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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Death of Muammar Gaddafi

Al Jazeera staff and correspondents update you on important developments in the Libya uprising.
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Conflicting news were reported from Libya about the fate of Gaddafi’s son, Saifal Islam al-Gaddafi, the purported heir apparent for his father, following Gaddafi’s death on Thursday.
Uncertain reports have said Saifal Islam was injured after his attempt to flee Sirte heading for Zlaitin. Meanwhile, deputy head for the NTC higher security committee in Tripoli has said Gaddafi was shot dead by gunfire on Thursday and that he would be buried in an honourable manner, as based on Islamic Sharia law.
But AJA correspondent said when asked about the presence of Saifal Islam in Zlaitin, the local authorities there have denied possessing any information about Saifal Islam, saying the reports  were baseless and those who had released  the rumours would questioned.
Other news reports have also said a convoy of about 10 vehicles which was tracked south of Sirte town, was believed to be carrying  Saifal Islam and Sanousi, Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, while heading for Niger. 
For its part, the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) which had earlier issued an arrest warrant for Gaddafi, has asked NTC authorities to postpone the burial of Gaddafi’s corpse, till the ICC undertakes necessary tests on the body, AJA correspondent says.   
Meanwhile, the dead body have been set to be seen by NTC head who will be heading for Misrata on Friday, along with other Libyans before the burial, AJA correspondent says.  
The UN High Commission for Human Rights has called for investigating the circumstances of Gaddafi’s death, while NATO said they were unaware about the presence of colonel Gaddafi in the convoy of vehicles bombarded by NATO on Thursday near Sirte .
Press sources have meanwhile quoted Niger authorities as saying Abdullah al-Sanousi, Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, had fled Sirte battle zone heading for northern Niger.  


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