were being attacked by imperialism, a million still stood up in support for him.
    No longer can NATO deny the entire invasion was intended to assassinate Gaddafi, not liberate the supposedly oppressed Libyan people. Even the British media is now bragging about SAS special forces operating in the country. As if the $2 million bounty on Gaddafi’s head was not proof enough.
    The Associated Press has reported that a tent-city that was raised near the Gaddafi compound in support of Gaddafi has been massacred by the so-called rebels. Some were found with their hands bound behind their backs shot. Reporters covering the bloody find referred to it as a killing field. They also found burned bodies inside an ambulance, one still with an IV drip in its arm.
    Amnesty International has already produced a report concerning one of the NATO detention camps:
    “In an overcrowded cell, where some 125 people were held with barely enough room to sleep or move, a boy told Amnesty International how he had responded to calls by al-Gaddafi’s government for volunteers to fight the opposition.
    “He said that he was driven to a military camp in Az-Zawiya, where he was handed a Kalashnikov rifle that he did not know how to use.
    “He told Amnesty International: ‘When NATO bombed the camp around 14 August, those who survived fled. I threw my weapon on the ground, and asked for refuge in a home nearby. I told the owners what happened, and I think they called the revolutionaries [thuuwar], because they came shortly after.
    “‘They shouted for me to surrender. I put my hands up in the air. They made me kneel on the ground and put my hands behind by head. Then one told me to get up. When I did, he shot me in the knee at close range. I fell on the ground, and they continued beating me with the back of their rifles all over my body and face.
    “‘I had to get three stitches behind by left ear as a result. In detention, sometimes they still beat us and insult us, calling us killers.’”
    Amnesty International has also document the so-called rebels murdering migrant workers. The NATO backed forces claimed they were “foreign mercenaries”, but interviews with those merely captured revealed this to be a lie. They said they were captured at gun point by NATO backed rebels and forced to a dentition centre where more were killed.
    Have no illusions, believe no media lies, this is the true face of the American empire. This is what the war was always intended to do. This murder of Libya was always the goal of NATO. This is nothing more than the destruction of a country and people’s lives for the benefit of a few in the First World. The blood of innocent people will be poured directly into coffers of the wealthy elite. The deaths and tortures of these people are directly the result of capitalism’s insatiable hunger for profits.
    US President Barack Obama and every other leader who has supported this war belong in prison for life.
  19. these three men betrayed him and sold to NATO and Qatar.
    TRAITORS planted beside our brother leader
    More PSY-OPS news to make Dr. Moussa Ibrahim/MANSOUR as “leader” and then to capture him-–The JAMAHIRIYA does not run this way.
    Remember this is part-of the devious NATO/CLINTON “PLAN”! (In Reality, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim is far away from the conflict right now; and the RATS are trying to “draw him out”!)
    Remember what MATHABA warned us about:
    “To reach this goal media makes fake videos, photos, reports about capturing Libyans famous either in Libya or all over the world. The purpose is to ensure that the Resistance is weak and cannot protect it’s leaders, to plot an impression that each person to be declared Resistance leader will be instantly betrayed and captured by NATO or it’s NTC puppets….”
    The following is one of their latest stories:
    The tribes of Libya, called Dr. Moussa Ibrahim to serve as leader of the country
    30/11/2011 AUTHOR: MUJAHID Moussa Ibrahim
    The free tribes of Libya, in the face of famous people and leaders, appealed to Dr. Moussa Ibrahim to take responsibility and take the national leadership of the country.
    These tribes, including the tribe Alkzazefh, urged his people to rally around him and Libya are willing to take an oath of allegiance.
    In a letter to this appeal states that in this harsh and painful moment in history the tribes want to be one of the recognized and chosen by Muammar al-Qaddafi, the leaders “brought the ship into a safe harbor of Libya.”
    Many facets of inter-tribal relations, as well as ethical considerations unite the various tribes in this solid solution. It gives us the leader, followed by going all Libya.
    Doubt Dr Ibrahim Musa’re not, because he was the voice of resistance, and never turned away from meeting face to face with the enemy.
    We urge him to take political and diplomatic powers to adequately represent the free Libya. With the same inflexible virtue, which he already possesses.
    We pass the country’s future in the hands of our son, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and give him all the official political authority, he appealed to all honest sons of Libya to stand beside him and help in the fight for national freedom.
    The letter states that in an infinite chaos, which remains the country after the attacks of enemies, it is imperative that he, Dr. Musa Ibrahim, became head of the National Congress and announced it, got a “message” of political correctness and even on a temporary basis, has restored power to a single, united many people for a joint search of a way out of difficult situations, which turned out to Libya.
    Editing and translation:
  20. Hala Misrati
    Hala Misrati is in Tunisia.
    The journalist Hala Misrati managed to escape from the rebels and is now in Tunisia.
    She accuses the rebels of having her raped and tortured.
    Just to remember, Hala Misrati was kidnapped by rebels in the month of August 2011, after the fall of Tripoli into the hands of the NATO-mercenaries.
    e-bay review:
    Muammar and Moutassem
    You will never know the truth if you only watch this DVD.
    | No, I would not recommend this product.
    Created: 12/06/11by: theorbo-half ( 305) See all reviews by theorbo-half
    This whole DVD is one piece of demonising propaganda by the US State Department. It, in no manner, reflects the real life of “the Leader of the ’69 al-Fateh revolution”.

    It emphasis all the falsificated lies against al-Qathafi, for which the CIA and Britain’s MI6 used him as a black-sheep boy, taking the blame for all their horiific crimes. Never once on the DVD, does it show the wonderful spiritual nature of this modern MUJJADID.
    There is no mention of Nelson Mandela. There is no showing of the Great Manmade River project, there is no mention of the Gold dinar. There is no mention of the Great Humanitarian charities for Africa and Palestine he initiated and almost totally financed himself.

    The DVD does not properly explain the Third Universal Theory and how the remarkable (yet extremely simple) Green Book came to be; nor how it can save humanity from the destructive forces which the world now faces.
    There is no references to his great speeches he made, his desparate pleas against WMD and his solutions to the world’s woes (presented despite the opposition and defiance of the Arab League and the Western NATO nations).
    And, although there is abundant footage available, there is no showing of his very humble life style, nor of his personal family growing-up at all in the DVD.
    It does not show how he initiated the remarkable uprise of Libya through the years 1969-1977 when finally the JAMAHIRIYA could be truly called a great nation; nor the prosperity the united peoples of the Holy JAMAHIRIYA (A DIRECT TRUE DEMOCRACY) achieved under the Third Universal Theory, obtaining full human rights (including free house, electric, and giving a car with a huge stipened to college students) and the recogniition-of the remarkable worth of women to society….Nothing is mentioned of the free gift of 50,000 to all newlyweds, etc.
    The DVD escapes the nastiness of judge Jalil and how the CIA infiltrated the sovereign state, making way for the staged uprising of 17 February.
    I could go on and on…But if one desires a good “HATE GADHAFI” DVD, well, this one fits the order most superbly….
    Muammar Gaddafi had already called upon his supporters to be prepared for those lies and not to stop the struggle against NATO. Guerilla and information war against NATO, which controls Libyan skies, media and communications networks, must be spread on the net without declared headquarters because the headquarters can be eliminated by military forces. Many of those who support Libya do not realize that each action must be well prepared and that it takes time, under the information siege especially since late August many people think that the resistance in Libya doesn’t exist. They cannot assess the reports that tribes which had previously supported TNC turned their arms against it.
    To blow up the faith in the resistance among Libyans and their supporters who fight together with Libyans against the NATO and global media in the next couple of days, the plot about Aisha’s arrest may be released through the usual media channels and rebroadcast by unsuspecting bloggers and social media activists. Do not trust all those who lied to us from the very beginning and continue to do so, the media war against the people of the world, and the people of Libya, is ongoing.
    NOTE: The Editor of LibyanFreePress subscribes and agrees completely with the statement of Mathaba
    leader calls
  21. In a 07 Dec. 2007 file photo Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi gestures while speaking during media conference at the University of Lisbon, in Lisbon, Libyan :
    Gadhafi in Lisbon Portugal 07 Dec 2007
    Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi poses during his meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Syrian President Bashar Assad, not in the picture at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, Sunday, 09 Febr 2003. The small Arab summit came to discuss the latest development in the region and the U.S. possible attack against Iraq. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil) AP
    Slavica Jankovic
    Galina Bichurina More at the end of this post: December 6, 2011
    Tripoli City continues to resist the occupation, leading the strategy of guerrilla warfare. In some parts of the explosions and gunfire. There is an ongoing battle in the areas Altlataa, Abu Salim, in the south of Tripoli and around the city. Yesterday Liberation Army fighters Libya managed to free 12 Libyan officers and a woman with a child from a prison in Souk Jomo.
    Tadjoura: Today in the town there was a loud explosion, which destroyed the largest fuel depot.
    Benghazi: Rebels from Benghazi approved the establishment of a U.S. military base in Cyrenaica (eastern Libya).
    December 4 in the area of the University of Garyounis Anda PNS bandits abducted the three girls. Later, the corpse of one of the girls was found with signs of abuse and beatings, the fate of the other girls is not known … … …
    In the town of Tobruk were mercenaries fighting between the PNC and fighters of al-Obeidi tribe, who are supporters of the Green Resistance. All fighters PNC was kicked out of the city.
    Surman: In the city of fierce battles between NATO and the resistance of the Green mercenaries – PNS rats
    Misurata: Heavy fighting between fighters from South Misurata, supporters of the Jamahiriya, and militants from the North Brigade Misurata, two-thirds composed of foreign mercenaries continues in some areas of the explosions and gunfire.
    Green resistance successfully attacked an oil tanker with a French flag off the Libyan coast, the ship was severely damaged by an explosive device with a remote control!
    Libyan bloggers are warning that NATO specifically are sending some of the alleged newly released from Rat prison (in our “moles”) abroad, in order to introduce participants to the ranks of the Resistance.
    saying that the Jamahiriya used it on their citizens, and was made in IRAN!!! (HAH,LIARS!)
    The US officials try to claim that Iran had supplied Muammar Gaddafi with weapons.
    The shells, filled with highly-toxic mustard agent, have been uncovered in recent weeks at two sites in central Libya. They are reportedly being kept under heavy guard and round-the-clock surveillance.
    The US officials alleged that the chemical weapons had been custom-designed and -produced in Iran for the Jamahiriya. (LIARS! It was the Americans’ chemical-weaponry to begin with. They brought it into Libya and were using it on libyans.)
    “I believe such comments are being made by the US to complete their project of Iranophobia in the region and all through the world. Surely, this is another baseless story for demonizing the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Larijani has asserted.
    Over 300 attacks, using more than 3,000 tons of chemical weapons, were carried out against Iran in the course of the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988.
    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi had also rejected the claim on 30 November 2011: “How could have we equipped the Gaddafi government, when we ourselves never had chemical weapons?” he had asked.
  24. colonel
    “A prime example of this is the alleged murder of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, who we can confirm yet again is safe and in good health, and also various statements being attributed to the Qaddafi family and resistance. The purpose is to ensure that the resistance is weak and cannot protect its leaders, to create an impression that each person to be declared resistance leader will be instantly betrayed and captured by NATO or its TNC puppets.”
  25. Gadhafi trusts in God contemplation
    Informer Un 24/24 résistance libyenne (renseignement libyens) ivoire (Tripoli)
    Pour: tristes nouvelles que notre réponse a été arrêté sur l’un des combattants de la résistance honorable dans la zone Alsoualem marché du vendredi alors qu’il tente de jeter Gelatina sur une voiture appartenant à des rats, le Dieu de le libérer des mains des rats Seigneur Libye défi
  26. ISLAM:
    wheel of Islam
    07 DEC. 2011
    News from the field from the Libyan Liberation Front
    green fighter
    by Stephen Gule
    (1) In an attempt to introduce political discord at the Chad Libyan border, after French paratroopers and commandos faced a devastating defeat with 153 French mercenary forces killed in one week, the French decided to recruit and send in native Chadians resulting 419 native Chadian deaths, 712 seriously wounded and 1571 captives in the South of Libya.
    (2) Libyan Rebel radicals threatened to invade Tunisia, and shot at Tunisian border guards, prompting Tunisian guards to respond with live bullets at RAS JDIR.
    (3) Green Resistance fighters in Ajdabiyah and Tobruk destroyed 11 pickups carrying Benghazi brigades towards Tobruk, eliminating all personnel in the vehicles and capturing ammunition.
    (4) NATO attempts to export military hegemony and attacking South of Libya still continues, French jets want to conquer South of Libya by air, the terrain and logistics making it impossible for France to accompany this mission.
    (5) One special operations fighter from the green cells in Tripoli has been captured, after he came under multiple rocket and anti aircraft power, green resistance has been in a very shocked state due to the loss of this brave fighter, but green brigades are making every effort in preparation to rescue and get him out of the rebels hands.
    (6) Numerous surgical are continuing nation wide to weaken the rebels, choke their supply bases and make them pay for their crimes.
    (7) Colonel Victor Alertimi commander of the green resistance fighters in Western Mountain front, author Abdul Hatty Al-Hamali and seven officers have been rescued yesterday in Surman from the basement of the city jail.
    (8) Rebels continue their practice of torturing, abusing prisoners and killing them without clear authority and sense of fairness in all rebel controlled areas of Libya.
    (9) NATO rebels threw a young girl from 10th floor of a hotel room in the Tunisian capital, after she was raped by multiple rebels and then thrown out of the window.
    (10) Members of the illegal Libya contact group have proposed to divide the nation into multiple sections after they failed to control the entire country and make it their colony.
    Source: Libya SOS
  27. Gadhafi landing
    Comments on MATHABA:
    Ruuby1 writes:
    No one of us is/was so close to Gaddafi as Mathaba.
    So do you have any clear evidence that he is dead?
    For what reason should Mathaba lie to us, tell us a fairytail and bring out wrong facts? What should that be good for?
    They could say “we are not sure about his status” or “we believe, that he might be alive”. But no, they say again and again that he is alive and at good health – why should they do that if was a lie? It would turn against them because the truth always comes out! Why should they destroy their own reputation? ….
    … Thank you for this interesting article – it is sometimes hard for a normal brain to believe, how ugly, dangerous, coldhearted some people are – and which technologie stands behind them.
    We all know filmes life Terminator 4 – many of us just cannot believe, that exactly this technologie is used, to fool us and worse, to kill people.
    This just makes me angry and very sad:
    This young women has lost family members, children, her husband – she is a fugitive, she has a new born baby girl. She had to watch nato destroying her country, killing her brothers, destroying her home – but that is not enough for those damn inhuman murderers – they want to kill her. WHY don’t they let her in freedom – why are they so afraid of her, that she has to die?
    And once again media are compliant helpers to Nato and their killers:
    publishing things, Aisha never said, to bring her in danger, to make her come out and show her position so that they can easely get her – and to threaten Allgeria not to protect her.
    What a bunch of monsters!! The big problem is: those monsters are smart, equipped with the newest technologie – and they are absolute unscrupelous.
    As a normal person, it is getting almost impossible, to see, what is a fake and what is the truth. This is the way, Nato & friends are icfluencing our brains and opinions – true dictatorship and violation of free minds….
    lkn438o writes:
    You think it cheapens Mathaba when they say Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is alive? Wow, I believe the opposite. It actually strengthens the credibility since we all know the man on the pictures is not Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. If you don’t believe he’s alive, physically, then that’s your loss. You’ll rather believe MSM, right? One more thing, don’t belittle people who don’t share your views.
    Arthur Borges adds:
    In today’s world, it no longer matters whether Muammar al-Gathafi-the-human-being is alive or dead; what counts is his video death: the media have pronounced him dead and it’s “game over”. Most websites I know of which supported the Jamahiriya have declared him dead and sodomized, adding in confirmatory comments attributed to his family in follow-up news items….
    …Are the videos of his torture and death real or faked? I’ve no idea. All I’m sure of is that the first folks to exploit a freshly perfected technology are the military and intelligence agencies — and that they keep it to themselves for 10 to 20 years, so it seems likely to me that the technology to fake the filming of a person is already available.
    What is clear is that irregular warfare itself will not bring al-Gathafi back from video death. He needs a new video birth.
    Constantine replies:
    Mathaba‘s position on Muammar Gaddafi’s physical status is unequivocal. I say again, for the sake of Libya and especially the Jamahiriya it would be MADNESS for him to reappear at this time! Can you imagine the consequences? War would restart immediately. The warplanes would return and bombs would fall like rain. All chance of peace, reconciliation and the eventual return of the Jamahiriya would be lost. Muammar Gaddafi must be protected if he is to have his day of return. If we love him, we MUST put an end to this desire for his public appearance – and even more so to speculation.
    I know it’s psychologically difficult, but it’s about time you lost all respect for Mainstream journalism. If you want to believe in the images you are shown by M$M, that is your choice. If you want to prostrate yourself to what “counts” in the sordid world of popular moneyed journalism, that is also your choice. If you want your world to conform to what you are TOLD by others; by websites managed by people you have never met; by satellite stations following the agenda of shady business; by so-called investigative journalists who follow the pack” and have their reports vetted at the cost of their jobs. It’s your choice. Today’s world is what YOU make it.
    I just want to say two important things here:
    1) NATO is still bombbing Libya to smithereens, even though there is hardly any media coverage of this, This is particularly bad in the South as complete Taureg villages have been destroyed (in hopes of their really killing our brother leader–which they know too, that he lives);
    and, 2) that our brother lives is the prime reason that OCAMPO has not recinded his ICC warrant: because he too knows that al-Qathafi LIVES!
    Waterlily says:
    I agree with you, Constantine – particularly about the ramifications of Col. Gaddhafi speaking now. One has to be very cautious – the stakes are way too high.
    My immediate concern, however, is Aisha and the rest of the family. In this intensively crooked world, it’s difficult to imagine who one can trust, as we see that the majority have sold their souls to the devil. The sanctity of life is paramount, particularly after we have witnessed such savagery in the recent past. My prayers are very much with the Gaddhafi family – there’s women and children involved, as well, and they’ve already suffered so much and paid so high a price – I pray that they are safe, that the Algerian government will do everything to keep them safe and ignore all the propaganda which is proliferating in the msm; and, if the family needs to move, (after very careful deliberation and placing safety above all else), that they find the support and protection from God. We can’t expect to know much at this point – it’s not in the interests of the family, and also Libya. I think it’s suffice for us to know for now and for the foreseeable future, through Mathaba, that they are all well and safe. I know, with conviction from very deep down, that the time will come when the truth will shout out to the world. And that truth will come from Libya.
    Mathaba Support speaks:
    Those who have watched Tell-Lie-Vision all their lives are also those most trusting That all the many realistic murder and horror films they see each day are the result of techniques used only on entertainment channels and never for anything else! Failure to understand elementary truths such as this and the ease of digital manipulation, and the super-computers which are 20 years ahead of what reaches the market place, is one of the reasons the ‘developed world’ is so backward.
    Project Civilization concludes:
    As an expert on human personality and culture , I have my own ways of establishing what is real and what is fake . I agree with you , the statement attributed to her , did not come from her . As you said….its not the first time….
  28. Dr. Moussa Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday Dr. Moussa Ibrahim 08 DECEMBER
    tv mania
    nuclear earth
    Fox News fakes Moscow clashes with Athens footage, 08 Dec.Immaculat Conception
    (just like the fake Libyan video footage from Qatar)
    bubble, bubble, toil & trouble
    December 7, 2011
    Clinton meets with Syria opposition
    Karen DeYoung, WaPo, Dec 6 2011
    Sec State Clinton met here with leading members of Syria’s opposition Tuesday amid a fast-moving escalation of international pressure to force the departure of Pres Assad. After nearly two hours of talks with top officials of the Syrian National Council, a senior State Dept official said Clinton deemed the council a “leading and legitimate representative of Syrians seeking a peaceful democratic transition.” The Geneva meeting was the most high-profile encounter to date between the opposition and the Obama administration. The State Dept official said Clinton asked about the council’s transition plans and its recognition of the need to reach out to Syria’s myriad minority groups and came away impressed. The council leaders did not ask for a public US endorsement or recognition, the official said, and indicated that they saw a continuation of Arab League efforts as the best way forward. But the official said:
    What’s new here and fairly significant is that the Sec State had this meeting.
    Council leaders had previously met with Clinton’s counterparts in Britain, France and Germany. In a statement to the seven council leaders, Clinton said:
    The Syrian opposition, as represented here, recognizes that Syria’s minorities have legitimate questions and concerns about their future and that they need to be assured that Syria will be better off under a regime of tolerance and freedom that provides opportunity and respect and dignity on the basis of consent rather than on the whims of a dictator. Obviously, a democratic transition includes more than removing the Assad regime. We certainly believe that if Syrians unite, they together can succeed in moving their country to a better future. The US is committed to helping make this transition.
    Formally unveiled in Istanbul in October, the Syrian National Council comprises a coalition of local organizing committees that has led protests inside the country, the exiled Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and a number of minority organizations. Most of its named individual members live in exile outside Syria. The delegation to Geneva was led by the council’s president, Burhan Ghalioun, a sociology professor who heads the Center for Arab Studies at the New Sorbonne University in Paris and is a dual citizen of Syria and France. Other attendees included Abdulbaset Sieda, a Kurd who holds a doctorate in philosophy and lives in Sweden; Bassma Kodmani, a political scientist who directs the Arab Reform Initiative at the International Academy of Diplomacy in Paris; Abdulahad Atepho, a language professor in Belgium; Wael Merza, a member of Syria’s Circassian minority who lives in the US; and Najib Ghadbian, a political science professor at the University of Arkansas. The seventh member of the group did not want to be publicly named.
    batwings over eastern iran
    07 December 2011
    Drone belonged to CIA, officials say
    Greg Miller, WaPo, 06 Dec.
    The UAV lost by the US in Iran was a stealth aircraft being used for secret missions by the CIA, US officials said Monday. The officials said Iran’s military appears to be in possession of one of the more sensitive surveillance platforms in the CIA’s fleet, an aircraft that was shaped and designed to evade enemy defenses. The mission of the downed drone remains unclear. The RQ-170 has been used by the CIA for highly sensitive missions into other nations’ airspace, including months of surveillance of the compound in Pakistan in which Osama bin Laden was hiding before he was killed in a May raid by Special Operations forces. A CIA spokeswoman declined to comment on whether the drone was being flown by the agency. A Pentagon spokesman, George Little, also declined to comment. The disclosure that the drone apparently recovered by Iran was being flown by the CIA comes after previous signals from US officials that had created the impression that the plane was being flown by the US military on a more mundane mission over Afghanistan and had simply strayed into Iranian territory.A statement issued by ISAF in Afghanistan on Sunday said:
    This may be a US unarmed reconnaissance aircraft that had been flying a mission over western Afghanistan late last week. The operators of the UAV lost control of the aircraft and had been working to determine its status.
    US officials insisted Monday that the statement was technically accurate, noting that it did not explicitly assert that the aircraft was being operated by ISAF or the US military. Instead, the language of the statement was ambiguous about the drone’s ownership and mission. The CIA’s role in operating the plane was first reported Monday by NBC News. Some US officials began to cast doubt on the ISAF statement almost as soon as it was released. Current and former US defense officials said it was unlikely that the military would be using a highly sophisticated stealth aircraft for surveillance operations over western Afghanistan. The statement’s suggestion that US pilots lost control of the aircraft was accurate, according to US officials who have disputed claims by Iran that its defense forces downed the aircraft, or that it had been felled by a sophisticated cyberattack. Although the ISAF statement said that the drone was flying “a mission over western Afghanistan,” CIA drones are generally used to conduct surveillance as well as strikes beyond that country’s borders, most notably in Pakistan. The agency’s aircraft do take off from and land at air bases in Afghanistan, however. The RQ-170 has special coatings and a batwing shape designed to help it penetrate other nations’ air defenses undetected. The existence of the aircraft, which is made by Lockheed Martin, has been known since 2009, when “the Beast of Kandahar” was photographed at the main US airfield in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
    bhadrakumar more or less accuses the US of running pseudo-gangs
    December 7, 2011
    Terrorists can also bestow favors
    M K Bhadrakumar, Asia Times, Dec 7 2011
    The twin terrorist strikes on Tuesday on Shi’ite worshipers in the Afghan capital Kabul and the northern city of Mazar-i-Shairf, killing 58 people, are an extraordinary event. Even in the darkest days of violence during the past decade, Afghanistan never descended to sectarian violence. The easy thing to do is to blame the Taliban. But Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid quickly condemned the “wild and inhuman attack by our enemies, who are trying to blame us and are trying to divide Afghans by making such attacks on Muslims”. The Taliban blamed the “invading army” for the attacks, referring to the foreign troops in the country. The ghastly act needs to be “deconstructed” to get to somewhere in its vicinity. The big question is why and why now? On the day of Ashura in March 2004 a similar attack took place in Karbala and Baghdad in Iraq killing 170 people, which was attributed to al-Qaeda. So, the mystery deepens. On the Afghan chessboard today, it is impossible to accept happenings as merely coincidental. The party that stands to lose most is the Taliban. It has painstakingly built up a case in recent years aimed at convincing other Afghan groups that it is prepared to work with them in a spirit of reconciliation. The Eid message by Taliban leader Mullah Omar offered that all ethnic groups in Afghanistan would have their rightful place in a future power structure. The Taliban would stay miles away from getting mixed up with anything that smacks of Wahhabism, which demolishes their self-image of flexibility and moderation.
    Iran and Pakistan are also big “losers”. For both, sectarian strife in Afghanistan not only detracts from their main agenda, but could complicate their incipient mutual understanding. For Iran, the main focus today is on the vacation of the US occupation by 2014 and it is willing to cooperate even with Taliban groups. As a regional power, too, it is not in Iran’s interest to be portrayed as the champion of the Shi’ite sectarian interests. Sectarian strife in Afghanistan could also pose security issues for Iran. Iran doesn’t have direct access to the Shi’ite regions of Afghanistan except through “Sunni territory”. Sectarian strife could impair Iran’s access to Shi’ite regions. For Pakistan, sectarian strife holds the great danger of isolating the Taliban, whereas its objective is to gain wider acceptability for its “strategic assets” in the Afghan endgame. Again, sectarian tensions in Afghanistan could easily spread into Pakistan, which has a bloody history of sectarian violence. Pakistan already has its hands full with combating terrorism. National unity remains Pakistan’s ultimate trump card in warding off US pressures.
    Curiously, a person who claimed to speak for the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a Pakistani Sunni militant group, put a call through to the US government-funded Radio Free Europe and apparently took responsibility for the attack on the Shi’ites. The claim can’t be verified but the damage is done, as attention turns to Pakistani interference in Afghanistan. Any sectarian strife in Afghanistan would be a blowback to the 1990s. Afghan Shi’ites, mostly of Hazara ethnicity, who form around 20% of the Afghan population, were persecuted by the Taliban regime and during the Taliban’s campaigns to capture the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1997 and 1998, Hazaras and Pashtun Taliban were killed in their thousands, fueling bitter rivalry between Iran and Pakistan. During the past decade, interestingly, Shi’ite regions were left largely untouched by the Taliban insurgency and this helped Tehran and Islamabad to harmonize their Afghan policies despite robust US attempts to create tensions in the Iran-Pakistan relationship. A friendly Pakistan is an imperative need for Iran to break out of its isolation, while a friendly Iran enables Pakistan to concentrate its attention on the dangerous slide in US-Pakistan ties.
    Yet another cluster of “losers” comprises the non-Pashtun groups who oppose President Hamid Karzai and are increasingly willing to reconcile with the Taliban. They include the “nationalistic” elements who recently formed the National Front: heavyweights like Ahmed Wali Massoud from Panjshir (brother of the slain former Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud), Uzbek leader Rashid Dostum and Hazara Shi’ite leader Haji Mohammed Mohaqiq. Any polarization on sectarian lines would bury their pan-Afghan agenda. Mohaqiq, who is close to Tehran, called on Afghans to react “carefully and intelligently”. He said the perpetrators “want to trigger a sectarian war in Afghanistan. My message to the Afghan nation is to recognize the real faces of the enemies of Afghanistan and to maintain civil order.” His remarks echoed the statement by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, who described the incidents on Tuesday as an attempt to fuel tribal and religious tensions and to create instability and insecurity in the regional countries. Salehi alleged that foreign countries are seeking to disturb peace and stability in the region by provoking sectarian and tribal conflict. Taking the above into consideration, the arrow may appear to point toward the Haqqani network or al-Qaeda for perpetrating the violence. But neither seems a possibility. The Haqqanis, a key part of the Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan although they are based in the Pakistani border areas, have no reason to harm Pakistani interests, while al-Qaeda’s capacity is in serious doubt.
    Now, stepping aside a little, it is also possible to put the terrorist strike against the broad Afghan and regional backdrop. The time has come for the conclusion of the strategic pact between Karzai and the US, paving the way for the establishment of US military bases following the formal withdrawal of troops. There is considerable opposition to Karzai’s move among the Afghan people, who see it as his quid pro quo for US support for a third term for him as president beyond 2014. If sectarian fault lines appear, a unified national opposition would become that much difficult to crystallize against the US’s strategic pact with Kabul. Second, any spiraling of the violence could only provide justification for a continued US military presence in Afghanistan since the Afghan armed forces and police would be hard-pressed to cope with the situation. A third aspect is the US-Iran standoff, which may well lead to a confrontation in the near future. Afghanistan would be a very vital staging post for undertaking any hostile acts against Iran. No matter Karzai’s claims that he would not allow Afghan soil to be used against neighbors, the plain truth is that his opinion doesn’t count. The downing of a US drone surveillance aircraft operating over Iran from the US bases in Afghanistan shows that eastern Iran is an “active front” in the standoff. Sectarian strife weakening Tehran’s influence inside western Afghanistan works to the US’s advantage if Washington decides to attack Iran. Finally, Pakistan would be a great loser if Afghanistan descended into sectarian strife and the weakening of the Pakistani position in the Afghan endgame would help the US. In sum, US interests are, paradoxically, very well served in the current scenario if sectarian tensions escalate in Afghanistan and Western troops become the only really credible provider of security. That is to say, any number of forces could be interested in indirectly buttressing the US’s regional strategies.
  30. Looters
    Stolen Goods:
    Mathaba Editing of Dutch, and articles.
    These are special objects which the human story behind the leader of the ’69 al-Fateh Revolution. Photographs of his wife, his children clothing, airline tickets and dozens of private pictures….
    book comparing Plato
    A book with title “The comparison between Plato and Qaddafi”, stolen from the ransacked Green Book Center in Tripoli (
    Harald Doornbos stole at least 18 kilos of belongings of the Qaddafi family.
    Dodi the Cat
    The stolen passport of Dodi, the cat of the Qaddafi family (
  31. The True Human Rights Day is 12 June, because the Great Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms in the Era of the Masses was proclaimed for the first time democratically by millions of people gathered in people’s conferences, on 12 June 1988, and followed by the International Green Charter issued on 12 June 1999.
    – For the International Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, see: #