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Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space 7

Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space

  1. with his Mama:
    with Mother
    a family celebration:
    a family celebration
    at a children’s center:
    children's center
    young general
    General Khamis al-Qathafi of the 32nd brigade

    (General Khamis is not dead! he has been winning battle after battle with the 32nd Brigade.)
  2. al-Qathafi
    God is great above the plots of the aggressor
    God is great above the plots of the aggressor
    flaming sword of victory
    gFort de Sebha
    a Taureg
    Warriors for peace
  3. MONDAY, 19DECEMBER 2011
    Christmas Card for a Human World (without Sarkozy)
    by NINO G. MUCCI
    …the precipitated France’s entry into a military conflict in Libya, in February 2011 in support of a politico-tribal armed uprising that the French government had fed itself with its secret service, the frenzy to gain possession of new oil concessions and the infrastructure’s re-build following the massive and murderous bombings, are all signs that Sarkozy has probably decided, in my opinion, for ”a tragic failure”, as all this Machiavellian plans revealed themselves to be ineffective in destroying the resistance of the people loyal to the Libyan leader Gaddafi, and the geniality of his teachings of Jamahiriya social democracy.
    The political or strategic result of putting hands surreptitiously on the resources of the leading country of Africa, by initiating military action with the obvious participation of a vicious NATO organization called on “humanitarian grounds” in support of an organized revolt, is indeed nothing but Mass Murder, as this caused direct massacre of tens of thousands of civilians, more than 60,000 victims of this abominable plan, often entire families and children killed, unimaginable sufferings, like the martyred city of Sirte completely destroyed by aerial and ground bombardments, and moreover the most cynical and criminal lie of democracy and rights, producing the unspeakable torture and gross violations of human rights and even war rights committed in total impunity and media coverage by the same Islamic extremists that the West is said to fight, but ultimately associated with its own imperialist and depraved schemes. Nothing but Mass Murder which should include of course the total loss of moral credibility of West’s politics and especially that of a cynical and megalomaniac man who sits shamefully Chief of State of France, without any genuine human feeling, so that he can stand next to a disgusting Hillary Clinton, Secretary of the Nazi-American Zionism, the same who cheered the brutal, ignominious lynching of leader Muammar Gaddafi, the great Colonel that received most recently as friend. Should be a need to remember, the hero of the “White Revolution” had decided to stay in a understandable and courageous decision against the treachery of the West, in his hometown Sirte where he has been hurt by an air raids and he has been barbarously dragged dying by the cry of ‘ Allah waAkhbar ‘ by spiteful gangs of jihadist militants in the trash net of the Western Alliance. What kind of democracy or human rights state will never be able to rise by these savage hordes belonging to the new power in Libya? We shall see soon the advanced human rights in a country where the “human” is gone away! We will also see the advanced women’s rights, hanging out in burka or niqab under the yoke of Sharia imposed by the new friends of France, between them the treachery’s master Abdeljalil Mustafa with his obscure programs, thanks to France, the land of Voltaire and Montesquieu!
    What these new acquired political cops of Sarkozy! He is not even worth the boot of the Grand Colonel who first braved the Anglo-American schemes in September 1969 with no bloodshed, leading his country to a path of social, political and economic liberation, spreading ideals which came in the real genius of the old visionary Bedouin by a passionate love for his Land. Love for Libya, for Africa as for a world united by sense of dignity and equality against any imperialist apartheid. And how much sabotage, how much hatred the countries of Western capitalism returned against him, before any other the United States, with Libya under embargo and bombing and the Leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya under the target of commando killers up to the fatal day!
    But the Libyan tenets of Jamahiriya do not die, nor do the teachings of popular direct democracy, nor the Leader Gaddafi is removed from the millions hearts of true patriots, despite the murderous hatred and all the NATO-sponsored tags, and those of theirs deadly friends! Could you ever imagine Sarkozy be a martyr for France ? No, say it laughing, Sarkozy has now really lost. He has definitely chosen a “tragic failure” for Europe and the West, creating just a huge site of death in Libya, another hopeless place of conflict such as Iraq, dragging behind many other heads of state in the same treachery towards the African continent. The hypocrisy of his words echoes with even greater significance in the results of the social unrest in Tunisia in January 2011 bringing to the collapse of the President Ben Ali. In power for twenty-two years, it was still trying to get in June 2009 for Tunisia “advanced status”, to establish a stronger partnership with the European Union in March 2010. He submitted to Brussels a document that the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule qualified for important, stumbling particularly on the subject of freedoms and human rights. According to a statement released by the Associated Press, the European official noted that “the ambition to advance cooperation should apply to political, economic, social, energy fields, investment and cooperation, justice and freedom, but also that of human rights and the rule of law”. [2] Despite the good promises from Tunisia, the cooperation agreement, under which the European Union committed to grant Tunisia a budget of 240 million euros in the period 2011-2013 [3] was suspended immediately after the situation of repression by Ben Ali’s regime during the social demonstrations in the south and inside the country in January 2011. There was, however, no need at the time for a “humanitarian intervention” of Sarkozy and his misanthropic friend Bernard Henry Levi, even to tell some words, in the oil and gas poor Tunisia? No surprise that since the beginning of social unrest in Tunisia, the French foreign minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, believed that France was not to “give lessons” to Tunisia. To this, Jean-Pierre Sueur, President of the friendship group France-Tunisia in the Senate, could replicate in a brilliant article published by Le Monde: “France does not give lessons to Tunisia but it must speak clearly, as it does to other countries in which it condemned the policy…” [4]
    The intervention in Libya, implemented by France under “humanitarian” pretext to catch up such a diplomatic-offered disgrace by doing an international crime, separates the West from any honour bound to a real peace project, knowing clearly what the Tunisian newspaper Essabah, and two major Algerian newspapers, El Khabar and El Watan among others, soon said without failing [5], that military intervention was fed only by the Libyan oil that sharpens the West’s appetite. An anti-capitalist journal online, apart from the almost absolute silence of criticism in the mainstream media, said at the right time:
    “The same people who justify the bombing of Libya on humanitarian grounds, are directly involved in the repression of the democratic movement in Bahrain and Yemen. Troops from Saudi Arabia and the UAE have entered the country at the request of the king of Bahrain and with the approval of Obama to suppress entirely peaceful motions and assassinate the leaders of the movement. “[6]
    While the back-and-forth of military EU coalition aircraft guided by France was raining missiles on Tripoli and unprepared defensive infrastructure of Gaddafi, Tunisia changed three times a transitional government, knowing a period of exceptional chaos, a period of violent social demands, lawlessness of some areas where ” there is bitterly the illegal occupation of land belonging to the State, invasion of holy shrines, illegal search of archaeological areas, looting of homes and shops … ” [7] At Sidi Bouzid, major outbreak place of the revolt of January 2011, even the natural parks are not spared from violence and vandalism against agents, equipment and animals. In areas near the Libyan border and other maritime areas, groups of criminals organized clandestine departures almost with impunity, and thousands of illegal immigrants landed on the Italian coast of the island of Lampedusa, causing expenses and sufferings to the populations, of which France washed completely the hands, adopting a policy of rejection of any Tunisian illegal immigrate as from North Africa in general. Where the “humanitarian concerns” expressed by Sarkozy for Libya, ever vanished here? Sarkozy’s demagogy breaks down. The truth defines itself clearly: all has been done to maintain Western economic and political subjugation of the Maghreb and Africa, and for an indefinite time confiscate their future.
    Now it is just HERE where Europe’s diplomacy faces the question of its own survival, as long as within its geographical borders in continuous expansion, inside the social body of its multiform and multilingual and multinational diversity, is too often blunt hypocrisy the real stuff of its politics. Europe must not be separated from its soul, as nobody could ever forget the religious heritage that founded its civilization. And above all, it cannot, at the price of disappearing by its own sin of pride, put itself at odds with the luminous message of the Messiah from Nazareth who was first included in all ethical codes beyond national differences: recognize in the love of God to manhood, the fundamental principle of respect for human life. Say it is a Christmas thought, or a Christmas wish, nevertheless this is what we must emphasize above all else, if we really want to realize the deep moral and legal gap in relation to the human rights between Western and Third World countries or to those defining Muslims. And that’s why I send this Christmas card: France cannot wait more anxiously the departure of someone to his home; enough for the “mad dog” of the Elysee that Reagan did not have the time to know: an incomparable hypocrite and liar whose name is Sarkozy.
    [1] La Presse de Tunisie , Wednesday, April 30 2008, p.4.
    [2] Tunis document presents a “very important” for an “advanced status” with the EU, by ben Bouazza Bouazza, Tuesday, March 30, 2010, AP.
    [3] signed with the Tunisian Minister of Development and International Cooperation Mohamed Nouri Jouini, he was “to finance” priority areas “, including the promotion of employment, support for SMEs, support for integration, modernization of justice and good governance. , “Ibid.
    [4] ” The links between France and Tunisia do not justify the silence of repression”, Jean-Pierre Sueur, Le Monde , January 14, 2011, interview by Alexandre Piquard.
    [5] AFP Press Review of 20 March 2011.
    [6] ” Let us reject the hypocrisy of the humanitarian war! “, Alternative Libertaire, editorial, March 21, 2011.
    see La Presse of Tunis, February 7, 2011, p.2
  4. BUT al-Gadhafi is not dead, he lives!!!
  5. Saif-al Islam, MOUTASSEM al-Bilah & BABY:
    Saif, Mout & Baby
  6. Libya – Libyan Health Minister calls on doctors Libyans to change jobs or leave Libya (December 20, 2011)
    Posted on 20/12/2011 at 00:48
    Source: ALGERIA ISP
    ALGERIA ISP / Libyan Minister of Health NTC Hamroush Fatima explains that the number doctors in Libya is “beyond the need of the country” and will require that these doctors change their careers or they must leave Libya to work abroad!
    Those doctors who were “spoiled by the guide Maoummer Gaddafi” will end-up being probably a dishwasher in a restaurant or the distributor of flyers/newspapers in Europe.
    Libya live green! (***and you haven’t seen anything yet!!!!)
  7. US and Client States Used Weapons of Mass Destruction on Libya
    Posted: 2011/12/21
    From: Source
    bombs w d-p
    Each of these may have carried 3.41 kilograms of depleted uranium.
    By Peter Eyre
    The UN1973 Resolution was to create a now fly zone in Libya that established within weeks of the start of the NATO campaign. However, the second reason was to protect the Libyan civilians (or that is what we were led to believe).
    We heard Cameron and Hague state firmly the action that had taken place and the reasons behind that action which they said was primarily on humanitarian grounds!
    What we in the UK did not understand was the fact that the final outcome was nothing to do with saving lives but rather to get their hands on Libya’s vast lucrative natural resources. The entire campaign became a total blood bath that would leave over 50,000 dead and many many thousands of innocent Libyan civilians would become contaminated with radiation from the weapons used by the coalition forces. The active use of Weapons of Mass Destruction’s (WMD) has basically killed the genetics of Libya, adjacent countries and the world beyond by it’s over excessive use of depleted uranium weapons.
    I have lost count as to how many cruise missiles they have fired off to date but I know that in the initial stages of the war it was over 300. At one stage, whilst watching this ungodly act of aggression, I counted 18 cruise missiles being fired in just one night. The target was a military compound that just so happened to be right next door to a densely populated district in Tripoli. It was obvious to me at the time that they would be contaminating many thousands of people during this particular onslaught. The radioactive fallout of nanoparticles would then drift, not only over this area, but also over the entire city and the region beyond. From my perspective, I found the use of many Cruise Missiles within this high-populated residential district of Tripoli the last straw!
    My question to Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy would now be how many lives do you think you actually saved? I can assure you all that as a direct result of their actions in Libya, they have now committed an act of genocide and thus should all be charged with war crimes.
    It is clear that with the British media being totally censored we will never fully understand the consequences of this deplorable war that the United Nations had approved and its subsequent use of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the innocent population of Libya with an emphasis on the City of Tripoli. This was not a war to enforce a “No Fly Zone”, it was a war to force a “Regime Change” which is in violation of UN1973 and in doing so also breaches at least five articles of the Geneva Convention.
    To fire over 18 Cruise Missiles (WMD’s) into the heart of Tripoli was certainly an act against humanity to which NATO and its command structure should be placed before the International Court of Justice. It was also a crime that was carried out right under the noses of the United Nations who stood by and did nothing to stop this genocide!
    As we all know it didn’t just stop at the use of Cruise Missiles but also Bunker Busters, JDAM and Hellfire Missiles (as used by the Predators unmanned aircraft and also by the Apache Helicopters) all of which were in violation of the Geneva Convention based on the following criteria.
    Depleted uranium weapons are recognized as weapons developed illegally under the Manhattan Project in World War II by the United States Government. Already illegal and in violation of the 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol, in 1943 depleted uranium weapons were described as a “highly mobile indiscriminate killer and permanent terrain contaminant,” recommended for development in the declassified Manhattan Project memo dated October 30, 1943.
    It was only a matter of time when the scientists realised the military values of Depleted Uranium (DU) when they stated, “It has pyrophoric properties and may spontaneously ignite at room temperature in air, oxygen and water. These unique properties make it appealing for use in many civilian and military applications.”
    The propaganda that has been handed out by the UNEP, WHO, ICRP, IAEA, Governments, DOD’s and many other authorities (not forgetting the pharmaceutical industry) show that, in their opinion , DU is Low Level Radiation and is therefore harmless which actually falls well short of the truth that lies behind its usage. They have all failed to understand the health implications when DU/LLR is inhaled into the body. They have together concocted a trail of deceit and failed in their duty of care to protect the world’s populations.
    Because of this mismanagement, we now are looking at dramatic increases in many forms of cancer, diabetes, and infertility. Because DU/LLR directly attacks the genetics of our body via our DNA, we are witnessing terrible birth defects in babies.
    The most complicated of all is the inhalation of nanoparticle aerosols of DU/LLR. Insoluble DU particle deposited in the respiratory bronchioles and alveoli will be cleared much more slowly, and, therefore, would be expected to deliver a higher radiation dose to the lung from alpha radiation. Once DU/LLR has entered the blood an irreversible cycle commences. The tissues in our bodies filter out the depleted uranium particles from the blood and cause a web of diseases called “Gulf War Syndrome.”
    It was obvious that when the coalition forces pounded Libya with their WMDs that the consequences for the people of Libya was going to be catastrophic. In the longer term, we are looking here at a progressive slow genocide that is beyond imagination.
    Depleted Uranium has a half-life of 4.5 billion years and basically can never be cleaned up. It is fact that well over 500 missiles (each containing around 350 kg of DU) in some shape or form amounts to at least 175,000 kg. It takes about 50 tons (45,359 Kg) of DU contaminated dust to kill 500,000 people so one can see that when you add to this the DU that was also used by the US, UK and France in other forms of munitions such as Bunker Busters, JDAM bombs, other smaller missiles and the rounds fired from attack helicopters etc. we are looking at an incredible volume of DU being spread around Libya, other countries and the world beyond.
    It is not just a simply case of saying that the coalition forces only breached one violation of the Geneva Convention i.e. The 1925 Geneva Poison Gas Protocol (radioactive poison gas)… they did in actual fact breach at least another four which has been covered in many of my previous articles.
    What I find totally unacceptable is the fact that the United Nations is supposed to stand behind any breach of the Geneva Convention and does so with many offenders. However, these gross violations that have been committed by high profile members of the UN are not only totally disregarded but also dismissed.
    One need only look at the military plans currently being laid down by the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom in wanting to take action against Iran (and Syria if they can get away with it) shows not only the continued use of Depleted Uranium but also with other very high tech weaponry that will have catastrophic consequences if used.
    It should also again be put on record that the United States used totally illegal “Tactical Nuclear Weapons” during the Iraq War and also during the Afghanistan War…It is clear that we have many ongoing breaches of the Geneva Convention as well as War crimes by creating genocide on innocent people.
    100,000+ killed
    240,000 wounded
    78,000 missing
    10,300 rapes
    350,000 refugees
    as reported by al-Jamahiriya Broadast Libya as of 01 October 2011
    Tripoli protected
    Put this positive energy also around our brother leader Muammar al-Qathafi. Pray at 12 NOON and 12 Midnight in UNITY !
    B-L Prays in the desert
  9. TUESDAY, 20 DECEMBER 2011
    libyan major oil pipes:
    Libyan Liberation Front: Territorial Control & Analysis [19.12.2011.]
    This is what is happening in the war theatre. The war has moved from conventional to none conventional methods, war of attrition and proxy means has become common practice and paramount value, below will describe level of activity via proxy means:
    (1) Tripoli – Division of Tripoli stands on the ratio of 88% green to 12% rats control, not all people in Tripoli that drive rat vehicles and have rat uniforms are rats. War of attrition has been looming large inside Tripoli ever since, green army changed strategy and did send in proxy militia units and green commandos, rebels still wield enough command to wreck havoc, they have NATO & external support which constitutes very serious security threat, and poses significant risks to the civilian population, that is why green flags have not been exposed so much inside and out of Tripoli.
    (2) Misrata, the equation in Misrata is dismal, rebels have large territory of the city of Misrata to Tawarhoga, giving them easy access to mobility and wide seaport, they are in dis-advantage because South of Misrata is green, capable of pushing Misrata gangs into the sea, Misrata gangs are constantly fighting amongst themselves, Misrata has no oil, they heavily depend on Benghazi and Derna for oil supplies, they are trying hard to convince foreign diplomats, business men and other actors that with large amounts of ammunition, they will wrestle control over the rest of Libya, the fact is Misrata is isolate, very soon foreigners will get tired of bankrolling Misrata thugs and pull their resources out. Ratio of Misrata is 65% green to 35% rebel, very large rebel force inside Misrata.
    (3) Benghazi, so far Benghazi is the heaviest rat base, 70% rebel and 30% green, but Benghazi and many Eastern cities are heavily suppressed, opinions and demonstrations against rebels are very high, and have been almost daily since past week and growing.
    (4) Tobruk is under tribes control, rats have no power in Tobruk, loyalty is unknown.
    (5) Derna is home to Al-Qaeda, since the heavy attacks by green army on Fauz Bouketiff, the coastal town is torn between green Libya and Al-qaeda, the chance of getting Derna green stands at 50%, it’s a territory that will take a heavy fighting, Derna is also home to Eastern CIA & British intelligence.
    (6) Tarhouna is 90% green, many people that fled Tawhorga are in Tarhouna, this city is very strategic and has paramount importance.
    (7) Zentan, we give Zentan 80% green score, but they are unpredictable.
    (8) Ubar – is 95% green.
    (9) Bani Walid, this city stands the ratio of 98% green, but rats from Souq Jouma are struggling hard to turn Bani Walid into rat zone. Many green proxy army with rat flags came from Bani Walid.
    (10) Sabha, we give Sabha 85% score green, and mostly South.
    (11) Gadhames is a proxy green army base.
    (12) Kufra, very disturbing trend. Kuffra is a huge green army base, but Sudan government has been training, arming and supplying rats with orders and support from Qatar in exchange for amnesty for Al Bashir, Kuffra can anytime switch green, the people of Kuffra are very unhappy with events in the region and Darfur.
    (13) Nalut & Western Mountains, this place is huge trouble. Nalut is a very heavy rat base, has French supply line and Israeli Air Force base.
    (14) Central & Southern Libya, green.. green and green blossom.
    (15) Ghat is largely green, the people of Ghat are with green Libya, but rats want to turn Ghat into a central rat base with easy access to the South, many attacks take place inside Ghat constant, the city often change hands.
    (16) Subratha, the people of Subratha are with green Libya to the gulf of Sidra.
    (17) Ajelat, this city is divided 60% green and 40% rat, constant battles.
    (18) Gharyan, can quickly swing green if air power is provided and is to take place.
    (19) Mizda, is green, and totally green.
    (20) Fezzan, ever green.
    General conclusion: Without NATO & external meddling, Libya will swing all green in one week.
  10. General conclusion: Without NATO & external meddling, Libya will swing all green in one week.
    In a desperate attempt that is unprecedented, the lying media is running a broad campaign to distort the image of our’ ‘historic hero leader Muammar Gaddafi”, and as such we advise all visitors not to believe these lies that have no basis of truth , and invite you to browse the popular”ZANGETNA”forums,
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    21 décembre 19:24
    Ntmenkm Dr. Ali Hamza Thami
    By the brother martyr Rusaifa today at 5:01
    . Was in the hospital because he is sick with normal and went out, and Praise be to Allah for his safety and Anicolh La Paz pure, God willing ‬
    Nefeli Alfitory
    Ntmenkm Dr. Ali Hamza Thami
    By the brother martyr Rusaifa today at 5:01
    . Was in the hospital that he was sick to …
    21 décembre 19:24
    نطمنكم علي الدكتور حمزة التهامي
    من طرف أخ شهيد الرصيفة اليوم في 5:01
    .كان في المستشفى لانه مريض بمرض عادي وخرج والحمدلله علي سلامته وانقوله لاباس طهورا انشاء الله‬
    Nefeli Alfitory
    نطمنكم علي الدكتور حمزة التهامي
    من طرف أخ شهيد الرصيفة اليوم في 5:01
    .كان في المستشفى لانه مريض ب…
  11. SOCIETY | 25 NOVEMBAR 2011TH | 20:01
    BELGRADE – Serbia can be controlled not by politicians or Masons, but foreign capital and intelligence services, and upcoming 2012th year will be one of the toughest in Europe, but also the whole world, since the military conflict, as a result of the economic disaster was imminent, warns knjižnjvnik and publicist Dejan Lucic, one of the best local experts on the history of secret societies, Freemasonry and the Templar order, and by two-volume book “The rulers of the shadows”, which records the re-release of a huge readership. In an interview with “Justice” Lucic reveals what the fate of Serbia allocated power centers, whether it is our history might be different, and talks about his friend Captain Dragan and other school Miroslav Tudjman.
    - The greatest mistake to think that Serbia ruled by Freemasons or any other secret or less a secret society, and an even greater mistake to think that our fate decided by the political elite. Serbian tycoons are just managers, but not the real owners of capital, because the state ruled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and nothing in our near and distant past have not occurred without the knowledge or permission of the Great Powers and multinacionalonih companies, primarily from the United States – says at the beginning Lucic talks.
    You say that Serbia is in fact dependent on America and its tycoons?
    - Not only from America, and British intelligence agencies have their tentacles deeply rooted in the events in this part of the Balkans. Even today in Serbia on war between Partisans and the Chetniks, namely conflicts and discuss their descendants and followers, and Tito and Draza were British agents, because neither the General Mihailovich a spontaneous uprising of Ravna Gora, or the Communists organized spontaneously 27th coup of March. It is no accident nor the 1944th Draza was released and Tito proclaimed supreme ruler. When we presented the pyramid who dominates the world, on top of the pyramid there would be coupling the Queen of England, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, below them is the “Council of 13″, namely “invisible Freemasons.” Under the “Council of 13″ is the “Council of 33″, immediately followed by the “Committee of 300″ and “Bilderberg” Trilaterala and then “Red Masonry”. Former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in 2009, after the meeting “Trilateral Bilderberg” in Athens, came to Belgrade and Tadic gave a directive that Serbia has to dismember regionalization, which now conducts Dinkic, and that, on the other hand, Bosnia must be unitary.
    How many Masons have influence on daily political events in Serbia and that there “Free Masons” in the present government?
    - Mason has the current government, as there were in previous cabinets, but they do not have as big an impact in the state. The Templars were a lot more “pro-Serb” oriented than Mason, but if there are rulers of the shadows and act, then the more wise and able Serbs should be infiltrated among them. The fate of Serbia is not decided by either the Government or the Parliament, even in the Serbian Orthodox Church, although it has the biggest butt in ordinary people. England lead our church services since the murder of the Patriarch Patriarch Barnabas and bringing Dozic. Nikolaj Velimirovic backed coup 27th March 1941, it was associated with the English intelligence service, because, among other things, and ended up in a German prison camp during the war. The current Patriarch Irenaeus has a duty to drown in the SPC ecumenism. Destroyed our school system, destroyed the army, now being destroyed and the church, all the pillars of the state and society, at the request of the secret services.
    Why is America so interested in Kosovo?
    - America is interested for Kosovo for the same reason as well as Iraq or Libya, which is petroleum. This was the main reason for the bombing in 1999, and current U.S. and European policy towards Serbia and Kosovo. America and the world’s tycoons want to destroy Russia as the only counterweight to American hegemony. Serbia is in the West and the U.S. sees as a kind of Russian outpost, and we see that America is doing everything that the Russian Federation weaken, and in that order pushes Ukraine into NATO, while Russia is surrounded by U.S. missile shield.
    What are the consequences for Europe and the balance of power in the world to have a second phase of the global economic crisis, which many say will be more severe than the previous one?
    - Europe next year waiting for a new war, the first after 1945. because the CIA, MI-6 and Mossad are preparing a civil war in Europe that would be saved the world economy and the battered U.S. dollar and restore confidence in it. In this war, Serbia should be by the side, and so are predicted to Tarabic “Kremna prophecy.” As when Murat went to Vienna, and we are opposed to him rather than go along with it. We must be wise and to accurately define who we are enemies in the war in Europe and Muslims. America is now most afraid of Putin and his victory in the presidential election in Russia for several months, and will do anything to physically remove, rather, attempt to assassinate him. Russia and Putin are now the only threat to the creation of the Fourth Reich, and that such Reich, led by the USA, largely saved, they say, and attempts to destabilize China, where they cause economic and political unrest with U.S. agents inserted among Chinese intellectuals, students and political elite , which largely financed by Soros.
    So, you believe that Putin will save the European war a disaster?
    - Vladimir Putin is now the world headquarters of gathering anti-globalization, globalization and the stench that comes from America and spread to the planet. I had a chance to meet Alexandra Arc, Putin’s advisers, and to be a reviewer of his book “Geopolitics” and, of course, and through him to further meet with Putin’s personality. Serbia needs all the forces working on the idea of ​​Eurasian Union, where we actually place, and our eventual membership in the European Union, if ever it occurs, should be regarded only as a means of transit to the Eurasian Union.
    Srecko Milovanovic
    Captain Dragan
    Are you really you Dragan Vasiljkovic or Captain Dragan, led the 1991st in Krajina, as some believe?
    - Yes, that’s true. Captain Dragan I met through the SPO-a 1990. year. Across the Serbian patriots from Chicago, I was following the 1991st he organized his visit to Knin, where he connected with Milan Martic. Cap went there to learn how the Serbs to fight bravely for their people and without dying, but to remain alive for their children and families. We did a long time in contact and I regret now in Australia awaiting extradition to Croatia.
    Mr. Tudjman
    It is interesting that you were in Belgrade classmate with Miroslav Tudjman, Franjo Tudjman’s son. What kind of memory you stayed Miroslav?
    - Miroslav Tudjman and I went to elementary school “Aleksa Santic” but did not go in the same class, because he is two years older than me. Miroslav is, otherwise, excellent scholar and a true gentleman and would not comment on him as a politician.
    25th novembar 2011th at 22:00
    Tadic means working with them in dosluhu.Tako I anticipated, and in his will for a long time ponašanju.Ali
    Dragan – CH
    25th novembar 2011th at 23:02
    First Serbia has become a “hostage” of the new geopolitical situation in the world. Just our interests and the interests of “globalists” are definitely opposed. In other words, if Serbia accepted all the conditions of “globalists” things would have gone better, but the loss for the Serbs was a large (loss of territory, etc.).
    Second There are questions to which “Glibalisti” can be crucial to influence, and vice versa. What is important is the following: that the bad economy in the hands of Serbia (politicians, and criminals trajkuna), as a result of “bad mentality” SERBIAN PEOPLE. As long as the Serbian people do not realize this fact can not be achieved even better future.
    26th novembar 2011th at 00:08
    Title of the paper is logical and probable, at least in the attempt: for Putin but, at least for now has no heirs, no brakes for the achievement of absolute domination of the U.S. and other kapitala.Verovatno to be all-set to try just a question of Russia’s ability to timely and properly prepare for all these pokusaje.Hijejarhija in the world have long known, and if in our attempt to give it a blur, you know whose servant of the servants what to expect, what is possible to do, and how much is used, and what koristiizvuci from one country! to great need and great people, and there is little in the world! huge number ljidi in Serbia all know and see, but are powerless to do anything, seriously, for such acts is needed and super smart and timely response, timely dialing * Allies *
    26th novembar 2011th at 00:34
    I read lots of books but his biography of gospodinaLucica does not exist. It is good to know what to expect.
    26th novembar 2011th at 00:37
    I was not Josef Biden “former”
    A citizen
    26th novembar 2011th at 03:26
    Yeah, man you better think about it, the aliens are to blame for everything, all the bad come with instructions Zapda, etc..! So what did they say NO and Romanians bought teškovodne reactors of Canadians, Croatians say no and keep most of the pharmaceutical industry and in particular does not say what regionalization is carried out by us, the Greeks told not to sell the island, if it all comes from the West? So, can NOT be said? And that evil, however, comes not only from the head of anti-Serb infiltrate our neighbors near and far? How can you just such an accident overtook us and always blame some distant and there nedosegljivi people? And what would the Lučićevom theory that Jesus was an Essene Essenes and if they do not believe in life after death? What, then, Jesus spoke Aramaic? Who understands this attitude of Christ and who understand and those who spread such ideas – all he knows!
    And that is only in our scenario does not occur before the Russian collapse of the USSR and …? Take loans and give the money, sell whatever you can, then cancel before the elections, where privatization and pass – pass, and after all be bought when it all collapse amid debt crisis (after the coming write-off), and then no more, no matter who is in power ! Is this the issue or Bildeberg, Council 13 and Fig.! I prefer not been released but was only one of three Yugoslav option in case either party prevails in the war: Tito, Draza and Ljotic, and there are documents that no one wants to quote! After all, what is the language spoken in Banjica Tito in 1944 and, what about the Lord does not say something? Russian? English? Polish? Or is Czech! The recording is very much! When it was certain that the Russians will come to the two of them fell off and the Yugoslav king is in line with the strategy and act – and that’s it!
    You bet, but all the blame for our economic collapse here with us and among us! Is the tram rail Bildeberg changed at the Fair for five years after the previous set?
    And if there are indeed indications that the aliens might have an interest in the planet’s economy sunovrate start private flight into space, this here is far from any of extraterrestrial activity, because this scenario has already seen! If the act, they only encourage corruption and theft, because in them our money certainly does not apply! This decline is our only attempt to Yugoslavia “mechanism” to survive and the fourth time! Everything else is spreading and zamlaćivanje eyes of the people! Why, otherwise, Serbian obediently still exported electricity in the former Yugoslavia republics, if not to the Yugoslav “mechanism”? Do Bildeberg behind it, or just those here whose grandfathers and made Yugoslavia?
    And now this: anyone who spreads anti-NATO propaganda in a situation where there really is no other military options actually works for the Croatian and Kosovo’s independence claim. Never Croatia, and Kosovo would become independent in the territory they now occupy the neighborhood imported quasi rusofili talambasali not here for the Russians, and especially against NATO, and this is because the planning was done only by ex-Nazi Croatia (Ustasha) and ex- Nazi Kosovo (Sandzak Division) could receive the full support of NATO (remember that the Americans are saving them for pilots during World War II), and the strategies they were phenomenally successful! This is not a children’s division of the cowboys and Indians, so it is no more important to Indians and not because it’s just a game – this is a national geopolitics!
    Therefore, brethren, the Russians, if you can give us “men” as they help the Americans in 1999 and the military helped the Albanians in Kosovo, please do not be hindered us and wave your red rag in front of NATO as it will be 200,000 Serbs expelled from Kosovo! It has already been completely discredited, and do not need much! We have already been bombed by NATO in Eastern Slavonia, and Bosnia, and Serbia – people were burned, the houses were burning, and even maternity (in Dedinje) was hit and showered us all kinds of feces! Therefore, or help us or not pujdajte more against NATO and do not let more reason to be in NATO and Croatia Šiptarskoj side so badly! Yes in 1991. DEPOS won we would have been on the side of the West and everything would be different – we’d be the first republic to the West, and the only one that actually fought against Nazism in World War II, and then still surviving veterans of WWII there were many!
    Help us bar where you can – we reduce the price of gas!
    We must not give away more aspirational trumps neighbors! They do not like Americans or Albanians are killed and pretending to fire of love, nor Croats germanofilni them just do not like something, then again the slew of expressing love! And look, the Americans do not like them – but neither have other options!
    I am the way, open to all sensible to expose the conspiracy theories, but not to those which are used to just hide it better this our plot, which leads us to collapse and its causes? This here is a combination of domestic banks and domestic franchise broker assisted foreign corrupt politicians who aim to economy, and it cast during the onslaught of hyper-inflation all pokupuju. So anything that anybody nedaju open and make capital by them (but can not collect anything and that), because only flourishes frange trange-business (trade and import-export), so there is no medical tourism, because the school teaches five dead languages – that’s why! Everyone knows who and who is pushing regionalization MITI to implement it! Austria has even said no to this nonsense and demonstrably She threw Carinthian Slovenes dojezične labels!
    But it seems that EU politicians are preparing the same scenario of decline and purchases of its stock because it does not matter after if it does … and the Arabic script and socialism can come … any one …
    Sami Yusuf, that we are on board, now is precisely the moment when the captain said – Save yourself anyone can, he knows, and knows how!
    I think any further comment is superfluous, that is a dangerous thing broke, that patriotism is gone, that journalists no longer recognize truth from falsehood, that the blackness came down from all sides, and that reason no longer plays any role, nor anything more worth! No meaningful comments, no one to say what needs to be done to balance the center (because it does not), which is essentially simple! We had not the first nor the last to have had such problems!
    And the question is whether anybody and read this, and how does it say – “never argue with fools because others will not notice a difference” and therefore this needs to stop over! Nobody cares, they know who their who are not, and we do not know or even who our who their, confused by wandering to and fro, neuviđajući the problem. None of the parties to say that if they come to power to stop the further back these loans and will sue the banks that are corrupting politicians gave false credit if it is determined that the value of the works does not match the frenzied amounts that are given – and this game would immediately was over! After all, under international law and debts nenarodnih antinacionalnih regimes do not have to come back and it is clear the risk of banks – even if it passes great, if not, then it …
    That’s it! Come on, regards and Cheers!
    26th novembar 2011th at 23:13
    Mr., each cast. Long ago I read (or heard) something like this really and truly.
  12. Gadafi photo
    Noor Alhoda writes:
    كتيبة (الصقر الأوحد) تستولي بفضل الله سبحانه وتعالي علي كميات كبيرة من الدخيرة
    وقواذف أر بي جي وكلاشنكوف بأعداد معقولة في عملية إستهدفت مزرعة بالهضبة الخضراء
    وتقتل إثنان من عملاء مصراتة.
    اللــــــــــــــــــه أكبر والفاتح أبدا
    Battalion (the only Falcon) capture the grace of God Almighty on the large amounts of Aldkhirh
    And RPG launchers and Kalashnikov in reasonable numbers in the process of targeted farm plateau green
    And kill two of the clients Misurata.
    God is great and the light never
    al-Qathafi strong
    Noor Alhoda writes:
    Gaddafi honest person you rebels said NATO Torghae go to the children you are free, while Idris came out of the sentence, still believed to be slaves must purchase and sale and Wu

    King Idris al-Sanusi
     Allah’s mercy visit to Tripoli in 1968, and during his return by road from Tripoli to Benghazi, he stopped at Torghae and entered a mosque to perform the Maghrib prayer, and coincided with the absence of the Imam of the mosque that day and he does not Torga but from Misurata, After the prayer did not make one of the imam, he asked the king of a presence of the imam and was known in advance proficiency for prayer, said to him, a presence not permissible to pray behind him because he Torga, do you, O King imamate of the audience, it raised eyebrows on the face of His Majesty, the mother is himself to attend, and after the prayer, he asked why he did not permissible to pray behind an imam Torga, came the answer from the audience because the people were kept Torghae slaves fled their masters and not their masters after Iatgahm and as you know, Your Majesty does not covet the prayer behind the slaves.
    Asked the king of four (4) Torgeyen members were among the audience that Aotoh in Benghazi, and among them was the father of Alharia lamp. And by the presence of these four to Benghazi Asfy King group of religious scholars in this problem and asked them a fatwa to free these slaves, and among them Sheikh key Kario, and after several meetings of scientists to the two options (solutions) only two, and the King’s choice of one of them: the first option to search for the King, the master of all Torga and ask him to free a slave and the second option to purchase all the king Altaorgeyen then Batgahm. Given the difficulty of knowing all the masters of all Altaorgeyen and probably the death of many of them and transfer the ownership of slaves Altaorgeyen to the heirs and the difficulty of accounting such heirs, the king chose the second option, and is buying all the people Torghae. King asked the delegation Torghae consisting of four individuals after he came to him in Benghazi to procure all the people Torghae to buy them and of the Iatgahm and gave them a thousand and five hundred (1500) pounds expenses to buy what they need from stationery and others to accomplish their work and received the amount and the father of lamp Alharia .
    Want the umbrella of the Al-Fateh Revolution in 1969, and did not complete inventory of the people Torghae, and this remained Altaorgeyen Heb … To the first visit by the martyr al-Qadhafi to Misurata in the July 9, 1970 m and then went to Torghae and met the father of lamp Alharia, and before an interview this man to Gaddafi told him his son’s lamp does not speak for the amount of 1,500 pounds to Gaddafi, but the father could not silence them and said the full story of Gaddafi, and also stated that he did not spend the amount received by the king in full hailed the survival of part of it with him, replied, Gaddafi said that the remaining “old you”, but for the people of Torghae Vajmahm me now in the arena, and after that was collected Altaorgeyen in the arena Gaddafi came to them and said to them, “Go you are free.”
    And freed them Gaddafi (moral) of the injustice of racial (not slavery) without affront to their dignity and the sale and purchase and other methods Alamthanah to human life, and more accurately, did not free them because no one has the authority to edit or enslave another person, but explained to them that the era of oppression and slavery had ended and that they are free to the coming of Fateh Revolution.
    Transferred from the story when Athuar NATO with an amendment of certain terms
    - Story of a carrier rebels NATO is still believed in the existence of slaves and that the people whom Torghae
    القذافي إنسان شريف يا ثوار الناتو قال لأبناء تاورغاء أذهبوا فأنتم الطلقاء ، بينما خرج أدريس من الحكم وهو ما زال يعتقد بإنهم عبيد يجب شرائهم وبيعهم وووو
    قام الملك إدريس السنوسي رحمه الله بزيارة إلى طرابلس في سنة 1968م, و في أثناء عودته برا من طرابلس إلى بنغازي, عرج على تاورغاء و دخل احد المساجد لأداء صلاة المغرب, و صادف غياب إمام المسجد في ذلك اليوم و هو ليس تاورغي بل من مصراتة, و بعد الأذان لم يتقدم أحد لإمامة المصلين, فطلب الملك من أحد الحضور إمامة المصلين و كان يعرف مسبقا إجادته للصلاة, فقال له أحد الحضور لا تجوز الصلاة وراءه لأنه تاورغي, قم أنت يا جلالة الملك بإمامة الحضور, علت الدهشة على وجه جلالته, وأمّ هو بنفسه الحضور, و بعد الصلاة تساءل عن سبب عدم جواز الصلاة وراء إمام تاورغي, فجاءت الإجابة من الحضور لان أهل تاورغاء عبيد آبقين هربوا من أسيادهم و لم يعتقهم أسيادهم بعد و كما تعرف جلالتك لا تجور الصلاة وراء العبيد.
    طلب الملك من أربع (4) أفراد تاورغيين كانوا من بين الحضور أن يأتوه في بنغازي, و كان من بينهم والد مصباح الشريع. و قبل حضور هؤلاء الأربعة إلى بنغازي استفتى الملك مجموعة من علماء الدين في هذه المشكلة و طلب منهم فتوى لتحرير هؤلاء العبيد, و كان من بينهم الشيخ مفتاح قرّيو, و بعد عدة اجتماعات توصل العلماء إلى خيارين (حلّين) لا ثالث لهما و على جلالته اختيار احدهما: الخيار الأول أن يقوم الملك بالبحث عن سيد كل تاورغي و يطلب منه أن يعتق عبده و الخيار الثاني أن يقوم الملك بشراء جميع التاورغيين ثم يقوم بعتقهم. نظرا لصعوبة معرفة جميع أسياد كل التاورغيين و على الأرجح وفاة الكثير منهم و نقل ملكية عبيدهم التاورغيين إلى الورثة و صعوبة حصر هؤلاء الورثة, اختار الملك الخيار الثاني, و هو شراء جميع أهل تاورغاء. طلب الملك من وفد تاورغاء المكون من الأفراد الأربعة بعد قدومه إليه في بنغازي أن يحصروا جميع أهل تاورغاء ليشتريهم و من تم يعتقهم و أعطاهم ألف و خمسمائة (1500) جنيه مصروفات لشراء ما يلزمهم من قرطاسية و غيرها لانجاز عملهم هذا و استلم المبلغ والد مصباح الشريع.
    يشأ السميع العليم أن تقوم ثورة الفاتح في سنة 1969م و لم يكتمل حصر أهل تاورغاء, و لهذا بقى التاورغيين عب… إلى أول زيارة قام بها الشهيد القذافي إلى مصراتة في 9 يوليو 1970م و بعدها ذهب إلى تاورغاء و التقى بوالد مصباح الشريع, و قبل مقابلة هذا الرجل للقذافي قال له ابنه مصباح لا تتكلم عن مبلغ 1500 جنيه أمام القذافي, و لكن الأب لم يستطع السكوت عليها و ذكر القصة كاملة للقذافي و ذكر أيضا انه لم يصرف المبلغ الذي استلمه من الملك كاملا حيت بقاء جزء منه معه, فرد عليه القذافي قائلا إن المبلغ المتبقي “حلال عليك”, أما بالنسبة لأهل تاورغاء فاجمعهم لي الآن في الساحة, و بعد أن تم تجميع التاورغيين في الساحة جاءهم القذافي و قال لهم “اذهبوا فانتم الطلقاء”.
    وحررهم القذافي (معنوياً )من ظلم العنصريين(وليس العبودية) دون إمتهان لكرامتهم ودون بيع وشراء وغيرها من الأساليب الإمتهانية لحياة الإنسان ، وبالأصح لم يحررهم لإنه لا أحد يملك سلطة تحرير أو إستعباد شخص أخر وإنما وضح لهم إن عصر الظلم والعبودية قد أنتهى وإنهم أحرار بمجيء ثورة الفاتح.
    القصة منقولة من عند اثوار الناتو مع تعديل بعض المصطلحات
    ملاحظات :
    -ناقل القصة أحد ثوار الناتو وهو ما يزال يعتقد بوجود العبيد وإن أهل تاورغاء منهم
    speaking from auto
  13. US brazen-faced to want CIA spy back
    Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:20PM
    Amir Hekmati 1
    Hekmati 2
    Arrested US spy, Amir Hekmati.
    A frame grab obtained from a video aired on the Iranian television on December 18, 2011 shows Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, the CIA spy recently detained in the Islamic Republic.
    A senior Iranian lawmaker says the US government demanding that Iran return the CIA spy, recently arrested by the country’s intelligence agents, is outrageous.
    “The US spy is a criminal and must be tried in Iran for the crime he has committed,” Kazem Jalali said on Wednesday.
    The lawmaker, who is also the spokesman for Iran’s Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, added that US officials have shamelessly sent spies and spy drones into Iran and brazenly says they want their operative and spy drone back.
    Noting that President Barack Obama is in dire conditions, Jalali said, “ The severe economic crisis in the United States and the difficult times ahead of the Democrats in the upcoming presidential election, have prompted them to launch such a immature political propaganda campaign.”
    “How come that the Americans kidnap Iranian citizens and keep them in custody for [many] years, but…when our intelligence forces arrest an American spy, the US president [Barack Obama] says he must be freed?” he asked.
    On Saturday, December 17, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced that it has arrested a CIA spy of Iranian descent, foiling an intricate American plot to carry out espionage activities in the Islamic Republic.
    In a televised confession broadcast on the Iranian television on Sunday night, the US intelligence operative, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, said he joined the US Army in 2001 and underwent decade-long intelligence training.
    He added that he was sent to the US-run Bagram Airbase in eastern Afghanistan and given access to classified intelligence before flying to Tehran.
    Hekmati served with the elite US Marines as an Arabic translator, and travelled to Iran some four months ago, said his father, adding that Amir was born in the State of Arizona in southwestern US and joined the Marines after he receiving his high school diploma.
    On Monday, December 19, the United States demanded that Iran return its captured CIA spy “without delay.”
    US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland added that the US had requested access to Hekmati through the embassy of Switzerland, which maintains a US interest section in Tehran in the absence of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
    “We call on the Iranian government to grant the Swiss protecting power immediate access to him and release (him) without delay,” Nuland told reporters.
    She claimed that the family of the detained US spy first reported his detention in September and that the State Department has offered the relatives consular assistance.
  14. Gadhafi Family
    GADAFI Family: AICHA, Safya, Aileen (Hannibal’s wife), Brother-leader, Saif and Hannibal
    SomaliaSupport2 Libya (news)
    1. Report Libya: Green resistance has hit 3 Fuel trucks leaving Brega and had short clashes near Brega.
    2. report Libya: Qatar Military has declared it will begin Military Mission to secure Saif al islam and Capture his followers.
    3. Report Libya: Source met with green resistance and confirmed message from Moussa ibrahim..he said they are very determined to remove rats
    4. Report Libya: Entire families are in Hospitals as Water has become poisoned by NATO airstrikes on The Great manmade river. many died.
    5. Opinion Libya: baniwalid is simply amazing are now fighting in Tripoli against Militia’s.Chanting pro-Gaddafi songs while fighting criminals
    6. Breaking News Libya: Baniwalid fighters are now fighting in Tripoli against Souq Al juma’a Brigade. Rebels are in high alert.
    7. report Libya: Green resistance of Baniwalid has Fought against Souq al juma’a Brigade…. heavy fighting at Baniwalid over last 2 days.
    8. Report Libya: protests across Libya against Lawlessness and Rape/looting and No electricity or Water and no Money… Winter is very كولد
    9. report Libya: people have no electricity or Water in Middle of Winter… its very cold in Libya… NATO only cares about free عيل

    10. LIBYA: Yesterday, there were great protests in Benghazi, Tripoli, Derna, Tobruk and Misurata against the corrupt #NTC vermin & ريتز
    11. Report Tripoli: according to source..The tripoli port areas and Bab al azziziyah are filled with NATO soldiers…but other areas are militia
    12. Report Libya: Green resistance has hit 3 Fuel trucks leaving Brega and had short clashes near Brega.
    13. Report Libya: Moussa Ibrahim tells source
    “Resistance is growing and people understood the treason and evil of NATO and its mercenaries”
    ‎[Somallia Suport 2]
    1) Report Libya: another day of heavy fighting in Gharyan..Bel haj fighters are rumored to be heading to Gharyan to fight with Green resistance
    2) Report Libya: heavy fighting in Ajelat.. The green resistance fought against the lawless militia groups in ajelat
    3) report Libya: Zintan brigade clashed with Bel haj brigade in Tripoli near Souq Al juma’a neighborhood.
    4) Report Libya: Mass Protests in Zawiyah in support for Saif al Islam. they chanted Allah wa Muamar wa Libya wa bas
    5) Report Libya: Source in benghazi says “life has deteriorated even more.. the militia’s are tyrants..only those that please them get life”
    6) Report Libya: source in benghazi said “we hear alot about Militia’s groups preparing for war.. Against other cities”
    7) Report Libya: Qatar state TV “al jazeera” has been insulting Zintan tribe…calling it “Gaddafi goons”..This is major change in Qatar policy
    8) Report Libya: Main Highway to zawiyah from tripoli was closed for 2 hours due to Militia’s opening fire at each others checkpoints
    9) report Libya: Militia groups Tried to meet in Tripoli. but meeting was canceled as many Groups refused to take part in the talks.
    SAIF AL ISLAM GADHAFI WAS ACQUITTED BY THE TRIBAL COURT OF ZENTEN. Saif Islam Ghadafi is reportedly well and has been walking the streets of Zintan .
    Olive picking
    Olive picking
    Dr. Youcef Shakir on the show Achmea Elwatan of 20 December 2011.
    *spoke at length of General Khalifa Haftar as what is an American agent whose role is to sell to western Libya.
    *Dr. Yusuf Shakir asked Zenten tribes not to leave Libya if Tripoli will be delivered to the West.
    *Dr. Yusuf Shakir Warfala requires tribes to work with tribes to protect and Zenten free Libya.
    *Finally, Dr. Yusuf Shakir asked tribes to contact Zenten syntonize actions. They said that now we are in the same boat.
    Gadhafi and his little Aischa
    This picture shows al-Qathafi with his daughter Aisha, a transistor radio in her lap. Aisha was born in 1976.
  15. Jamahiriya Victory
    В Себхе сейчас идут бои.Мятежники обстреливают гражданские объекты и людей тяжелой артиллерией.Говорят,что видели хаммеры с американскими наемниками.
    Люди на юге очень спокойные и хотят мира,они говорят ,что в Ливии могут спокойно ужиться все ливийцы,какие бы идеи они не защищали.,но туда постоянно вторгаются то мисуратские боевики,то иностранные агрессоры,то зинтанцы.Натовцы постоянно натравляют своих вооруженных наемников против мирных жителей…а потом СМИ говорят про гражданскую войну и столкновениях между ливийцами.Для того,чтобы скрыть,что на самом деле это иностранное вторжение в суверенную страну.
    Поэтому Ливия остается в информационной блокаде.Ведь с самого начала ливийцы стремились к миру и диалогу,они амнистировали взятых в плен мятежников несмотря ни на что,несмот…
    V Sabha are underway boi.Myatezhniki shelled civilian objects and people artilleriey.Govoryat severe that they have seen Hummers with American mercenaries.
    People in the south is very quiet and want peace, they say that Libya can safely get on all Libyans, no matter what they do not protect ideas. But there is always intruding misuratskie militants, foreign aggressors, we are constantly zintantsy.Natovtsy natravlyayut its armed mercenaries against civilians … and then the media is talking about civil war and clashes between liviytsami.Dlya to hide that fact, this foreign invasion of a sovereign country.
    Therefore, Libya remains in the information from the very beginning blokade.Ved Libyans sought peace and dialogue, they are granted amnesty to the rebels taken prisoner in spite of everything, in spite …
  16. power is of God only
    There is no power but from God Himself
    al-Qathafi prays
    22 décembre 13:44
    Ntmenkm Dr. Ali Moussa Ibrahim Maseur
    By the brother martyr Rusaifa today at 1:24
    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim its affairs completely 100% certain, and the words of impeccable and Habayt Ntmenkm
    Source person in touch with Dr. Moussa Ibrahim 
    Our brother-leader lives!
    Nefeli Alfitory 22 décembre 13:44
    نطمنكم علي الدكتور موسى ابراهيم
    من طرف أخ شهيد الرصيفة اليوم في 1:24
    .الدكتور موسى ابراهيم اموره تمام 100% وكلام مؤكد لاغبار عليه وحبيت نطمنكم
    المصدر شخص علي اتصال بالدكتور موسى ابراهيم‬
    » ousted Almnschw transitional snipers using live ammunition against demonstrators in Benghazi
    Today at 14:49 by the public against Arashoukratih
    Today at 14:38 by Megrahah and proud
    » Libya tribute from algeria Kadhafi of Libya Muammar Gaddafi
    Today at 14:31 by Akorah free
    » Yasser greatness – the preacher Hmsh
    Today at 14:22 by Akorah free
    » short confidential document of the State message from the UAE citizens to Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed …..
    Today at 14:13 by front girl
    » Boshnh raise morale
    Today at 14:08 by adiga
    » Shining Pkdel | Erdogan you want? Take him
    Today at 14:05 by adiga
    » Syrian ink will set the new map of the Arab world
    Today at 13:53 by front girl
    » chaos to prove itself in Libya
    Today at 13:53 by Kamal Kamal
    » drawer stand … and other news …?
    Today at 13:24 by front girl
    » Margelov: Libyan authorities ready to continue the implementation of all contracts signed with Russia
    Today at 13:23 by the Arabian Peninsula
    » His Excellency the kings and princes Gulf finish their
    Today at 13:18 by gandopa
    » Ntmenkm Dr. Ali Moussa Ibrahim 
    Today at 13:18 by alien to my home
    » Abu attack by declaring acceptance of representatives of the former rebels in the retaliatory
    Today at 13:16 by the Arabian Peninsula
    » Bouteflika: Algeria affected by its environment, but refuses to return to the experiments conducted decades ago
    Today at 13:14 by Sunrise Shammar
    » contact from Misurata
    Today at 12:13 by Ali Muhammad Abu Bakr
    » Palestine | five Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike
    Today at 12:08 by larbi
    » Libya | former rebels in power will represent the new Libyan
    Today at 12:05 by larbi
    » U.S. expert | Qatar pose a threat to the entire region
    Today at 12:05 by I’m drawer
    » God, Libya and Muammar Obs Dec 21, 2011
    Today at 12:03 by 8090
    Annual Calendar – Great Jamahiriya
    U.S. expert | Qatar pose a threat to the entire region
    Znguetna – Forums Libya Free :: Political Forum :: Forum Breaking News المزيد!
    U.S. expert | Qatar pose a threat to the entire region
    By larbi Today at 12:00
    U.S. expert | Qatar pose a threat to the entire region
    U.S. expert warned the country of the role you are trying to play Qatar in the region
    American support and especially about the crisis, the Syrian and considered that a threat to the region
    Whole, stressing that the project of internationalization of the Syrian crisis will not work because of the Russian position
    And China’s refusal to do so.
    The American journalist Franklin Lamb said in a statement: that the first team of the monitoring team of the Arab League will arrive Thursday to Syria, but the question …
    Great is about the objectivity of the university in the Syrian crisis, believing that history
    Indicates that the University controlled by the rulers, and authoritarian states.
    He noted
    Lamb to the role of Qatar in Libya, which he described as non-reassuring, adding that Qatar
    And Libya, the encyclopedia to send some of their troops and weapons to Syria, noting that some
    Former rebels in Libya, led by Belhadj are now in Turkey with advisers
    He explained that Qatar aspires to play a bigger role in the size of the region
    Benefiting from the support of the United States to extend its control, considering that Qatar is a danger
    For the entire region.
    Lamb said that the Americans and some Arab countries
    Want to internationalize the crisis, the Syrian and the only way to get rid of the system
    Assad is going to the Security Council, but considered that it will fail because of
    Russian and Chinese position, especially after what happened in Libya and the NATO intervention there.
    He added: There are doubts about the possibility that a delegation of observers to his task
    To listen to the parties to the crisis in an objective manner and without any preconceived ideas, and
    Ijmauhm in dialogue, adding that the Arab League has been shown by the capacity of state
    In this area.
    He noted the Lamb, to reject the traitors and agents of the Asmo opponents themselves. Syria (abroad)
    Dialogue with the regime in Damascus, and considered that there are parallels to the situation with Syria
    The Libyan case, saying that NATO would not push for a serious dialogue between the opposition
    And order.
    He ruled out the seriousness of the Arab League to push for a serious dialogue
    Between the regime and the opposition, and whether this dialogue will support the parties
    Bank and especially the United States
    Franklin Lamb
    Qatar pose a threat to the entire region
    By Dr. Franklin Lamb and posted in arabic by I’m drawer today at 12:05
    God is great above the plots of the aggressor
  17. 22 décembre 13:53
    Connection from Misurata
    By the brother martyr Rusaifa today in 2:36
    . Just before two large explosions rock Misurata we thought a few days NATO
    And Gerdan Misurata Mavhmanm end role role Talaan demonstration
    Source connection honest girl free of Misurata
    Oh God, make their plots in Nharham and dissipated respondents and made calamity, including Iaahadd Aasamad Aaferd ‬
    Portrait superb
    ‎(Via SomaliaSupport2 Libya)
    1. Report Libya: Green Resistance of Baniwalid is fighting in Tripoli and also in Baniwalid. They are putting Pressure on Souq juma’a Brigade.
    Доклад Ливии: Зеленое Сопротивление Бани-Валида борется в Триполи, а также в Бани-Валиде. Они оказывают давление на бигады Сук аль Джумы.
    2. Report Libya: heavy fighting in Tripoli at night.. Few shots and clashes are heard overday.. But much of the major fighting is at night.
    Доклад Ливии: Тяжелые бои в Триполи ночью и неесколько выстрелов и столкновений слышны в течении дня, но большая часть основных боевых действий в ночное время.
    3. Report Libya: Source in Tripoli says “we hear every day Gunshots many of them.. we do not always know if its clashes or Looters and at night we hear constant gunfire in many areas..there is always some militia group fighting outside”
    Доклад Ливия: Источник в Триполи сказал: ” Каждый день мы слышим стрельбу и не всегда знаем столкновения ли это или грабежи. Ночью мы слышим постоянную стрельбу во многих областях, всегда есть какие-нибудь группы борющихся боевиков.
    4. Report Libya: Libyan Tribes decided to combat Qatar and its militia’s and also the tribes have officially all Rejected the NTC. We are seeing in action now as Mass protests Spread trough libya against NTC and QATAR
    Доклад Ливии: Ливийские племена решили противостоять Катару и его боевикам, а также, все племена официально отклонили ПНС. Мы видим это в действии сейчас, так как массовые протесты распространяются по Ливии против ПНС и Катара.
    5. Report Libya: Abd Jalil is trying to cut deals with Militia Brigades as he has no Support of any group. Militia Brigades are angry at NTC. Abd Jalil is Trying To patch up relationships with Militia Brigade as many militia’s call for his Removal and now he is Meeting with all Militia brigades and some have rejected his offers. Abd Jalil is afraid since Mass protests in Benghazi and he also meeting with Bel haj AlQaeda brigade and Salabi Alqaeda brigade.
    Доклад Ливии: Абд Джалиль пытается заключить сделки с бригадами боевиков, поскольку он не имеет поддержки какой-либо группы. Бригады боевиков злятся (злы) на ПНС. Абд Джалиль пытается залатать отношения с бригадами боевиков, так как многие из боевиков призывают к его отставке и теперь он встречается со всеми бригадами боевиков, но некоторые отвергли его предложения. Абд Джалиль боится, с тех пор как Массовые протесты охватили Бенгази, а также он встречается с бригадами Бел Хаджа (AlQaeda) и бригадами Салаби (AlQaeda).
    photo shot at conference
    Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi
    bl pic
    Now rats expelled residents of Taorgha area it’s located near Misurata , residents of this area been torturing by rats and some of their sons got killed for the following reasons
    1- they are loyal to Gaddafi
    2- they are Black people ( they consider them mercenaries )
    3- NATO made a film as usual they will bring some families from Syria as Refugees , they will take the houses of Taorgha residents and stay there to show world that many people ran out of Syria because of the Army of Syria killing civilians as the media lies <<< Scenario of Libya will be applied on Syria too .

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