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Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space 5

Fairy Tales Do Not Always End Happily Ever After « Windows Live space

  1. SomaliaSupport2
    Report Libya:
    Green resistance Arrived in Zawiyah. they Spoke on Loudspeaker For people to come out.. Civilians all attacked NTC rats.
    Report Libya: all day there is heavy fighting in Zawiyah.. people are attacking pickup trucks unarmed and Some are armed. They all hate NTC
    Ali Aslan
    الفيس الاساسي الشعبي المؤتمر بوكي: غزال الريم: الان علي قناة الرائ اتصال هاتفي من مواطن جزائري يقسم بالله ويؤكد بان القائد معمر القدافي حي يرزق وانه سوف يؤكد خبره بتسجيل صوتي للقائد قريبا …. الله اكبر
    Lizzie Phelan writes:
    We have received confirmation that Aisha Gaddafi has said that the last statement published around the internet claiming to be from her was a FAKE. Many of the websites we more or less trusted unquestioningly published this statement and now I think most serious people have given up believing anything that claims to come from the pro-Jamahiriyah side because it is obviously so heavily infiltrated, except when we see the videos of our people/spokespeople from the leadership. When there is something we need to know, we will definitely know it.
  2. just as al-Jamahiriya-TV (out of Africa) announced:
    “We publish this news to put an end as quickly as possible to the confusion in the psychological war during which NATO has flooded the web with false news, false documents, false Libyan sites, contaminating social networks and unfortunately also some sites of friends of Libya. “…
  3. عبد العزيز العويضي via Libye Verte
    البطل الاسطورة الذي قهر حلف الشيطان لمدة 9 شهور خميس معمر القذاف
    Abdul Aziz Alaubi via Libye Verte
    Legend the hero who conquered pact with the devil for a period of 9 months Thurs Muammar Gaddafi
  4. Interview with SAADI:
    Sept. 2011:
  5. 2007 Interview:
    Aboubakr Elsokary explains:
    In the name of God the Merciful and says, “scientists” to say “the infidel” Muammar al-Qathafi ..!!
    hypocrisy, lying, Altdjal, betrayal and crime ..
    Video and audio network Basra fighter Eagle – Baghdad Jihad,
    the name of God the Merciful (humans hypocrites that for them a painful punishment who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers)
    Oeptgon is their glory,
    the glory should be to God all truth of God Almighty /
    women 138 and 139 Adjlon on the youth of the nation and say that Gaddafi is an “infidel” …
    Do you know why Gaddafi is called an “infidel” when the elders of the Safavid Almtzina Crusades, when the elders of hypocrisy and criminality are vile and wretched?? :
    He is
    an infidel because he expelled the military bases of the occupiers of the Americans and the French and British from Libya ..
    infidel because the United Libyan oil ..
    infidel because he distributed the wealth of Libya to the Libyan people ..
    an infidel because he proceeded to the law of the home for its residents and the country is pays to buy homes of their owners and donated the lessor ..
    infidel because he was allowed to change the officials by popular election ..
    infidel because he insists that living in a tent in the Arabian desert wherever he went and left in a sign of asceticism, and his love and pride of life Arabian ..
    infidel because the transfer of the Libyan people from the top of underdevelopment and poverty luxury and wealth ..
    infidel because he invests a lot of money Libyan Arab and Islamic countries and poor African ..
    infidel because he used Arab workers instead of foreigners to fill the shortfall labor was of Arab workers Egyptians only in Libya 2 million workers ..
    infidel because he was the first sponsor of the liberation movements in the world ..
    an infidel because he was saying and educates that is witnessing the Arabs from the aggression of Zionist American West is a war and there is not a border war, and it is a crusade against Islam ..
    infidel because of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser Allah’s mercy he called the Secretary of Arab nationalism ..
    an infidel because he advocated and worked for the unity of the Arab countries ..
    infidel because he stood against the Crusader aggression against Iraq ..
    an infidel because he calls for support of the Iraqi resistance and the Afghan and Palestinian and expel the occupiers ..
    infidel because he stood on always with the Palestinian resistance and support it by all ways and was the last position is his call to open the door of jihad to Palestine after the Zionist aggression on Gaza ..
    infidel because it is against the trial of “great mujahideen” Saddam Hussein by the occupiers and his cronies ..
    infidel because he sent his daughter, Life is good Khansa Arab Aisha to defend the leader Mujahid Saddam Hussein before the Court of the Crusaders and Safavids and their tails ..
    an infidel because he declared mourning three days at the feast on the spirit of a martyr Hajj largest Saddam Hussein ..
    infidel because he tore the Charter of the United Nations in their own backyard in his famous speech at the United Nations ..
    infidel because the Americans tried to kill him and bombed his home steadfast in 1986 and thus was Qaddafi’s Libya first Arab country is exposed to direct U.S. aggression ..
    infidel because he was humiliated and Isthakr Western officials to meet them at him, he put his foot in the face of Blair’s refusal to shake hands with Condoleezza Rice .. Which by Berlusconi with his hands ..
    infidel because he was forced Italy to apologize for the era of Italian occupation ..
    infidel because he was forced Italian officials to bend before the Son of Omar Mukhtar and apologize for the execution of the martyr Omar Mukhtar ..
    infidel because he refused submission to the “masters of Hola Senate” to the occupiers Crusader infidels .. infidel because the BBC and Zionist circles in the seventies was called a soldier of Islam (there is no documentary proof of that) ..
    infidel, because down the crosses in Libya when his revolution (testimony of Sheikh Kishk) ..
    infidel because he was calling people to convert to Islam even embraced on his hand thousands of Africans, of whom the kings of the African tribes are of fired him the title King of Kings of Africa (Did you know Alan the truth about this title that gets blamed for Gaddafi) ..
    infidel because he was building a mosque in every African city ..
    infidel because he is the one who produces the only film which deals with the stage of the dawn of Islam ((film message)) and the representatives of the battles are the Revolutionary Committees have been filmed in the deserts of Libya and the testimony of film’s director, the late Moustapha Akkad ..
    infidel because he was not allowed to sell alcohol in Libya did not find foreign tourists, even a glass of wine in Libya ..
    infidel because he was prevented brothels and adultery in Libya ..
    infidel because he was forbidden to write addresses of shops, businesses, hotels, the names were foreign ..
    infidel because he was encouraged to save the Holy Quran and was equal to between Hafiz Quran and university professor in salary and benefits until he reached the number of Keep the Koran in Libya to a million Hafiz ..
    infidel because he embraces the Islamic Conferences of scientific in Tripoli and was Hola Senate like Qaradawi and Wajdi Ghoneim and Mohamed Hassan Arifi and Qarni and others are racing to get a picture with him ..
    an infidel because he was the only Arab leader who leads the tens of Thousand of Muslims in much of the night ..
    infidel because he refused to escape from Libya and leave the crusaders infidels and their tails Kharijites ..
    infidel because he fought the Crusaders and his cronies to the last gasp he and his children brave and his friends and supporters of revocation, even destroyed the Bani Walid and I walked on the reel their father because of the bombing by NATO planes cruciate or as called by the elders of crime birds Alababil ..!
    infidel because of his father’s Libyan militants against the Italian occupation, and because his grandfather was the first martyr in the city of five at the hands of the Italians, because his children Billah, Thursday, Seif al-Arab and grandchildren are granted martyrdom at the hands of the crusaders and their tails ..
    infidel because he cited at the hands of the crusaders and their tails is Osudh Billah, Thursday, Seif al-Arab and grandchildren the children of Life is good Aisha Gaddafi.
    God bless, O Commander of the free Al-Taher brave and steadfast .. God bless, O Knight of the Libyan desert, Persia countryside Arab .. God bless, O Hussein era .. God bless and we put together your under the shade on the Day no shade but with the Almighty, O Varsena courageous.
    Links Documentaries Related: The Shahid nation
    Muammar al-Qathafi warns of the return of colonialism for the Arab countries and the occupation of Iraq, Libya, calls for unity, and thatResistance is the solution and Idawaly equitable distribution of wealth to the Arab people and Idawaly support the Palestinian resistance was only to wiped out the Arab-populations, as the american-natives were as spoken-of in al-Qathafi’s Tmapadh Indians Address of 1988.
  6. remote-piloted MQ-9, without a warhead, crashed Tuesday at Seychelles international airport on island of Mahe
    The US drones began anti-piracy surveillance in late 2009 after the Seychelles and the US Africa Command tested the aircraft to be used in seeking out Somali gunmen prowling the Indian Ocean.
    With 115 islands scattered inside an exclusive economic zone spanning 1.4 million square kilometres, a population of only 85,000 and a military of 500, the Seychelles requested foreign assistance to stave off the pirates.
    US drones also overfly Somalia from an Ethiopian airbase, but Washington officials have denied media reports that the aircraft are armed and attack Al-Qaeda-linked Shabaab militia fighting the Western-backed Somali government.
    TECH from 2001:
    The MQ-9 is a larger and more capable aircraft than the earlier MQ-1 Predator (other than loiter time), and it can be controlled by the same ground systems used to control MQ-1s. The Reaper has a 950-shaft-horsepower (712 kW) turboprop engine, far more powerful than the Predator’s 115 hp (86 kW) piston engine. The increase in power allows the Reaper to carry 15 times more ordnance and cruise at three times the speed of the MQ-1.[2] Although the MQ-9 can fly pre-programmed routes autonomously, the aircraft is always monitored or controlled by aircrew in the Ground Control Station (GCS) and weapons employment is always commanded by the flight crew.
    MQ-9 vehicle
    MQ-9 Reaper
    Role Unmanned combat air vehicle
    National origin United States
    Manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
    First flight 2 February 2001
    Version for U.S. Air Force
    In October 2001, the U.S. Air Force signed a contract with GA to purchase an initial pair of Predator B-003s for evaluation, with follow-up orders for production machines. The first test MQ-9s were delivered to the Air Force in 2002. The name “Altair” did not follow the aircraft into testing, with the Air Force continuing to refer to the system as “Predator B” until it was renamed Reaper (“Altair” instead became the designation for the unarmed NASA version); this is confusing, however, as the manufacturer uses the term to refer to the smaller B-001 prototype.
    MQ-9  2
    An MQ-9 taking off in Afghanistan
    The typical MQ-9 system consists of multiple aircraft, ground control stations, satellites, and flight, maintenance crews, communications equipment and links, maintenance spares, and military (or contractor) personnel. The crew consists of a pilot and sensor operator. To meet combat requirements, the MQ-9 tailors its capabilities using mission kits of various combinations of weapons and sensors payloads. The Raytheon AN/AAS-52 multi-spectral targeting sensor suite includes a color/monochrome daylight TV, infrared, and image-intensified TV with laser rangefinder/target designator to designate targets for laser guided munitions. The Synthetic Aperture Radar system enables GBU-38 JDAM targeting, is capable of very fine resolution in both spotlight and strip modes, and has ground moving target indicator capability.
    As of March, 2011, the U.S. Air Force was training more pilots for advanced unmanned aerial vehicles than for any other single weapons system for deployment in Libya.
    MQ-9  3
    In October 2011 the U.S. Air Force began operating Reapers out of Arba Minch in Ethiopia.
    Naval version
    General Atomics designed a naval version of the Reaper, named the “Mariner”, for the U.S. Navy’s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) program requirements. The design would have an increased fuel capacity in order to have an endurance of up to 49 hours.[61] Proposed variations on the ultimate design included one designed for carrier operations with folding wings for carrier storage, shorter and more rugged landing gear, an arresting hook, cut-down or eliminated ventral flight surfaces and six stores pylons with a total load of 3,000 pounds (1,360 kilograms).
    General Characteristics
    Crew: None onboard (controlled remotely by pilot and sensor operator)
    Landing Type: runway
    Launch Type: runway
    Length: 36 ft (11 m)
    Wingspan: 66 ft (20 m)
    Height: 12.5 ft (3.6 m)
    Empty weight: 4,900 lb (2,223 kg)
    Fuel Capacity: 4,000 lb (1,800 kg)
    Max takeoff weight: 10,500 lb (4,760 kg)
    Power Plant: Honeywell TPE331-10 turboprop engine, 900 shp (671 kW), with Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC)[69]
    Maximum speed: 260 knots (482 km/h, 300 mph)
    Cruise speed: 150–170 knots (276–313 km/h, 172–195 mph)[70]
    Range: 1000 nautical miles (1850 km)[71]
    Endurance: 14–28 hours (14 hours fully loaded)[72]
    Payload: 3,800 lb (1,700 kg)
    Internal: 800 lb (360 kg)
    External: 3,000 lb (1,400 kg)
    Service ceiling: 50,000 ft (15 km)
    Operational altitude: 25,000 ft (7.5 km)[73]
    AN/APY-8 Lynx II radar[74]
    AN/DAS-1 MTS-B Multi-Spectral Targeting System [75]
    7 hardpoints
    Up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) on the two inboard weapons stations[76]
    Up to 750 lb (340 kg) on the two middle stations[76]
    Up to 150 lb (68 kg) on the outboard stations [76]
    Center station not used
    Up to 14 AGM-114 Hellfire air to ground missiles can be carried or four Hellfire missiles and two 500 lb (230 kg) GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bombs. The 500 lb (230 kg) GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) can also be carried. Testing is underway to support the operation of the AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missile.
    MQ-9  4
    NASA Ikhana
    NASA version Ikhana
    gNASA altair
    NASA version Altair
    US will “absolutely” continue drone war on Iran
    Even with the loss of not one, but two multi-million-dollar drones in recent weeks, the head of the US Defense Department says that America will “absolutely” continue stealth jets missions over Iran.
    predator drone
    Predator C Avenger (Image from
    US will “absolutely” continue drone war on Iran
    Published: 14 December, 2011, 23:29
    Edited: 15 December, 2011, 11:20
    Even with the loss of not one, but two multi-million-dollar drones in recent weeks, the head of the US Defense Department says that America will “absolutely” continue stealth jets missions over Iran.
    Despite these losses, the US Department of Defense is showing no signs of retreat, even if Tehran has insisted that they are well on their well to decoding the top-secret technologies under the hood of the recovered Sentinel. Speaking to Fox News this week, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that stealth missions into Iran will continue “absolutely,” despite ongoing opposition from overseas.
    The first in a new fleet of drones departing air bases to patrol the international skies is the Avenger, a state-of-the-art stealth craft that serves as an updated edition to the arsenal of Predators and Reapers currently in America’s repertoire. With the ability to elude radar detection and bomb enemy targets with the help of internal weapons bays on each wing, the Pentagon will be sending the first new Avenger over to Afghanistan.
    Given that the Taliban’s technology does not necessitate America to put in its skies an aircraft with the technologies as advanced as the Avenger, the decision to deploy the United States’ newest toy over Afghanistan is raising questions about the exact intentions of the craft.
    America recently put a Sentinel drone over the skies of Afghanistan — or at least said they did — as part of a reconnaissance mission. The US lost contact with the craft, however, only later to deny its existence, eventually prompting the government of Iran to release footage of the craft they recovered after it was seen over its own skies. The US would later say that the drone must have wavered outside of its intended and into Iranian territory by mistake, though officials out of Tehran said the craft was intercepted around 140 miles from their border with Afghanistan.
    Less than two weeks after Iran managed to hijack the craft and bring it down unscathed, the United States lost a second drone, as RT reported on Tuesday this week. Both attacks befell on the advanced machinery that are valued in the tens-of-millions of dollars apiece.
  7. Gadhafi’s chef, cullenary surpris, very simple!
    Miodrag Djordjevic PERSONAL COOK Gaddafi
    Elena L. Stamenkov-Arselan
    The man you see is personal cook of Gaddafi family and he is talking about colonels personality..He told that he is verty simple man as his family too..He talks about his daughter Hana and especially about what Gaddafi likesa to eat,these are old libyan specialities..
    Invocation of a prayer:
    loved by Afrikans
    Driving in the Libyan Desert.
    gdriving in the desert
    Gaddafi Speech on the first anniversary of the Al-Fateh Revolution,
    Translation by Sami Naser (Thank you brother!)
    Today the people had deport away the flood of foreigners from our land, because they imposed on him, and no one can blame.
    That this people has a right to revolt against the intruders and thwart the foreign bases, looking for freedom and real independence.
    Today the world as a whole watching how the people of Libya could make freedom and independence, and live free and independent.
    by that the people has liberated, and get the complete political freedom.
    no retroactive, no Colonialism, no thrones and no foreign military bases any more, just people rules itself.
    Brothers, with cohesion among forces of the working people and the al-Fateh Revolution we will continue raising the banner of freedom and socialism and social justice, The banner of real Islam and Arab unity.
    this revolution will continue by you and for you , fighting battles and meet the challenges, in order to achieve freedom, socialism and unity!
    كلمة معمر القذافي في مصراتة 9 /7 /1970
    كلمة معمر القذافي في مصراتة 9 /7 / 1970 ليبيا _ الجماهيرية
    New Resistance:
  8. Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey’s closing statement rings a huge bell: “One thing is certain: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not fit to serve. They are a danger to their country, they are a danger to humankind.”
    THANKS for saying it Loud and Clear, Timothy!
  9. SAIF is honored by the Taureg for the Green Resistance:
  10. Libya 12th decembar 2011th
    Written by: Edited – May Orlic
    Tuesday, 13 December 2011 19:10
    Libya 12th decembar 2011th
    This is a letter, written 22.09.2011.
    Rafik intended Mujahid, the Makhbetha:
    “I am writing you a letter from the shadow of olive trees, the mountains Mujahid, in Bani Walid. I still have not washed the body with blood, stuck to me, the wounds of the martyrs of yesterday’s battles, people are still allowed, the outlines of the warm sun and the smell of their prisutan.Božje wounds still growing presence in my chest, and their legendary beauty is almost pain. One of the martyrs is the 17-year-old boy, mortally wounded by shrapnel French, shook my hand that I gave him, while my tears fell on the his body. ”
    Libya 12th decembar 2011th In his interview with the Libyan television, Dr. Youssef Chakir explained the details. ..
    In his interview with the Libyan television, Dr. Youssef Chakir explained that those who are for the revolution (against Gaddafi) are prisoners escaped from jail. They are on their way to divide Libya. Last week there was a conflict between the army and Zintanovaca Haftara at the airport. Khalifa Haftar for 20 years a member of the CIA. They intend to take the airport to facilitate the entry of the Americans.
    Climate of terror is established in Libya. The people are traumatized. Some television channels belong Katarcima in Libya. Airport Maetika provide Katarci. Conspiracy against Libya was prepared even eight years ago. Chakir not endorse moves Tunisia, who left the band to return to Libya rats and continue to kill Libyans. He also failed expectations and Sudan. Gaddafi was once abolished visas Sudanese and now Sudan rebels released to return. He confirmed that the U.S. Abdelhak pion and that of Qatar has received 100 tons of weapons, and is now plotting against Syria.
    One of the doctors attached Jamahiriya reported the disappearance of medical devices in the amount of 5 million dinars. He indicated that it was a gang from Misrata.
    Jedan od doktora privržen Džamahiriji prijavio je nestanak medicinskih sredstava u iznosu od 5 milona dinara. On je osumnjičio bandu iz Misrate.
    Chakir doctor threatened to disclose the secret of important people who have issued Gaddafi, and brave soldiers told to be ready for the hour when to start the liberation of Libya.
    Zapretio je doktor Chakir da će obelodaniti tajne značajnih osoba koje su izdale Gadafija, a hrabrim borcima poručio da budu spremni za čas kada će početi oslobođenje Libije
  11. one
    Noor al-Hoda
    Noor Alhoda writes:
    عين زارة الان سماع اصوات اشتباكات واطلاق نار كثيف مع تفجير قبل قليل في عين زارة وباذن الله نو…
    Ain Zara now hear the voices of clashes and heavy fire with a bombing just in the eye of the Ministry and God willing, we will bring you details as soon as they come in. If they were men of the resistance … God protect them success in their
    Masmoudi Chouki writes:
    are free and began to green flag …. the banner of glory and freedom in their advance to liberate the holy land of Libya from infected rats and all rodents. God is great
    Manmade River

    more cullinary memories
    brother leader nice
  12. Stephen Gule
    In Libya now forming coalitions between cities and between the moderate Islamic groups, we have agreed on the following, the sons of Alrajaban, the sons of Chiaan, and the sons of tribes Tarhunah and Bani Walid, and Alqmazfah, and the children of Solomon, Abraham, Nile, Almgarhh in the south of Libya, after the meeting, All combining efforts of young people of these tribes and cities. In the name of God .. Resistance fighters Voting and the Liberals is required on this offer from .. Sons of the following cities .. Sirte, Zeliten, Bani Walid, Tarhunah, the four corners, and the tribes and Rishvana, and beautiful North East, Ajeelat, and a refined capacity is needed.
    Leonor.Nekotorye tweets:
    Libyans now live under tyranny and occupation of NATO.
    Today was brought to Malta 600 boxes with 7200 bottles of liquor for militant fundamentalists myatezhnikov.Dlya? Islamists? Or for NATO mercenaries?
    Libya can not send money abroad to numerous families and those who received a monthly allowance, for example., Studentam.Da live democracy!
    Why NATO bombed Libya for all these months? To destroy people’s committees in order to destroy the influence of tribal leaders to destroy the government? So much more democratic, the government chose God knows someone from the West, it is not regarded with the Libyans.
    French oil company TOTAL already controls 30% of Libyan oil, to-rye were promised France’s support for state. perevorota.British Petroleum also commenced production of oil.
    Gadhafi's ride to Victory for the JAMAHIRIYA
  13. It is becoming increasingly accepted that water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations. Western military intervention in Iraq, Libya and imminently Syria is driven as much by a thirst to profit from water as it is by a desire to pilfer oil, trade arms and gain lucrative no-bid reconstruction contracts. The military invasions are ostensibly aimed at liberation.
    British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond recently let the cat out of the bag by officially confirming that Britain will make returns of £200 billion from reconstruction contracts in Libya, all from a mere £300 million investment. According to the US based Centre for Public Integrity, western nations stand to make up to US$1trillion from privatizing, harnessing, purifying and distributing water in a region where water often sells for far more than oil.
    Although over two thirds of our planet is water, we face an acute water shortage. This scarcity flies in the face of our natural assumptions. Roughly 70 percent of our world is water but the problem is that 97 percent of that is salt water. Great for fish, not so good for humans. Of the world’s fresh water, only 1 percent is available for drinking, with the remaining 2 percent trapped in glaciers and ice.
    Put differently: if all the water on earth were represented by an 11 litre jug, the freshwater would fill a single cup and all we can access would be the last drop.
    Increasingly, for water to be useful, it needs to be mined, processed, packaged, moved and delivered. Just like gold, coal, gas or oil. However, unlike oil, there are no substitutes, alternatives or stopgaps for water.
    Nature has decreed that the supply of water is fixed. All the while, demand rises inexorably as the world’s population increases and enriches itself. Climate change, population growth, pollution, urbanisation and the rapid development of manufacturing industries are relentlessly combining such that demand will outstrip supply by 40 per cent by 2030.
    Several months prior to the invasion of Iraq, the CIA raised the spectre of hydrological warfare “in which rivers, lakes and aquifers become national security assets to be fought over, or controlled” through proxy armies and client states.
    On April 17, 2003, in Iraq, the American company Bechtel received a no-bid reconstruction contract from the US Agency for International Development. The initial contract was for US$680 million over 18 months. It now stands at over US$100 billion, making it the largest Iraq reconstruction contract.
    The most lucrative Iraq reconstruction contract was not to repair oil infrastructure, build schools and hospitals or repair bombarded infrastructure. It was to source, process and distribute water.
    The secretive, opaque and no-bid nature of the water contract award process is made even worse by one incredible fact. Bechtel has botched many of its previous projects. In California, Bechtel installed one of the nuclear power plant reactors backwards. In Boston, what promised to be a US$2,5 billion job for an infamous tunnel became the most expensive in US history costing US$14,6 billion. The tunnel project was plagued by charges of poor execution, corruption, criminal arrests and even four deaths.
    In Bolivia, Bechtel’s record is one of privatising water, jacking up prices by 35 percent; thereby causing riots in which several people died; getting kicked out and then suing the Government for cancelling the contract. Since the turn of the century, Iraq was the first casualty of hydro-imperialism and Colonel Gaddafi’s assassination marks the second. At this very moment, Colonel Gaddafi’s dictatorship is being dismantled and replaced by a corporate dictatorship.
    At the forefront of this new order are France’s global mega-water companies Suez, Ondeo and Saur, who control almost half of the world’s water market. These multinationals are rushing to privatise water, already a US$400 billion global business. They now stand to rake in billions of dollars from the eighth wonder of the world the – the Great Man-made River scheme (GMMR).
    This scheme was the brainchild of Colonel Gaddafi and was set to turn Libya – a nation that is 95 percent desert – into a food self-sufficient arable oasis. The GMMR is a US$25 billion Nubian Sandstone Aquifer, which is an immensely vast underground sea of fresh water. It has a complex 4 000km long water pipeline buried beneath the desert that could transport two million cubic metres of water a day.
    Gaddafi had intended the scheme to be designed by Libyans, constructed by Libyans, for the benefit of the Libyan population. Now it will almost certainly be redesigned by Frenchmen and women at inflated costs, constructed by French contractors, largely for the benefit of French shareholders. Libyan taxpayers will be stuck with the bill and higher water bills.
    For western leaders, the corporations that fund their political campaigns and the Jewish lobby that is the backbone of corporate America, intervention in Syria however is not exclusively about profit. It is about something far more important – Israel.
    Israeli leaders assert that Mr Assad poses an existential threat to Israel on two fronts. For a start, Syria backs insurgents and radicals in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, and foments Iran’s belligerence. More importantly, Mr Assad poses a bigger threat to Israel’s existence on the issue of water.
    l Garikayi Chengu is a research scholar at Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  14. wordpress
    almost 20,000 fighters from the Tarhuna Tribe is preparing to attack Tripoli
    Libyan arms smugglers arrested at the border with Algeria – Contrabbandieri di armi libici arrestati al confine con l’Algeria (Eng-Ita)
    Posted on 15 December 2011
    smuggling weapons through Algeria
    According to an assessment of the security services and the Algerian National Gendarmerie, 87 Libyan arms dealers were arrested on the border with Algeria since the conflict began in Libya.
    Ever since the conflict began in Libya, according to an official report of the security services and the National Gendarmerie, 14,200 Libyans were able to infiltrate into Algeria and were then stopped by the security services. According to an inside source, at least 87 Libyans were caught while trying to transfer weapons for terrorist groups belonging to AQIM.
    Most of these Libyans were stopped because without identity, the source said, adding that the Libyans who were able to infiltrate across the border between Algeria and Libya were primarily in search of food and medical care. Some of them have become traders of food products to Libya. Others, however, found armed and suspected of having links with the ‘rebels’, because they carry the new flag of Libya, cashed 20,000 dollars for every convoy that crossed the region towards Sebha and al Jalou Jaghboub, near the Egyptian-Libyan border. Groups of smugglers are also required, according to informed sources, to pay some of the leaders of armed factions for each shipment of drugs to the south of Libya. Similarly, specialists in the fight against terrorism have shown that large amounts of gold were exchanged between Libya, Algeria and Morocco, in exchange for large amounts of fuel and spare parts for vehicles.
  15. the passionate speech of a young man:
    speaks passionately
    Versailles dinner
    SEPT. 2009 in NEW YORK, where al-Gadhafi pitched his tent, when Central Park was outlawed (and he was swindled by Donald Trump)::
    tent in NY Sept. 2009
  16. Gadhafi brick wall mural
    Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Mansour writes:
    (د. موسى إبراهيم)
    سألني الكثير من الأحبة القراء عن “زيتونة بايع راسه” في بني وليد التي سبق وأن ذكرتها وماقصتها، فأقول أنه لما هجم أجلافُ الترك على بني وليد الأحرار، ليرغموا أهلها ورفلة على دفع الميري (أي الضريبة للسلطان العثماني)، ضربوا الناس بمدفع كانوا يجرّونَهُ، والمدافعُ شيءٌ عجيبٌ في ذاكَ الزمانِ. فلم يعرفِ المجاهدونَ كيفَ يفعلونَ معَ هذه الآلةِ، فاجتمع ورفلي برفاقه تحت شجرة زيتونة وقال: ليس على المدفع غير واحد من المهندسين يُوقدُ النارَ في قلبِها، فلو أطفأنا قلبَهُ إنطفأ قلبها. قالوا: كيف نفعلُ؟ قالَ: واحدٌ منا “بَايِعْ رَاسَهْ” يدنُو من التركي حتّى يقتله. ثم قال: أنا لها. فذهبَ فقنص جندي المدفع وتوقف المدفع عن العمل، فهجمَ المجاهدونَ علَى عدوِّهم فدحرُوه. فسُمِّيت الزيتونة من يومها “زيتونةْ بايعْ راسَهْ”. حيا الله المجاهدين.
    He asked me a lot of loved ones readers about the “olive pledged allegiance to his head” in the Bani Walid, which had already been mentioned and Magstha, I say that when attacked Ojlav Turk on the Bani Walid free, to force the owners and Rafla to pay Miri (ie the tax to the Ottoman sultan), beating people with cannon were they are holding, the defender is something marvelous in that time. Mujahideen did not know how they are doing with this machine, and Werfalli his comrades gathered under the olive tree and said, not on the gun is one of the engineers kindles fire in her heart, if his heart was extinguished Otafona her heart. They said: How do we do? He said one of us “, recognized head” of the approaching Turkish even kill him. Then he said: I have. He went Vguens soldier guns and gun stopped working, Vahjm Vdhrōh Mujahideen on their enemy. Zaytuna became known as the day of the “olive tree, recognized his head.” God is alive Mujahideen.
    ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, tonight, in Benghazi, a source confirmed the presence of 6,000 rebels in the city of Benghazi pretext to impose security, but all people know that this reinforcement of rebels in the streets and neighborhoods to avoid revolution is tomorrow, Friday. This day is marked for the insistence of the Libyans to bring down Mustapha Abdeljalil.
    Libya Liberation Front Frontline News:
    (1) Rats have created a team of hackers, psychological war experts and spin masters in Tripoli to re-assert their control over the media, and loss of power in the uncontrollable circumstances of Libya, people have lost many relatives, property and there is not much to loose any more, the war for the determination of Libya’s future has split the country in…to ethnic, racial, tribal and religious lines. Mossad Israeli Zionists JEWISH, a team of CIA trained Al-qaeda operatives and hardcore Salafists are working computers round the clock in their ability and attempts to hack e-mails, pass words, bank details, personal plans, communication, travel itinerary.
    praying in field
  17. Muammar Qathafi:
    “This is the true secret for their hating you: you are not of this world, you are not wealthy, and for this they hate you. You are not oppressors, and for this they hate you. You are not pretenders, so they hate you. You are not hypocrites or liars, and for this they hate you.”
    Noor al-Hoda writes:
    This is the Gaddafi may God have mercy on him: a man us an Islamic state characteristic, no mufflers and discotheques and clubs and generosity of the fatherless and the widow, and kept the book of God a man who shook the walls of the United taken dilapidated and called for investigation into the deaths of heroes of the nation from Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat, a man who united Africa and reunification, and he defended and youth and requested by the West to invest in Africa in response debt due to the era of colonialism, but will not stop immigrants to recover their property a man who encouraged and fought for the Latin Union, and Oass Maghreb Union, a man who did not differentiate between East and West, North and South They were secretaries of all villages in Libya a grant Libyans confidence and peace of their money in chaabiyats Vsrkoha every time because the Libyan people, the people of a thief for the money, rights, and the symptoms and directory Khria February and the results of a voice resounding and influential in all the tops Gaifah Hebrew and attending a special character in each of its meetings a man who made ​​the Libyan citizen in his head held high because Libby and its leader, Muammar Gaddafi, a man knelt colonizer and signed the agreement of remorse and apology and compensation man who made ​​it to the Libyan state security in the world and its borders are protected and the people of my father a man who accomplished the great river at a time the world’s thirst and the problems of water scarcity, a man challenged the world’s 35 years old policy of not kneel are not scared of Fterajawa and became investors and concessions to Libya, strong and its leader, the strong man made ​​Libya a magnet for international conferences and meet continents man open beacons and encouraged the keepers of the Book of Allah did not fight the debt, but fought for it, Dissemination and safest on his hands Alalav man who honor the nation’s Islamic and Arabic and will remain the Page History is bright and with him, and bright and Platform for Action for the generations to the noble man the revolution honest clean had not shed the spirit of one did not ask one drop of blood a cause of Arab unity and Arab Palestine was password revolution blessed Jerusalem, a man who said Vsedk, will not run away and will not sell my home and I will be buried in my man went to the companion top on the day when the fasting and harmony dawn prayers his comrades until killed children and teenagers, boys and boasted of killing him and today pining for the homeland is lost Will is going to come Chalabi nationality of Western and continues to this approach the supervisor, the result is clear and the street-Libi is obvious to everyone and will wake up dupes after the large number of weapons and taboos and the bank robbery and the sale to Libya, hatred and revenge and revenge between the cities is hired
    Original Text:
    هذا هو القذافي رحمه الله: رجل بنأ دولة إسلامية مميزة , لا خمارات ولا مراقص ولا ملاهي وكرم اليتيم والارملة وحافظ كتاب الله رجل هز جدران الأمم المتخذة المتهالكة ونادى من اجل التحقيق في مقتل أبطال الأمة من صدام حسين وياسر عرفات رجل وحد أفريقيا ولم شملها ودافع عنها وعن شبابها وطالب الغرب بالإستثمار في أفريقيا كرد الدين بسبب حقبة الإستعمار وإلا لن يتوقف المهاجرين لأسترجاع خيراتهم رجل شجع وناضل من أجل الأتحاد اللاتيني ,ووأسس الأتحاد المغاربي رجل لم يفرق بين غرب وشرق وشمال وجنوب فكانوا الأمناء من كل قرى ليبيا رجل منح الليبيين الثقة وسلم لهم الأموال في الشعبيات فسرقوها كل مرة لأن الشعب الليبي شعب سارق للمال والحقوق والأعراض والدليل خرية فبراير ونتائجها رجل صوته مدوي ومؤثر في كل قمم الجائفة العبرية وحضوره له طابع خاص في كل إجتماعاتها رجل جعل من المواطن الليبي في سفره مرفوع الرأس لأنه ليبي وقائده معمر القذافي رجل ركع المستعمر ووقعه على إتفاقية الندم والإعتذار والتعويض رجل جعل من ليبيا أمن دولة في العالم وحدودها مصانه وشعبها أبي رجل أنجز النهر العظيم في وقت تشهد دول العالم العطش ومشاكل ندرة المياه رجل تحدى العالم 35 سنة بسياسة لا نركع ولا نخاف فتراجعوا وأصبحوا مستثمرين وتنازلوا أمام ليبيا القوية وقائدها القوي رجل جعل من ليبيا قبلة للمؤتمرات الدولية ولقاء القارات رجل فتح المنارات وشجع حفظة كتاب الله ولم يحارب الدين بل حارب من اجله ونشره وأسلم على يديه الاألاف رجل كان شرف الأمة الإسلامية والعربية وسيبقى صفحة تاريخية وضاء ولا معة ومشرقة ومنهاج عمل للأجيال الشريفة رجل قام بثورة شريفة نظيفة لم تسفك فيها روح واحدة ولم تسال قطرة دم واحدة رجل قضيته الوحدة العربية وفلسطين العربية فكانت كلمة سر ثورته المباركة القدس رجل قال فصدق,, لن أهرب ولن أبيع الوطن وسوف أدفن في وطني رجل ذهب للرفيق الأعلى في يوم كان فيه صائم وءأم صلاة الفجر برفاقه حتى قتلوه الصبيان والفتية والغلمان وتباهوا بقتله واليوم يتحسرون على وطن ضاع فهل سوف يأتي جلبي بجنسية غربية ويستمر على هذا المنهج المشرف ,, النتيجة واضحة والشارع الليبي لا يخفى على الجميع وسوف يستفيق المغفلين بعد كثرة السلاح والمحرمات وسرقة المصارف وبيع ليبيا والحقد والثأر والإنتقام بين المدن الله المستعان
    with the child he lost:
    with child he lost
    Muammar al-Qathafi
  18. The imprisonment and mistreatment of Libyan citizen Ahmad Ibrahim by NTC forces
    Posted: 2011/12/16
    From: Mathaba
    Ahmed Ibrahim
    Intellectual Dr Ahmad Ibrahim, author of the best explanation of the concept of `revolutionary organization` in the Third Universal Theory, and former General Secretary of the Libyan General People’s Committee for Education, is being held by the Australian-US-European supported racist “National Transitional Council” rebels
    Libyan citizen Ahmad Ibrahim, (56 years old, pictured above) currently held without specific charges by the NATO-sponsored rebels and quite possibly tortured, was taken from his home in Sirte during the joint NATO – rebel onslaught in August.
    Dr Ahmad Ibrahim was not fighting at that time, nor at any time before, but was in his house. He is a well-known professor of philosophy, who, like many other academics, was involved with the government, but as a civilian.
    Ahmad Ibrahim is being refused visits and contact with his family, even with lawyers. There is a strong possibility that he is being mistreated (see here:
    The NTC has not levelled any charges against him, nor are there any plans to allow him a fair trial. A fair trial is not that of the victor against the loser behind closed doors, but must be independent, transparent and supervised. No-one is presumed guilty to be proved innocent. But as things stand, Ahmad Ibrahim will not be given the rights that should be his in any legal court of law. Please act to save him from torture and unlawful imprisonment.
  19. London
    says Rita Sloan:
    a 23 year old Gaddafi in London, circa 1965. He walks in the city as the Bedouin, just like he described in his book Escape To Hell.
    From Dr Shakeer:
    Hala Misrati, she was a host in Libya TV before the gangs kidnapped her, she was raped for 17 times, now rats are saying she ran away but the truth is that rats killed her.
    Khalid Tantouch is Sheikh Imam, they tortured him, then they killed him.
    Please share this news to show world that there is no Human Rights Watch, no justice, this is democracy in Libya, kill people under the cover of freedom.
    via اسكندر بيك
    Saadi Gaddafi, the third son of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, reacts to a question at a news conference in Sydney in this 07 February 2005 file photo. Tim Wimborne/Reuters File
    National Post
    Stewart Bell 29 Oct. 2011 – 7:00 AM ET | Last Updated: 07 Dec. 2011 12:44 PM ET
    CAMBRIDGE, Ont. – A private security contractor and former soldier from Canada has admitted he helped Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi flee Libya last month as Tripoli was falling to anti-Gaddafi rebels.
    Gary Peters is president of Can/Aus Security & Investigations International Inc. in Cambridge, Ont. He is also Saadi Gaddafi’s longtime bodyguard and admitted he was part of a team that drove the late dictator’s third son across Libya’s southern border to Niger.
    The convoy was ambushed after it had crossed back into Libya and Mr. Peters was shot. He returned to Toronto’s Pearson airport in September, bleeding heavily from an untreated bullet wound to his left shoulder.
    “I got hurt over there so I come back,” he said when approached this week by a National Post reporter. He said he had been providing security to members of the Gaddafi family since 2004 and had continued to do so throughout the NATO campaign against Muammar Gaddafi.
    He worked mostly for Saadi but said he had also briefly guarded Col. Gaddafi’s sons Saif al-Islam and Hannibal.
    Before helping Saadi flee to Niger, Mr. Peters said he had escorted Hannibal and Col. Gaddafi’s daughter Ayesha from Libya to Algeria in a convoy. His account of working for the Gaddafis was verified by several sources.
    “I’m not a mercenary,” he said. “I work for a person in particular, have done for years, for close protection. When we go overseas, I don’t fight. That’s what a mercenary does. Defend? Yes. Shoot? Yes. But for defence, for my boss, and that’s what happened. The convoy got attacked and two of us got hit.”
    After Mr. Peters had delivered Saadi to Niger, he returned to Libya, where gunmen opened fire on his three-vehicle convoy, he said. Five of the attackers were killed during the firefight and he was also hit.
    He said he made his way to Tunisia and Frankfurt, then got on a flight to Toronto.
    “I bled on the plane. I fell asleep and when I wake up … I felt a trickle and there was blood everywhere. There was a little bit of shrapnel in there.”
    He got as far as the airport parking lot before he began to teeter from blood loss. He was taken to a nearby hospital to have the shrapnel removed. The RCMP spoke to him.
    Interpol [in an outright LIE] issued an arrest warrant for Saadi on Sept. 29 for allegedly “misappropriating properties through force and armed intimidation” when he was head of the Libyan soccer team. He is also subject to a UN travel ban and assets freeze for being “the commander of military units allegedly involved in repression of demonstrations by civilians during Libya’s uprising.”
    But Mr. Peters denied that.
    “If he was a mass murderer then obviously I wouldn’t work for him,” he said. “The man’s a gentleman, non-violent. They said that he’s the leader of a military unit. Bulls—, he’s not….Saadi was a “very nice man, very educated, very nice guy.”…
    Sturdy and 5 ft. 5, with a pencil-thin moustache, brushcut and an Australian special forces army tattoo on his forearm, Mr. Peters goes by the nickname “Shorty.” He refers to Saadi as “The Boss.” He said since his return to Canada he had continued to speak regularly with Saadi by phone.
    Peters believed Canada had backed the wrong side in the conflict. He accused the rebels of committing atrocities and said NATO had bombed civilian homes.
    “I’m not political. This is my boss, he’s also a client, also a friend,” Mr. Peters said.
    “It’s difficult but you have your own principles too, right? My morals say that I’ve got to stand by him.”
    He said he was returning to Niger this weekend.
    But he said he had paid a price for his loyalty to the boss. The word “dog” was scratched on his car, he said. He believes he is being followed.
    “All my clients I had here, they’ve all gone. They all boycotted, which is fine.”
    Asked why, he said, “because of who I work for, and that I’m continuing to work for him. People talk.”
    Saadi was captain of the Libyan national soccer team. He was also captain of the Tripoli soccer club and president of the Libyan Football Federation.
    Mr. Peters said he was serving in the Royal Australian Army when he first met Saadi. The Gaddafi son was visiting the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and Mr. Peters was assigned to protect him, he said.
    Mr. Peters moved to Canada in 2002 (he is a landed immigrant, not a Canadian citizen) and worked “on and off” for the next two years as a close protection operative for the security company Blackwater USA.
    His website says he has worked as a private investigator and close protection officer in Canada, the U.S. and Middle East. It says he is a certified executive protection specialist and member in good standing of the International Association of Security Professionals.
    “Mr. Peters has provided protection and care for a significant amount of dignitaries, royalty and celebrities and is well acquainted with dealing with the various types of personalities from around the world in different locations and situations,” it reads.
    A second on-line profile said he had received training in Israel and worked for Garda World in 2008-09. Ontario government records show Can/Aus Security was incorporated in 2009. No directors or officers are named in the corporate records.
    When Saadi visited the Toronto International Film Festival, Mr. Peters led his security detail.
    Mr. Peters said he was in Libya when the anti-Gaddafi uprising began. He was in Libya every month after that until he was shot. He said he had no qualms about working for the Gaddafis, even after Canada joined the NATO campaign against the Jamahiriya State.
    “For starters, I haven’t worked for Saif for probably three years now. I only work for Saadi. Saadi has principles.
    Moutassem and Saif-al-Islam
    [picture: Dr. Moutassem al-Bilah al-Gadhafi, corporal and Dr. Saif-al-Islam al-Gadhafi]
    In July, Mr. Peters took part in a “fact-finding mission” to Libya. A Cambridge consultant was hired to conduct a survey of the damage caused by NATO air strikes. Mr. Peters assembled the security team that was to accompany her.
    A plane chartered in Mexico flew to the Kitchener, Ont., airport to pick up the consultant, the security team and their gear. It was stopped by Canadian authorities in Gander, Nfld., but eventually allowed to proceed.
    The consultant toured 72 sites bombed by NATO, and only eight were military installations, he said.
    “The media say they bombed this and that and they took out anti-aircraft. That’s all crap. It’s all garbage.”
    But Mr. Peters said the fact-finding mission was financed by Saadi in an attempt to get out a side of the Libya story he felt was not being covered by the media.
    Mr. Peters returned to Libya for the last time in August. He said he was the only Canadian on Saadi’s security team. The others were from Australia, New Zealand, Iraq and Russia, all former special forces’ members.
    He said they had planned to take Saadi out of the country on a day they had heard the Niger border would not be patrolled, but they could not wait.
    “We decided to go right now, and when we got across the border they were being patrolled, that’s why we got pulled over.”
    Authorities in Niger stopped the convoy on Sept. 11, but allowed Saadi to stay on humanitarian grounds. Saadi and his family (including cousins) are staying on one floor of a small villa near the capital building of Niamey in Niger. He has free access to the local mosque.
    He desires to make a Muslem refuge for homeless Libyans in the Southern Sahara of Libya.
    He’s fine. He’s waiting for his movements to be allowed. So he’s not going to move yet. The reason is, he wants to travel when this is all over. If he moves now and he’s got a “no movement ban” on him, it’ll make it difficult later.”
    Saadi said in a statement from his lawyer this week he was “shocked and outraged by the vicious brutality which accompanied the murder
    of his brother Moutassem.
    Moutassem in orporal Uniform
    [PICTURE: DR: MOUTASSEM al-BILLAH QATHAFI in Corporal Uniform]
    Mr. Peters said the fight for Libya was not over.
    “People say, ‘Oh, it’s going to settle down, everyone’s got to pull out.’ Don’t believe it’s going to settle down because there are still three full blooded brothers and a father out there that are very, very angry….And they’ve still got that money. We just purchased, brand-new, three Land Rovers, bullet-proof. We paid cash for it. That means there’s money around.”
  20. profile
    GOD IS GREAT! anthem of Jamahiriya
  21. from the pen of Christof Lehmann:
    Libya; The Superiority of African Knowledge.
    Posted on 17 December 2011
    By Kingsley Sheteh at A Neo Copernican Review
    Africans about Africa.
    Isn’t it all so glaring with the stories emanating from the recent invasion of Libya? Of course it is logical that a good reason has to be given to taxpayers for every invasion. Unfortunately these reasons blur the truth and hence knowledge. Ask many in the West today what Libya was in 2010 and all they know is that Gaddafi had stayed in power for 42 years and that Libyans wanted democracy. Ask an African and he will tell you that Libya was a poor Kingdom under King Idris when Gaddafi seized power in 1969, expelled the British and US military bases that ensured Idris’ stay in power, and that Libya according to the UNDP Human Development Index of 2010 had a life expectancy of 74 and that it had free education, and enviable healthcare system and that it was a welfare system with unemployment benefits. How many people in the West today know the real reasons why there have been tensions between Gaddafi and the West?
    That Gaddafi resisted joining a US/NATO-sponsored military alliance in the region.
    That Gaddafi also refused to join the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)
    That Gaddafi put $300 million of the $400 million to fund Africa’s first communications satellite in 2007. (A project that made western countries to loose a net income from Africa of over $500 million a year)
    That Gaddafi maintained public ownership of Libya’s own central bank, and the authority to create its own national money
    That Gaddafi worked assiduously to establish an African Monetary Fund, an African Central Bank, and an African Investment Bank, which will curb the high levels of capital flight from Africa, make African governments more responsible and unfortunately render the IMF and the World Bank visibly useless.
    That Gaddafi refused the request of Western powers to be part of these projects, especially France and the UK.
    Of course many will not know all these. I have read many articles discussion the Post-Gaddafi era. Unfortunately, they are so filled with misinformation that I pity the western generation that will know nothing but what these tell them. I am in no way down-playing the high standards of western education in western institutions. When it comes to the empirical sciences and technological sciences, there is no doubt that these institutions are of the most premium quality. But talk about the social sciences, the bottom line then is that if anyone wants to be educated in the world today, let them do their primary to high school education in Africa and then go to the Western institutions for University education. That way they will be able to discern fact from fiction and will not end up living a life of deceit.
    In the final analysis, it is clear that the era is long gone when a few individuals or countries will continue to present their ideologies and selfish interests as international creed, thereby eroding the powers of the African people. This is clearly a period for a philosophical re-articulation of the African reality; a re-articulation because of the history of bastardisation of the intrinsic realities of African continent. It should be a philosophy of “existential hermeneutics” of self-rediscovery of the past, for an adequate re-integration and possible synthesis for a new way of being, doing and saying. In this sense, it should not be a mere mental or metaphysical outlook on life: not a mere ideological, and not even only an existential construct; but something that involves all of the above – a holistic vision and attitude to life. But most important one that can only be done by those most informed to do it – AFRICANS.
  22. Old retakes:
    02 JAN. 1979:
    07 MARCH 2011
    08 MARCH 20121:
    09 APRIL 2011
    RAT NEWS REPORT of 20 SEPT 2011:
  23. Stephen Gule
    North African Doctors Union, Pilots Union and Engineers Union groups will continue to make available 500 to 1000, 58 seater busses and trucks available to all Libyan Returneese in every neighboring town and city daily, these buses will transport people in and out of Libya free of charge, they will be air conditioned Scania busses from China with toilets and enough room to move legs for relaxed atmosphere in a long road journey, especially for residents of Sirte, situation in Sirte is not complete to peaceful, the above union groups and the green army will make drinks, refreshment and food available to all returneese, it’s not advisable to settle permanently in many parts of Libya at the moment, situation is still very fragile. The three unions will make $15000 USD available to per family heads, persons, and also build tent homes, temporary shelters, long term facilities and medical care are still in question, there will be no working and photo ops with Bosanh ( Abdel Jalil ), they are not elected politicians and nobody wants to see face of traitors in Sirte.
    There is some money coming from Libyan business community, but the resources at hand are very limited, and will not be able to build complete housing units, hospitals and repair the schools, every thing in war affected Libyan cities will remain mobile, we also need to see what available immediate resources are available out there to Libby people. Things are very hard at the moment, nothing is normal.