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Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space 4

Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space

  1. Humanitarian War in Libya : There is no evidence ! (Video Investigation)
    Posted on 09 December 2011
    This document makes it possible to understand how international law and justice works, but mostly how its basic principles can be bypassed. The resolutions passed against Lybia are based on various allegations : notably on the statement claiming that Gaddafi had lead jet attacks on his own people and engaged in a violent repression against uprising, killing more than 6000 civilians. These allegations were spread before they could have been verified. Eventhough it was on the basis of this claim that the Lybian Jamahiriya governement was suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council, before being referred to the United Nations Security Council.
    One of the main sources for the claim that Gaddafi was killing his own people is the Libyan League for Human Rights, an organisation linked to the International Federation of Human Rights (the FIDH). On the 21st of February 2011, the General-Secretary of the LLHR, Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir, initiated a petition in collaboration with the organisation UN Watch and the National Endowment for Democracy. This petition was signed by more than 70 NGOs. Then a few days later, on the 25th of February, Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir went to U.N. Human Rights Council in order to expose the allegations concerning the crimes of Gaddafi’s government. In July 2011 we went to Geneva to interview Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir.
  2. Hymn of the Green Army (Video & Song)
    Posted on 09 December 2011
    Stephen Gule
    Libya Liberation Front Frontline News: (1) The Libyan resistance intelligence agents have intercepted the shipment of 80 tanks, cannons and tank cartridges from the port of Misrata, these are used tanks imported by the rats, the origin of the tanks is still unknown, they are planning to use these tanks on attacks in Mizda. The arrival of more than 80 of these tanks in the city of Misrata by rebels is a sign of continues political hegemony, according to the prevailing order now in Libya, Misrata rebels have lost almost every front, political force and attacks, they are trying to regain influence by extending military might, after they have lost the post of defense ministry to Zentan in the new rat government.
    (2) Heavy artillery and sniper fire was exchanged between resistance forces and rebels at Souq Jouma in Tripoli.
    (3) Rebels detained many civilians on the way to Sabha, Zentan rebels have been on hunt for the Gadhadfa tribe. The rebels attacked the houses of the tribe Gadhadfa on a false pretext that, they were searching for weapons, they arrested six civilians and they had stolen goods from people houses on the temporary houses they had controlled. The rebels were immediately counter attacked by a Touareg mobile green resistance battalion and they left the vicinity.
    (4) Tripoli continues to be rocked by explosions day and night, clashes continue in Tripoli, every hour of the day. There are clashes and explosions every where in Souq Jouma, Ajelat, Zuwara and Aziziyah.
    (5) Rebels are threatening to cut every entry and exit to Tripoli, and remove all weapons on the streets, while they are very busy importing newer and more sophisticated weapons into the country.
    Praying with our brother leader
  3. Interview
    Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones
    December 6, 2011 has received a document originating from Halliburton subsidiary KBR that provides details on a push to outfit FEMA and U.S. Army camps around the United States. Entitled “Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,” the document describes services KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. The document was passed on to us by a state government employee who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.
    Services up for bid include catering, temporary fencing and barricades, laundry and medical services, power generation, refuse collection, and other services required for temporary “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the United States.
    Internment Camp Services Bid Arrives After NDAA
    KBR’s call for FEMA camp service bids arrives soon after the Senate overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which permits the military to detain and interrogate supposed domestic terror suspects in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Posse Comitatus.
    Section 1031 of the NDAA bill declares the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allows American citizens to be arrested on U.S. soil and incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay.
    A number of civil liberties groups have come out in strong opposition to the legislation, most notably the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), the nation’s oldest and largest Asian American civil and human rights organization.
    In a letter addressed to Congress, S. Floyd Mori, the national director of JACL, said the NDAA is the first time that Congress has scaled back on the protections provided by the Non-Detention Act of 1971. Mori said the legislation, if enacted and put into use, would be reminiscent of the unconstitutional indefinite detention of Japanese Americans during World War II.
    KBR Instrumental in Establishing Camps in 2006
    In 2006, KBR was awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security, allegedly to support its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency, Market Watch reported.
    The contract was effective immediately and provided for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs, KBR said. The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster, the company explained.
    The 45 regions indicated in the KBR document.
    Army Releases Civilian Inmate Labor Program Document
    Soon after KBR’s announcement, a little-known Army document surfaced. Entitled the “Civilian Inmate Labor Program,” the unclassified document describes in detail Army Regulation 210-35. The regulation, first drafted in 1997, underwent a “rapid act revision” in January 2005 and now provides a policy for the creation of labor programs and prison camps on Army installations.
    National Emergency Centers Act
    In 2009, the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645 was introduced in Congress. It mandates the establishment of “national emergency centers” to be located on military installations for the purpose of providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster,” according to the bill.
    In addition to emergencies, the legislation is designed to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security,” an open ended mandate which many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse, as Paul Joseph Watson noted in January of 2009.
    Also in 2009, the Army National Guard began posting advertisements calling for Internment/Resettlement Specialists, a fact noted by, Prison and other alternative media outlets but ignored by the establishment media.
    Precursor: Rex 84 Mass Detention Operation
    Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was established under the pretext of a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossing the Mexican/US border, the same pretense used in the language of the KBR request for services.
  4. al-Gadhafi Collage:
    falcon (falcon)
    salute (salute)
    green army (Green Army)
    millions (millions)
    full libyan Jamahiriya
    on parade (on Parade)
    green perspective (Green perspective)
    green leader (Green leader)
  5. leader portrait
    Adil Naji writes:
    Look what Rats say.. They aim at causing confusion on resistance on social media
    Facebook pages
    Stephen Gule
    I wonder why on earth they included my tweeter account
    and ofcourse we deny Our brother-leader’s Martyrdom—and how can they pick on our brother-leader’s own voice, of MATHABA !!!
    These are bad people Adil ! It is sick, as we know you, Adil Naji, are 100% pro Jamahiriya Green Resistance! so is Stephen Lendeman, Stephen Gule, and all of us WHO DO NOT WANT SAIF to go to the ICC are also listed????? Nina Westbury is very ILL!” —just as the bottom remark is correct:
    Gamal wrote (correctly):
    09 December 2011 at 6:11 pm
    “I can’t follow your argumentation. I personally think, sending Saif to ICC is best way to end green resistance.
    So supporting this idea, makes no sense to me. No need to explain it more.”
    Adil, I think they are purposely causing an atmosphere of confusion.
    and ofcourse we deny Our brother-leader’s Martyrdom! —and how can this Nina pick on our brother-leader’s own voice of the GREEN CHARTER/ MATHABA !!!
    Nina, is either terribly confused; or she is breeding confusion to the unaware!
    Adil Naji writes:
    I figured.. We need to find out their agenda.. Who are these people?!!
    I do not know those people, but the false “Khamis” mentioned this Alexandria—who is BAD—yes, very bad. He says she is his “source” and he was very bad-mouthed about the Green Charter Committees/ MATHABA—so they cannot really be friendly. They lie to be “green”; IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! Our brother leader is head of the GREEN CHARTER COMMITTEE/MATHABA. To say elesewise, would be paranoia.
    Adil Naji says:
    VIVA GREEN.. My green supporters friends are my world.. Green Libya is my Pandora..Always want to Live there! Brother leader wants us to support the Jamahiriya.. It is the only legitimate body that rules Libya.. Did you know that in almost all of African countries fly green for Libya?! It means Jamahiriya never ceased to exist
    I think their agenda, Adil, is to keep our brother leader, in everyone’s eyes, as really “dead”….even though we know better. I think they want all Gadhafis as dead!
    So, their greater agenda is the subjegation of the JAMAHIRIYA—that it does not become triumphant anywhere. NWO
  6. Libye – Les tribus de Warfala donnent un ultimatum 24 heurs au CNT et chef de gouvernement (09 décembre 2011)
    Publié le 09/12/2011 à 00:39 – 1003 visites
    Source : ALGERIA ISP
    ALGERIA ISP / Un communiqué des Tribus de Warfala au sujet de l’enlèvement du Colonel Miftah Mohammad Bahr
    et Bahr Mohammed Bahr, par les bandes de rebelles de Souk Jomoa de Tripoli.
    Ils déclarent : Les jeunes de Bani Walid ont tenus une réunion d’urgence aujourd’hui traitant les répercussions de l’enlèvement des deux mentionnés ci-dessus. Ils ont confirmé qu’ils donneront au CNT, 24 heures pour la libération immédiate des otages, et les tribus de Warfala ont suivi toutes les voies légales pour la libération de leurs fils, où il a été informé Mustafa Abdel Jalil (n° du CNT) et Abdel Rahim El-Kib (Chef du gouvernement) à ce sujet et pour voir ce qu’ils peuvent faire..
    Dans le cas la fin de l’ultimatum sans la libération de ces otages, ils vont appelés toutes les tribus de Warfala à travers la Libye pour mener la bataille décisive contre ceux qui touchent les fils de la tribu.
    Ils demandent à toutes les tribus de Warfala dans la Libye entière de contacter les responsables de Warfala à Bani Walid pour se préparer à la bataille si le CNT et le gouvernement ne feront rien dans les 24 heures.
    Libya – The tribes of Warfala give an ultimatum of 24 hours CNT and head of government (December 9, 2011)
    Posted on 09/12/2011 at 00:39 – 1004 visits
    Source: ALGERIA ISP
    ALGERIA ISP / A release of Tribes Warfala about the kidnapping of Colonel Mohammad Bahr Miftah and his son by bands of rebels Jomo Souk in Tripoli.
    They say: Young people in Bani Walid have held an emergency meeting today dealing with the impact of the removal of the two mentioned above. They confirmed that they will give the TNC, 24 hours for the immediate release of hostages; and, the tribes of Warfala have followed all legal avenues for the release of his son. Where-to, he has informed Mustafa Abdel Jalil (N°2 of the TNC ) and Abdel Rahim El-Kieb (Head of government) about it, to see what they can do ..
    If the end of the ultimatum, they do not release of the hostages, they have called all the tribes of Warfala throughout Libya, to fight the decisive battle against those that kidnapped the colonel and the son of the tribe.
    They ask all the tribes of Libya Warfala to be in full contact with officials in Bani Walid Warfala, to prepare for the battle if the TNC and the government will do nothing within 24 hours.
  7. John Swinton, the doyen of the New York press corps, upon his retirement, made the following speech:
    “There is no such thing, at this stage of the world’s history in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dare write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my papers, before twenty four hours, my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting of an independent press? We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” I do understand that you have to eat like all of us and therefore must keep your mouth shut. You are Jewish and so am I. (Sephardic).
    For the sake of truth, I will give you here another side to the Libyan story. Just imagine a country where there is no electricity bill. Electricity is free to all its citizens. There is no interest on loans; banks were state owned and loans given at zero percent interest by law. Having a home was considered a human right. All newlyweds received US$ 50 000 from the govt to buy their first apartment and to help them start a family. Education and medical treatments were free. Before Gaddafi, 25% of the population were literate. Today this figure is 83 percent. Should Libyans want to take up farming, they would receive land, a farmhouse, equipments, seeds and livestock to kick start their operation, absolutely free of charge. If citizens could not find the education or medical facilities they needed, the govt would fund them to go abroad, free of charge, and would get some US$2,300 per month for accommodation and car allowance. Cars were government subsidised to the tune of 50%. Fuel prices were $0.14 per litter. The country had no external debt and its reserves amounted to some $170 billion, now frozen globally plus some 27 tons of gold, which the new regime found safely in the National Bank. Any graduate unable to find a job would get the average salary for the profession, as if he/she was employed, until employment found. A portion of oil sales were credited once a year to every citizen bank account. A mother who gave birth, immediately got some $5000. Forty loaves of bread cost $0.15. 25% of citizens have a university degree. An immense project bringing water from aquifers in the south made it available all over the country, free of charge.
    That is what that “tyrant” Gaddafi gave to his people. There are some 150 tribes in Libya and a strong hand was necessary if the country was to remain in one piece. Every citizen was in possession of a military weapon. Gaddafi was not frightened of his own people. The so called rebels, who took over, so we are told, would not have lasted a few days without Nato air power, British and French commandos and thousands of mercenaries. Those are the winners.
    Now another Karzai has been installed in Tripoli, and the country can be plundered at the victors’ whim and fancy. It takes $1 to extract a barrel of Libyan oil and today’s price is over $100. Total the French company has already grabbed some 30% of the Libyan state oil company. BP is starting exploration. And of course massive contracts for the reconstruction of Libya will be handed over to US and European companies. Of the sovereign fund, only some 1.2 billion have been released out of the $170 billion. With the state of the European economy, I doubt very much if Libya will see the rest any time soon. Now Libyans are free as you say, but as Janice Joplin used to say freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose, as Libyan queuing for funds at their bank’s door are finding out. Gaddafi is gone (UNTRUE) and so are the perks.
    What is real is that the JAMAHIRIYA has been temporailly “squished” by the USA/NATO
    What will be left is a terrible civil war.
    (NOOOO what is going on is a Green Resistance movement against the American Puppet TNC Government.)
    The price of democracy!
    “It is the joyous jiggling dance Americans do –USA! USA!- when their government slaughters someone illegally. It is primitive, but it is positively Libyan”. Wrong. It is positively American! Just saw a movie on the training of the US Army before going to Iraq. Soldiers running and singing:”Kill the women! Kill the children! “Then we are shown the results when civilians are gunned down in the streets by those braves. All on film. When they come back home, realising what they have done, they just commit suicide! These are ordinary Sunday soldiers with families.
    We can hide the truth with prison sentences, but the truth eventually come through, and unfortunately for us we cannot plug the dyke any longer.
  8. Dr.Moussa Ibrahim Mansour and his child:
    Moussa & Child
    photo by Erada Ensura
    Moussa and baby
    Moussa in Sirte with others as NATO bombed it to smithereens
    He almost did not make it home to his wife, and 2 children.
    Moussa Ibrahim apparait de Dans la photo de Elsgher Abdallah Mansour . – avec Ali Othman Mansor Daw et Autres PERSONNES dix-sept .
    and here is an old picture of al-SAADI al-Qathafi
  9. fearless
    Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi
  10. Gaddafi and Libya: a young American’s rant – Gheddafi e la Libia: dichiarazioni di un giovane americano (Eng-Ita) +2 Video
    Posted on 10 December 2011
    Aicha, Mout and Muammar
    Gaddafi and Libya: a young American’s rant
    A young American speaks out against the Western war on Libya and the mainstream media which portrayed Gaddafi as a cruel dictator who was “killing his own people”.
    After having read the Green Book, he wonders why people are even calling Gaddafi a dictator as Gaddafi didn’t have any real power because he gave all power to the people and also made Libya the most prosperous African Nation.
    He notices that the NATO-rebels are “nothing but animals” and that they are still killing Libyan people every day, especially black Libyans, and concludes that “Gaddafi made the ‘democracy’ of the United States look like a big fat joke.”
    About the videos below he said: “I just want people to understand that not everyone outside of North Africa or the Middle East is ignorant to what’s going on right now. As an American, not at all do I approve of the horrible, inhumane activities that NATO has sponsored to these rebels.”
    Original Font by
  11. archive
    crowned King
    by Johniain Iain Mellon
  12.  brother leader
    and also attacked SYRIA!
    William Mount
    Dec 8th 2011
    Yesterday, 7 Dec 2011, two military bases were attacked from the air by the US Air Force using 2 modified TRB-3s firing a magnetic blast from 180 miles up at these Iranian Military Bases.
    These TRB-3s were launched out of Edwards Air Force Base earlier in the day and given the mission in flight.
    All Iranian Personnel were killed, including Hassan Moghadam, head of the Iranian ICBM program. Over 400 ICBM’s were destroyed.
    The state of Iran was at peace with the United States at the time. This was an unprovoked attack that has led to the deaths of hundred’s of both Iranians and Russian military personnel.
    The attack was ordered by Leon Panetti.
    This attack was an Act of War by the United States and it’s owners, the IMF (See 22USC286, 5USC105, Senate Report 93-549) located in London.
    Last night forces paid by the IMF attacked the nation of Syria in an unprovoked attack killing Syrian Citizens and Syrian Military personnel.
    To what extent the the Eastern Block will respond to this unprovoked attack remains to be seen.
    Thus, in accordance with both International Law and UN regulations, a a State of War now exists between the United States & England against the rest of the 192 other states within the United Nations.
    Honorable Grace
    Dr William B. Mount
    Knight of Malta
    Cpt (Ret) USA
  13. Gaddafi quotes: in his own words -
    By Dan Silver 20/10/2011
    Colonel Gaddafi (Pic: Reuters)
    Here are 20 of his most striking soundbytes taking in America, Islam, terrorism, democracy and the evils of Coca Cola and Pepsi.
    1) Your armed forces have toppled the reactionary, backward and corrupt regime. With one strike your heroic army has toppled idols and destroyed them in one of Providence’s fateful moments. As of now Libya shall be free and sovereign, a republic under the name of the Libyan Arab Republic. No oppressed or deceived or wronged, no master and no slave; but free brothers in a society over which, God willing, shall flutter the banner of brotherhood and equality. And thus shall we build glory, revive heritage and avenge a wounded dignity. Sons of the Bedouins, sons of the desert, sons of the ancient cities, sons of the countryside, sons of the villages, the hour of work has struck and so let us forge ahead.
    Radio broadcast from Benghazi (1 September 1969)
    2) Nothing would please me more, but who else would pump the oil that we need? God damn America.
    Response to a question on expelling Americans from Libya (March 1973)
    3) Man’s freedom is lacking if somebody else controls what he needs, for need may result in man’s enslavement of man.
    The Green Book (1975)
    4) Why should we be closer to the Soviets? Because the Americans have challenged us. America is involved in a conspiracy [against the Arab world], primarily because of its policy toward Israel. In our view, whoever is against the Americans stands with us. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.
    Time (9 April 1979)
    5) Israel is a colonialist-imperialist phenomenon. There is no such thing as an Israeli people. Before 1948, world geography knew of no state such as Israel. Israel is the result of an invasion, of aggression.
    Time (9 April 1979)
    6) We believe America is practicing all kinds of terrorism against Libya. Even the accusation that we are involved in terrorism is in itself an act of terrorism.
    Time (8 June 1981)
    7) When I met Nasser, he said to me, “I see myself when I was young in you. You are the future for the Arab revolution.” This meant very, very much to me.
    The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)
    8) Lincoln was a man who created himself from nothing without any help from outside or other people. I followed his struggles. I see certain similarities between him and me.
    The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)
    9) Americans are good people. They have no aggressions against us and they like us as we like them. They must know I don’t hate them. I love them.… I hear it is a complex society inside. Many Americans don’t know about the outside world. The majority have no concern and no information about other people. They could not even find Africa on a map. I think Americans are good, but America will be taken over and destroyed from the inside by the Zionist lobby. The Americans do not see this. They are getting decadent. Zionists will use this to destroy them.
    The Pittsburgh Press (3 August 1986)
    (N° 10–Is a total mistranslation and an UNTRUTH–so I deleted it—because al-Gadhafi never said it as it was published in this article)
    Speech to the women of Sabha, October 4 2003; cited in
    11) There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet.
    Video lecture at Columbia University (23 March 2006)
    12) We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.
    Speech (10 April 2006)
    13) There is only one religion which is Islam after Mohammed.… All those believers who do not follow Islam are losers.
    Sermon to a prayer meeting in Niger (30 March 2007)
    14) Whenever I ask about Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola, people immediately say it is an American or European drink. This is not true. The kola is African. They have taken the cheap raw material from us. They produced it, they made it into a drink, and they sell it to us for a high price. Why are Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola expensive? Because they have taken our kola, produced it, and sold it back to us. We should produce it ourselves and sell it to them.
    Speech in Conakry, Guinea (25 June 2007)
    15) The black people’s struggle has vanquished racism. It was God who created colour. Today Obama, a son of Kenya, a son of Africa, has made it in the United States of America.
    Closing remarks at the African Union summit (4 February 2009)
    16) [Somali maritime violence] is a response to greedy Western nations, who invade and exploit Somalia’s water resources illegally. It is not a piracy, it is self defence. It is defending the Somalia children’s food.
    Remarks at African Union headquarters (5 February 2009)
    17) I am an international leader, the dean of the Arab rulers, the king of kings of Africa and the imam of Muslims, and my international status does not allow me to descend to a lower level.
    Remarks after insulting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and having his microphone cut (30 March 2009)
    18) I am not going to leave this land. I will die as a martyr at the end. I shall remain, defiant. Muammar is Leader of the Revolution until the end of time.
    Televised address to the nation (22 February 2011)
    19) We will fight in every valley, in every street, in every oasis, and every town. We won’t surrender again; we are not women; we will keep fighting.
    Audio message broadcast on the pro-Gaddafi Syrian Al Rai TV on 1 September 2011
    20) I call on the Libyan people, men and women, to go out into the squares and the streets in all the cities in their millions. … Go peacefully… be courageous, rise up, go to the streets, raise our green flags to the skies. … Don’t be afraid of anyone. You are the people. You have right on your side. You are the rightful people of this land.
    Audio message broadcast on the pro-Gaddafi Syrian Al Rai TV on 20 September 2011
  14. ← Towards New Cold War: “The New World Order to be built on the Wreckage of Russia”.
    Posted on 11 December 2011
    Shortcut through the Propaganda Matrix.
    Cutting through the matrix of propaganda and spin, there is no doubt that the support of terrorist organizations in Libya, the import of foreign fighters from Mazar E-Sharif, the NATO, Qatari and other allied Special forces on the ground in Libya, the bombing of infrastructure, the bombing of civilians, the internal displacement of tens of thousands of Libyans, the ethnic cleansing and massacres on most probably over 20.000 black Libyans all constitute blatant war crimes. Objectively, a civilized world community would have to demand that NATO and NATO allied political and military leaders were charged with the most serious crimes known to mankind, faced war crimes tribunals, received a fair and transparent trial, and were sentenced according to their deeds.
    Cutting through the matrix of propaganda, there is no doubt that the NATO countries support terrorist organizations that are operating inside Syria. Terrorist organizations that are financed, trained, and materially as well as logistically supported by NATO countries. Objectively, and legally NATO and NATO-Allied political and military leaders ought to be charged and tried for support of terrorist organizations, crime against the peace, and a number of other charges.A covert or undeclared war does not lend legitimacy to it. On the contrary, an undeclared war is utterly illegal.
    December 2011. The Congress of the Conservative Party in the USA. Party members and want to be presidential candidates are openly discussing war against foreign, sovereign countries, including Syria and Iran. It is openly discussed and agreed upon, that the United States of America should begin to assassinate Russian and Iranian Scientists.
    Not even the National Socialists would ever have openly, for the entire world to witness, discussed the assassination of Russian, English or American scientists. Not even the National Socialists in Germany would have openly declared that they perceive it as their right and privilege to assassinate the head of state of foreign nations.
    There is something that has gone terribly awry with the self perception of US-Americans, and it is by far the factor that is the greatest contributor to the present situation. Citizens of the USA and allied nations ought to ask them selves the question whether they want to allow their elected and unelected leaders to initiate a war that very well could be “the war to end all wars”. Not because there will be won a final victory, but because it is very unlikely that there will be anyone who will be able to fight a war after it has ended.
    Some of the questions that urgently need to be answered are: “Is my government providing freedom and security, or is my government cooperating with terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group who murdered numerous US Soldiers in Iraq. Is it dangerous that Senator John McCain, who spent five years under the control of some of the Soviet Unions most prominent mind control experts is chairing the Armed Services Committee ? Is it ok that there exists a presidential order that allows us to murder the heads of state of sovereign nations ? Is it acceptable that Zbigniev Brzezinski, whose declared goal it is to manipulate the USA into a nuclear conflict with Russia is one of the closest advisors to my countries President. Would I protest if Russia would finance riots in Washington ? Would I demand that Russia stops interfering into the internal affairs of the USA ? Can it stand that my government has been permanently involved in wars of aggression, state coups, torture, murder, kidnappings, drug running, money laundering, and just about any evil one possibly can perceive ? ” Then ask yourselves, what has gone awry ? Why is it that we generally perceive ourselves as guardians of freedom and democracy, while our national police forces become ever more militarized, while we have fascist laws like the Patriot Act, and while the greater part of the world population perceives us as exactly the evil that we are claiming to deplore ? Why is that so ? What am I going to do about it ?
    Only a few days ago an ABC interview with the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al-Assad was aired. Subsequent to airing the interview, Bashar Al-Assad was denounced as being “absolutely detached from reality”. Now, what is reality ? Is reality the war preparing propaganda that has been aired about Syria over the last eight months ?
    Like his father, President Bashar Al-Assad is an extremely intelligent, well-informed, well-educated, well-mannered, and extremely competent statesman. His statements about the ongoing covert war against Syria were, objectively, the greatest possible understatement. While referring to ” some criminal elements, some people with ties to foreign countries, some drug smugglers, some extremists and armed gangs” Al-Assad offered the USA an olive branch of peace. Syria is not interested in a conflict with the USA, and not because it could not defend itself.
    Had President Bashar Al-Assad spoken frankly to ABC and the world, he could have said something like: ” Led by the USA, NATO special operations teams have operated inside Syria for months. Our intelligence services have evidence for these operations having been actively prepared for over ten months. NATO is arming and financing Muslim Brotherhood fighters from NATO bases in Turkey. Saudi Lebanese citizen and former Lebanese PM Hariri is implicated in drug and arms running operations and support of armed gangs that are led by NATO inside Syria. Our Intelligence Services have evidence for the fact that the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry has deployed Al Qaeda´s Omar Brigade to Syria. The Omar Brigade is Al Qaeda´s assassination expert team, which has previously operated in Iraq to assassinate Iraqi political and military leaders that were not supportive of the US Occupation of Iraq. There is something that has gone terribly awry with the self perception of US American citizens, and this state of affairs is dangerous.
    The Time is Now.
    US-American citizens could ask them selves the question: “How would I perceive it, if Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov said, that the citizens of New York and Washington should turn the occupy protests into an US Spring and topple the US Government” ? So why is it then ok, that McCain openly asks the citizens of Moscow to topple their government.
    Ask yourselves, if science is made by testing hypothesis or by proclamation. The political science of Hillary Clinton, when claiming that the Russian election was a “fraud” is political science by proclamation, because evidence she has non. Do you think for a moment that she would withhold evidence of election fraud from the public if she had any ?
    Let´s face it. For any US-American elected or not elected leader who wants to continue the expansion of US hegemony by means of covert and overt illegal war, by assassination, by murder and ma-ham, a Russian President of the caliber of Vladimir Putin is the worst case scenario. One might have appreciated a second Yeltsin who strip sold Russian assets rather than a Putin who increased the GNP of Russia by some hundred percent. One might have wished for a second Medvedjev, who knew his place and tried to appease the Bully with the Bombs.
    Another Putin is just about the best that could happen for preserving Russian integrity, and Russian integrity is implicit of it´s alliance with Syria and Iran. The world is in a state of extreme crisis. US-Citizens need to ask them selves the question if they want to allow the likes of Brzezinski, who has openly stated that he desires a nuclear conflict with Russia, to run your country.
    Sorry. As much as the rest of the world would like to help you decent American People to bring your house in order, but contrary to your own government, we do not consider it our right nor privilege to interfere into your nations internal affairs. This one, you have to solve on your own. Believe me, when you begin doing so, you will have the support of every peace-loving citizen of this world. You could begin by asking your selves if your current self perception, as person, as nation, as member of a peaceful international community is coherent with reality, and if not, how to right that which has gone so terribly awry.
    Dr. Christof Lehmann
  15. Our Leader and guide
    What the MSM is saying, is not true. The Jamahiriyaya is the baby creation of the marvelous Muammar al Gadhafi. With God’s help, he was enabled to precisely describe the proper and right way for mankind to live, achieve justice and happiness. But one cannot throw away the creator totally and keep the baby alive. Reverence for the creator of the Jamahiriya System /The Third Universal Theory is not only respectful, but reveals an acute understanding of God’s plan for man on earth. Certainly physical death is not the end. It cannot be.
    But also one must remember, decency, morality and truth have to prevail. One cannot expound upon a way of living and then falsely die in a fake “death”. That is against all honesty . Truth then no longer prevails. Gadhafi LIVES; and he did not fake his death. The culprit is Hillary Clinton. People are impatient for what is only right and decent. They rather be content with a fabricated lie !
    GOD IS SUPREME; and our brother leader would be the first to tell you that. His whole life and existence has been in serviance to the Almighty God. He himself said he was sometimes embarrased with all the photos of him everywhere.
    Still, we must remember the people love him dearly…and in this age, when people love someone, they carry and posts pictures of that loved one. We are NEVER to worship Muammar al-Gadhafi, but we love and honor him for what he gave and is giving to us through God’s help and assistance. Only with God can marvels such as the Third Universal Theory be fruitful.
    The war is far from over. The Psy-Ops of Hillary Clinton only wants you to think it is. The world presently is living a life of virtual reality for themselves and the bulk of humanity. This is a vast clous, or a dense FOG. The FOG is a veil; and eventually the fog will lift off the veil and the truth will be there Plain, simple and blatently. The world is at war. It is a war for humanity and truth. Truth eventually will prevail.
    I suppose my love for Muammar al Qathafi is so strong, that blindly others who do not feel this, are jealous: because they cannot conceive of such an admiration and pure love!.
    There are no feelings of hate for these individuals—just grave disappointment in them.
    How can one discard the producer of The Third Universal Theory? It would be like Americans condeming James Madison because he is dead! Or Corsicans, our Pasquale Paoli…But no, Pasquale Paoli is revered and so is Madison in the USA.
    Our brother leader lives. Follow & JOIN his Green Charter movement. The GREEN CHARTER COMMITTEE/MATHABA is his voice, particularly now that the Jamahiriya is under siege.
  16. Aicha & Muammar
    Aicha and daddy 2
    Ofcourse, I agree–but about the MOLE—I have to admit that our brother leader had it surgically REMOVED a few years back by a plastic surgeon, at the advice of his Ukranian nurses…So the Mole must be left out of the “evidence”—which really is not necessary to prove that he llives anyway!
  17. banner
    Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey:
    “Obama is a fraud, Hillary is the snake in the woodpile.” and “…See Hillary, spit in the wind and…and Obama, you should be ashamed of yourself.”
    Those two lines say it all—THANKS Timothy!
    Muammar and Safya, newleyweds
    dashing in white
    Muammar, HOLY IMAM Scribe:
    holy scribe
  18. Recently, a newer version of our brother leader’s 2009 UN Speech has supposedly come online; but here in “FRANCE” (I AM IN CORSICA, not actually “FRANCE”) it is inaccessable”.
    Still one can go to the older version:
    and happily view the complete entire, original speech.
    or to this you-tube page:

    The newer version is censored;

    Cette vidéo inclut du contenu de Reuters, qui l’a bloqué dans votre pays pour des raisons de droits d’auteur.
    Opération impossible
  19. regae
    08 December 2011
    in the conference hall of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, held a round table discussion on “The Libyan conflict and international law.” In the West, more and louder voices about the justification for harsh methods of the Western coalition that led to the political, social and humanitarian crisis in Libya. Even in the leading circles of the United Nations debated the question of the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, which effectively opened the way for NATO military action against Libya was a mistake. table
    Resolution 1973 has come under increasing criticism not only by some Muslim countries, Russia and China, but Western experts. Her opponents have questioned the validity of Resolution 1973 and UN accused of complicity in the NATO operation, which led to massive casualties among the Libyan population and serious material damage. Their arguments for a violation of international law, the Western countries and an abuse of authority, defined the framework of resolution 1973, explicitly require a full analysis. It has been suggested that the leadership and the UN and international community have been deliberately misled by certain quarters.
    Russia and many other subjects of international law with great skepticism belong to such a free flow of Western politicians and interpretation of international law, and insist on a thorough study of the issue and avoid a repetition of “Libyan scenario.” Russia and other countries have repeatedly made efforts in the Libyan conflict in order to achieve a political settlement and stop the senseless bloodshed. These efforts and the efforts of the African Union, and did not find support in the UN administration.
    Events in Libya was truly serious test of relations not only between Russia and NATO and the West, but the entire system of international relations and obligations guaranteed by the United Nations should act.
    Even today, it became clear that the UN Security Council will need to establish a special commission to investigate the circumstances under which a draft resolution of UN Security Council in 1973.
    Negative, “the Libyan experience” relevant today not only because the territory of the North African states still do not cease guns and killing innocent people, but also because the West refuses to learn the sad lesson of the Libyan, and not averse to uphold the principles of democracy cost tens of thousands of lives of inhabitants of Syria and Iran.
    These and many other issues discussed the distinguished guests of the Institute – recognized by practitioners and theorists of international law, among whom were the former head of the French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas (Roland Dumas), professor of philosophy at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and president of International Progress Hans Koechler Organisation (Hans Köchler), professor of the Kazan Academy of Management Alexander Mezyaev and Professor of Philosophy of International Law, University of Hamburg (Germany), Reinhard Merkel (Reinhard Merkel).
    Round Table was chaired by and with the active participation of President of IDS Natalia Narochnitskaya.
    At the end of the keynote speakers presentations a lively discussion, which was attended by General Henri Paris (Henri Paris), first secretary of the Russian embassy in France, Alexander Marchenko, the press attache of the Russian embassy Sergey Parinov, representatives of diplomatic missions in Paris, journalists, public figures in France and North African countries.
    Photo Gallery:
    Regae song for Gadhafi:
  20. lion of Africa
    General Khamis (center) and Dr. Moutassem to his right
    General Khamis (center) and Dr. Moutassem al-Billah (now deceased) is to his right” /> and Aischa’s late husband, Ehmaid/Ahmed, is to his left
    Libya and the Infamy of Freedom and Democracy
    Posted on 12 December 2011 by Christof Lehmann
    The scholar on the other side of the phone left Libya for Algeria for the phone conversation with nsnbc and still he is muffling his voice. “Why have I been so stupid” he says blaming himself for having joined the initial anti government protests in Libya. “We were blinded by a well organized propaganda machine, blinded by our greed and envy of the neighbor who had a little more than we had, blinded by the belief that Democracy meant even more freedom and justice than what we already had. We were so indoctrinated by Western Propaganda that we tended to believe that being European was something special, something privileged, something we wanted to be. As if importing the failures of the socioeconomic and political model that was collapsing in Europe would bring us freedom and prosperity. This was the dumbest case of African and Arab self-destruction”.
    The mere fact that this well-educated and brave man, who was one of the first civilians to fight the Libyan government when the Libyan Spring turned violent was traveling from Tripoli to Algiers to talk on the phone from a hotel room which he rented under an alias tells me that the singing tomorrows of a democratic Libya have turned into a nightmare; but then, knowing that thousands of black Libyans and migrant workers have been butchered, women beheaded for refusing to bow under the gun of religious fanatics, the self blame and self-pity of the caller is not a surprise but symptomatic for what the harbingers of Democracy and Freedom have in store for all new colonies that fail to resist the wolves pack of Imperialism.
    I don´t even have to travel to Libya to know that it will remind me about my time in Beirut in 1982. I know it will be the same stench, the same eyes that avoid contact to any stranger or any neighbor whom one has not learned to trust, the same muffled conversations and the same explosions of temperament, the same laughter and love, romance, tragedy, death and birth.
    Birth. What will be waiting for the natal wards, the pediatric wards, the desperate mothers and fathers will be increasing birth rates of children which deformities can be everything from subtle, to rendering the new-born unrecognizable as human being. The birth of the new colony Libya, the paradise of Democracy and Freedom will become haunted by the ghosts of Depleted Uranium.
    Saif Al-Islam is reportedly stuck, captured by the Zintan brigades. The Zintan brigades refuse to surrender him to Tripoli fearing for the life of the man whom they not so long ago wanted rather dead than alive. In all it´s grotesque misery and betrayal, their reasoning and acts are a hundredfold more honorable than the reasoning and acts of those who need to be brought to justice for the countless war crimes that have been committed against Libya and it´s people.
    The butcher of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, notorious professional murderer Abdelhakim Belhadj has survived yet one more CIA and MI6 sponsored campaign. So far, it seems, he is more worth alive than dead for his handlers and the war criminals behind them. And would one be surprised.
    After all, Abdelhakim Belhadj has now the honor to train, arm and organize yet another liberation, and this time Syria is in the cross-hairs of unadulterated evil. It brings back memories of Beirut, 1982. The stench, the evading eyes, the smell of cordite and blood, the ID card killings, Sabra and Shatila. And those in Beirut who cooperate with unadulterated evil can hardly wait before the butchering also can begin in Syria. Said Hariri has smuggled arms into Syria for months and most probably made a handsome sum of money on top of the some hundred billion Dollars he is good for. Money does not smell bad, lest it has been passing through the hands of his likes.
    Have you ever seen a pregnant woman cut open by shrapnel and her unborn baby cut in halves. I have, and I would not wish the sight on my worst enemy. War is murder. Grotesque, unadulterated evil. There is nothing honorable about it, ever, not even if you have earned your Purple Heart for murdering from the comfort of a Stealth Bomber. You need to come down and see what war is like because you have never seen war.
    The war in Libya is not over. Grossly under reported by a vulture like mass media that already circles above the next possible carcass, Syria, it neglects to report that the resistance in Libya is far from broken. Politicians who believe their own lies may believe that Syria will be a push over, others who are more wise and well-informed calculate how much they can gain on a protracted regional war. That is the unmasked face of Democracy and Freedom, the promised land that never ceases to be drowned in the blood of the innocent.
  21. What WAS defiance:
    old clips:
    18 JUNE 2007:
    01/02 NOV 2008:

    vision of al-Gadhafi
    al-Gadhafi had a vision: It will yet come to fulfillment
    miracle in the desert:
    Will they be able to make again a template; so that the sections can be repaired? –or will NATO/USA purposely forbid this from re-occuring?
    OH nooooo: The Drone Wars!
    France in partnership with the United States installed a French military base in southern Libya and specifically in the city of Al Gathroune to control the Sahara and the Maghreb United.
    Al Mukawama.V Sahara, south of the city-oasis Katrun, located 1,000 kilometers south of Tripoli, the Americans with the French have placed their base of unmanned spy planes (drones) to control the revolutionary anti-imperialist movement in the Arab Maghreb and African Sahele.
    Libya, which is occupied by NATO and Qatar, has turned the region into a military base and source of threat, instability, spying and provocations against the peoples of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan and Mali. Libyan Resistance forces which are loyal to the Jamahiriya, have the Tuareg and Tubu, the National people’s Army Algeria also fighting with them. Razumeetsya objects, these drones will not be used to monitor al-Qaeda, because al-Qaeda is-an ally of the U.S. which wants to strengthen the pro-imperialist regione. U.S.Pentagon has created regimes in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan, and to weaken the regimes in Mali, Algeria and Niger.
    U.S. drones secret base in the south of Libya
    12 December 2011
    To the south of the oasis town of Katroun located a thousand kilometers from Tripoli in the Sahara desert, Americans seconded by the French have set up a base of unmanned spy planes called drones to be closely monitored anti-imperialist revolutionary movements active in the Arab Maghreb region and the African Sahel. Libya, now occupied by NATO and Qatar has become a military threat, destabilization, espionage and provocation against the people of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan and Mauritania. Libyan forces loyal to the Libyan, Tuareg and Toubou tribes, the Algerian Popular National Army are the main targets of espionage. By no means is true that these drones are intended to control the terrorist groups Al Qaeda; but are really a force of their alliance in the region. The Pentagon wants to consolidate power in the pro-imperialist regimes of Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and destabilizing Mali, Algeria and Niger.
    The MQ-9 ‘s Role is solely that of an Unmanned combat air vehicle !
    Up to 14 AGM-114 Hellfire air to ground missiles can be carried or four Hellfire missiles and two 500 lb (230 kg) GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bombs. The 500 lb (230 kg) GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) can also be carried. Testing is underway to support the operation of the AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missile.
    Reported above, and I repeat:
    France in partnership with the United States installed a French military base in southern Libya and specifically in the city of Al Gathroune to control the Sahara and the Maghreb United.
    Al Mukawama.V Sahara, south of the city-oasis Katrun, located 1,000 kilometers south of Tripoli, the Americans with the French have placed the base of unmanned spy planes (drones) to control the revolutionary anti-imperialist movement in the Arab Maghreb and African Sahele.
    Libya, occupied by NATO and Qatar, has become a military threat, destabilization, espionage and provocation against the people of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Mali, Sudan and Mauritania. Libyan forces loyal to the Libyan, Tuareg and Toubou tribes, the Algerian Popular National Army are the main targets of espionage. By no means is true that these drones are intended to control the terrorist groups Al Qaeda. Al-Qaeda are a force of American/NATO ally in the region. The Pentagon wants to consolidate power in the pro-imperialist regimes of Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and destabilizing Mali, Algeria and Niger.
    what our brother leader stripped in 1971, they had the nerve to return!!! may the Green resistance destroy this base completely. It does NOT belong there in any manner!
    Secret US-French drone base in Libya?
    Posted on 15 December 2011
    The website Algeria ISP reports (citing unnamed “Arab” sources) Dec. 11 that the US and France have jointly established a secret drone base in the Libyan desert, near the area of Katroune. Craft from the secret base are allegedly flying missions to Niger, Mali and Mauritania, with the ostensible objective of seeking out Saharan arms trafficking networks of al-Qeada in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).
    Algeria has reportedly refused to allow the drones to fly through its territory.
    The NATO military mission in Libya, dubbed Operation Unified Protector, officially ended Oct. 31, after nearly 10,000 bombing runs.
    But on Dec. 3, the UN Security Council unanimously voted up a resolution drafted by the US and UK that extends the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) until March 16, 2012. UNSMIL was established by the Security Council on Sept. 17 with an initial period of three months and a mandate to help restore public security and initiate political and economic recovery in Libya. UNSMIL may have a military component.
    The Security Council said the mandate of UNSMIL “shall in addition include, in coordination and consultation with the transitional government of Libya, assisting and supporting Libyan national efforts to address the threats of proliferation of all arms and related material of all types, in particular man-portable surface to air missiles.” (RIA-Novosti, Xinhua, Dec. 3; CNN, Oct. 31; NATO Unified Protector page)
    The question of what exactly constitutes the “transitional government of Libya”—and especially its security forces—remains somewhat ambiguous. The Guardian reported Dec. 7 Tripoli’s residents awoke on that morning “to a city in lockdown as security forces were deployed across the capital to clamp down on rogue militias.” We assume that “security forces” means those militias loyal to the faction in the NTC that has the upper hand, and “rogue militias” means those factions currently on the outs with the NTC leadership.
    AP reported on Dec. 11 that “revolutionary fighters clashed with national army troops” near Tripoli’s airport, leaving one dead. Both the phrases “revolutionary fighters” and “national army troops” are undefined. The “revolutionary fighters” appear to be militiamen from the western mountain town of Zintan, who control Tripoli’s airport, and opened fire on the convoy of Gen. Khalifa Hifter, the commander of the “fledgling national army.”
    So the “fledgling national army” doesn’t even control the capital city’s airport. The airport seems to be a particular flashpoint. Digital Journal reported Nov. 28 that protesters blocked a runway, preventing a Tunisian plane from taking off, to demand that the NTC bring to justice those responsible in the deaths of several Souq al-Juma militiamen who were apparently ambushed and killed by members of a rival faction as they attempted to arrest three pro-Qaddafi loyalists in Bani Walid.
    Meanwhile, if it remains uncertain who exactly is in charge, Libya’s oil industry is recovering “faster than many people had hoped,” the BBC News reported Dec. 8. Before the conflict, Libya was producing 1.6 million barrels a day.
    During the fighting, production virtually ground to a halt. Now, according to the National Oil Company, Libya is pumping just over half of its pre-war level—840,000 barrels a day. The NOC has said it expects to be back at its pre-conflict output by the end of 2012.
    - by Bill Weinberg – World War 4 Report -
    Aleksander Aco Teodorovic Alekander Teodorovicinforms us:
    ‎40 US agents of Libyan decent arrested in Turkish/Syrian border
    12/dec/11 US is sending the same terrorists which destroyed Libya to Syria, now we see the same execution, butchery and torture in Syria. This isn’t a coincidence, Syrian Security Forces captured 40 of these terrorists yesterday trying to get in Syria, these are agents of US who not only execute innocent Syrians, but also attack security forces, government buildings and Syrian livelihood (for example pipelines et…
    Benghazi: Militias clashed for 2 days over cash and drugs in Benghazi. Social conditions in Benghazi are a disaster.
    Tripoli: Green resistance attacked checkpoints of Belhaj fighters in Tripoli, ambushed them and left the scene, all dressed as rebels.
    Zawiya: Green resistance arrived in Zawiyah. They spoke on loudspeaker for people to come out, civilians all attacked NTC rats.
    All day there is heavy fighting in Zawiyah. People are attacking pickup trucks unarmed and some are armed. They all hate NTC.
    Misrata: North Misrata brigade is running out of fighters. Entering peoples homes demanding for sons or they will burn and rape family.
    Misrata fighter spoke to source and said “I was forced to fight because my sister is hostage. They make her call me on phone.”
    Green resistance freed 50 African laborers from NTC prison, tortured and forced to be slave labor under NTC.
    Pro-Gaddafi families are hiding Africans in their homes and helping them escape Libya. All Africans are being lynched by NTC.
    Civilians are killed and the corpses of pro-Gaddafi supporters and Africans are just being thrown on side of roads like displays.
    Rape is rampant now by NTC militias. Abdul Jalil declared all crimes committed by fighters will not be brought before a court.
    Caller from in Libya said: “People carry cigarette packets because some people were killed for not giving smoke to a rebel fighter.” A person from Zawiyah was killed because he was smoking and when rebel asked him for a cigarette, he said he had none, then was shot.
  22. Has the West’s war with Iran already begun? Mystery explosions at nuke sites, ‘assassinated’ scientists and downed drones fuel fears covert conflict is under way
    Iran moves long-range missiles to prevent them being targeted in an attack
    Follows mysterious blasts at military base and uranium depot in last month
    Expert says ‘assassinations, cyber war and sabotage already under way’
    Advanced CIA drone crash lands in mountains
    Iran has no WMD ambitions at all. That is a total lie. Nuclear is for medicine, aeronatics/space program and electricity ONLY! You can trust Ahmadinejad. He is a sincere and good/religious man.
    Now over the border in Algeria, The TNC fighters are drugged-up and intoxicated, and have begun raping Algerian women! Border police have increased; and there are threats from the Algerian Government to stop the free flow of TNC soldiers into their Country. Algerians are fed-up with the savery of the TNC soldiers and have publicly protested thaat their government must throw the TNC soldier and NATO out. NATO is now patroling Algerian airspace!!
    new report:
    Louisa Hanoune : « Le CNT libyen et les américains projettent la création d’un organe similaire en Algérie »
    Posted on 15December 2011
    Louisa Hanoune
    Louisa Hanoune : «Le CNT libyen et les américains projettent la création d’un organe similaire en Algérie».
    Elle a mis en garde contre un projet de déstabilisation du pays
    15/12/2011 – Elkhabar – La Secrétaire générale du Parti des Travailleurs (PT), Mme. Louisa Hanoune, a appelé, hier, le gouvernement et le ministère des AE à prendre au sérieux la volonté de certaines parties étrangères de semer le trouble dans le pays, justifiant son appel par un projet de création d’un organe similaire au CNT libyen en Algérie.
    Mme. Hanoune qui s’exprimait lors d’une conférence de presse-bilan de la Conférence Internationale, organisée conjointement avec l’Union générale des travailleurs algériens (UGTA) sur le thème : “Contre les guerres d’occupation”, a indiqué que la délégation américaine qui y a pris part a pu obtenir des informations selon lesquelles le CNT libyen a entrepris des démarches, soutenues par Washington, pour la création d’un organe similaire en Algérie, en vue de renverser le régime en place. Selon la même interlocutrice, un sénateur américain a rendu public, récemment, un document, révélé par Wikileaks, et adressé par un membre du CNT libyen, en l’occurrence Bankhelifa, à la CIA, dans lequel il a dit que Mostefa Abdeljalil, le président du CNT est prêt pour apporter son soutien à la démarche de création d’un organe similaire en Algérie. « La délégation américaine qui a pris part à la conférence internationale sur le thème : contre les guerres d’occupation, envisage, dès son retour dans son pays, d’interpeller le gouvernement de son pays sur la véracité de ces informations », relève Mme. Hanoune. Dans le même sens, la SG du Parti des travailleurs a tenu à rappeler la déclaration faite par le ministre français des AE, M. Alain Juppé, dans laquelle il a indiqué que « en 2012, il y aura des rendez-vous électoraux importants en Afrique, pour lesquels nous nous préparons ».
    Font: Elkhabar – 15/12/2011